I mean thats a pretty symmetrical hole. Wait. Is he making bricks, yeah theyre, making breaks out of mud? I always see these videos on my homepage, but ive never actually watched one all right, so they dug a hole and now theyre making a fire whats the fire for probably to make clay. Oh they just made brick. They just made those i feel like we missed. Some steps here, thats fine. Now we got a hot tub, what its just a tub. Maybe it looks like a hot tub, but its just a tub. Oh wait. They put fire in it. It is a hot tub. Oh wow, thats genius and there you go thats. How you make a hot tub in the middle of the forest humans are so cool and if you thought that was cool wait did you see what people build later in this video it gets insane, starting with a hole in a bigger hole, a bigger hole. Oh, my gosh, why are they digging windows its underground? Oh those are doors. Those are doors. Why dont you just watch the video and not judge youre right. I should watch the video its really hard to tell whats happening until the last shot. Wait. They made a water slide, they made an alligator water. How can we pay to come play in this like they should open their own theme park? Jimmy guess what time it is amish building time. Actually, its 1202. look at him go.

So this giant structure was literally built in a day by amish people. Well, thats insane, look at him go its like a bunch of ants just building a colony. I dont believe this is one day look at the sun. Look at the clouds! Look at how many people it is what like a hundred if we could all just get together and do stuff, we wouldnt even need these giant machines anymore. This is the power of man. You know, honestly, the music really fits it. Good country, barn, raising music wait a minute. This is the amish who was filming it dont, the amish, not film, stuff exposed primitive technology. This is one of my favorites, the guy who started it all. In my opinion, the best of the best hes, the goat of building things in the forest. He did it back when it wasnt cool. This man started just building in the forest and everybody else hopped on the trend. What is he building here? Bow and arrow thats? It what i mean, what do you mean thats? It you got to eat dont you dude ive, seen him literally build the most insane structures in the woods you got ta eat, though yeah, but this doesnt do him service thats, a good bow. That is pretty cool. Look how far it went into the tree. So we went from jungle to snow, oh hes, making an igloo. Do they get it deeper because theres, more warmth or the ground stays at like a the constant temperature? Here it is, i think, its like 58 and there you have it that egg oil was cool, yeah, get it because its cold, no its no ice, ive, never seen a house in a tree and wondering how to get that up there, heres, how i mean like After watching the primitive technology guys like this is impressive, dont get me wrong, but like yeah, it doesnt compare theyre using tools and machinery.

They had a tractor im gon na need to see something a little better from you guys. Also, they didnt eat a sandwich in the middle of building a treehouse, very crucial step, im thinking of doing a video where i spend seven days on an island all alone. Can i do it? Oh wait, then i wouldnt be alone well see. Was it but anyways? A structure like this would be cool heres. The thing, though, like do you know how to build structures like these youre gon na need. Somebody like me, but i think its funny, because i suck so if i did it and just almost died, i think thatd be funny but youre my lifeline and my job and my income dont die. Oh wait also. My friend hopefully theres no bears on this island. Okay, weve added another stick hes now using two sticks instead of just one singular, is he carving a man made cave thats, actually like rock in there hes, actually carving it and hes fortifying it? Is that for the bears you said you were worried about, bears this guys got you covered man? I have so many questions, but this is beautiful. This is like thumbnail pretty. This is more beautiful than my house. I didnt want to say it, but now that you said it, i fully agree: hey its building technology. I dont know if i trust that walking under that a hole you just dug whoa theyre, making dirt furniture dude.

This is patrick stark. How did you say that? Oh, my gosh literally this frame right here is patricks day. Dont get me wrong. It is definitely cool but like theres, so much detail if youtube wasnt a thing, you think theyd be doing this. No! No, if you couldnt monetize this, no one would do this. Today. Im going to show you how to make a bookcase thats, also a secret door yo. You got me interested now, like you said, if you want a secret bookshelf, just do this and then this wait put the screen. Can you slow down, i cant keep up and then you hammer that then what thats a screw. Then the book wait whered the book. Come you attached, the string. Do you have to get it? I dont understand and then you put it there. Screws uh huh screen got you latch and now the most important part of the video. The part where i tell you to subscribe because were closing it on 10 million subscribers were so close. What do you want him to be homeless? Please i need this. I have a child all right, so theyre setting the perimeter now theyre stacking it up, theyre, making a wall, oh theyre, making a foundation thats a good foundation and the house is made out of stone, so it wont catch on fire thats why american houses are in Superior because theyre all made out of wood thats an interesting shot.

They should just put the camera on the ground and the guys like shouldnt. We straighten it hes like no. That was tariq. That did that, honestly, we dont put tariq on blast enough. We did in the last video ironically, that you say that thats still not enough. If we go a video without insulting tariq, remind us to stop slacking. I think its time for a guest appearance lets. Do it carl come on in come on in come on, come by carl and then chandler? Hey, we dont, like carl chandler. I want you to react to this – were reacting to people building structures with their hands. Okay, they start with just a hole in the ground and then build like these crazy insane structures. What do you think theyre gon na build a pool? I mean, i think its cool as well. I wonder if they wear sunscreen theyre out in the heat. A lot look, they even make their own cement and then put cement in there. So that way, the water that stays in there that fire theyre bringing water from the jungle wait its not just a pool its a water slide. Applause, no way. This is nicer than my local pool yeah. It is actually chandler. What were your thoughts? That was impressive. Wait. Can you tell them to subscribe before you go subscribe before you go? Thank you. Thank you. Next up is a giant ramp. Oh its a water slide.

He made a ramp into a water slide at first, i didnt realize they spent the video of. I was like oh my gosh shes coming in fat that child is gon na die and then i realized it was just sped up. He thought he was just gon na land on his feet and then he slipped total dad moves. Arent dead, stupid beds are idiots, dads are dumb, ive never met a smart dad. Oh youre, a dad im, a dad, more minecraft tire girl. You can see. Look at all the sweat theyre covering that looks nice. This looks like a house all right out in the woods. I thought we just went from guys building this out of literally the bare hands uh. All these tools and stuff, like i said like this – is impressive. Dont get me wrong, but, like just the contrast like modern societys, got it easy, we are spoiled by our power tools. We need to go back to using our hands. I think we should ban power tools for a year just to remind the world how hard it could be. That seems a little excessive ill retract. My band, oh, no, i feel, like i missed a chapter in physics, they used fire to bend wood. I dont understand wood plus fire equal burn, not bend. Can i give these guys money somehow? I think they just broke physics. I think thats, how theyre doing this like? How are they making this wood warp like this? What am i looking at? This is nicer than what the guys with power tools did.

They need a well. How does he get out of the wall? Dont worry about it. Oh rope, oh okay. Oh my gosh look at this. That is beautiful. I hope they can sell this for, like five million dollars, i would buy it. Okay, more builders, i dont think weve seen these builders before starting out with the usual gigantic hole that no one could ever feasibly dig. That seems like a common theme, big hole. I love how they add the concrete because, like when i was little, i used to dig holes and then i would pour water into it. And then all the water would go through the dirt and id be like thats a cool story, but that is a giant toilet and you cant convince me otherwise i know thats not what they meant, but it does oh yeah theyre painting. Now i like how theyre adding the extra step of painting we havent seen that yet these guys went above and beyond, oh, not a toilet, its a pool, i dont, know whats happening its the first time, ive been very out of the loop. I have no idea. Whats going on it looks like something out of yu gi. Oh so far, though, im just gon na let the guy do his thing. Hopefully this starts to make sense soon. Is it zabuzas blade, oh its clowns blade? I would give this a 10 out of 10. If it was abused blade, because i love naruto, thats fair, but its not so 0 out of 10.

– all right, what are they? Building jimmy youve got 10 seconds, no ozark. Why would they build noahs ark? I dont know tell me that does not look like a boat: oh thats, noahs ark.