So if you recently purchased the dji mini 3 pro – and this is your first drone in this video – i want to give you 10 beginner tips of things you might want to think about. When you get out there for your first flight and before we get into those tips, a quick word from todays sponsor adorama and if i was not familiar with adorama adorama, is one of the most reputable online retail stores that specializes in all of your camera gear Lenses, studio lighting equipment, musical instruments, and these right here drones from all the major brands. The one thing i do like about adorama is that not only do they sell these standard packages that would come from the manufacturer like this. Is the dji mini 3 pro adorama? Will sometimes make their own custom packages that include, of course, all the stuff in the manufacturer, as well as some bonus accessories, such as bags filters and landing pads, and most of the packages are actually just the same price, if not a little bit more than the Manufacturers cost and you get a bunch more gear. So if youre in a market for a new drone new camera gear, new lenses, new audio equipment make sure to check out adorama for some of their special deals. I am teaming up with adorama to give away a dji mini 3, so make sure you stick around to this video for a little bit more details all right.

So if you are completely new to drones, this video is really just to give you some quick pointers and tips that you might want to know when taking out your dji mini 3 pro now. The first you want to look at when you take out your drone is: do i have a memory card in the very back of it now, even though the dji mini 3 pro does have some internal storage, it is too small for you to capture a lot Of footage on there its really only about a gig geek and a half worth of memory, and if youre, shooting 4k thats going to be eaten up in a second theres, nothing worse than getting your drone up in the air. Just to find out that you have no memory card and the internal is just way too small youre not really able to capture that much footage. Now, before you launch your drone, you want to find a nice open area im here in del mar california, and luckily enough, i do have a nice flat clean bench here to take off from now, when you do put your drone down for takeoff on a nice Flat surface youre going to want your drone, the nose facing away from you you dont, want to take off with your drone facing you. You dont, want to take off sideways, make sure your drone is pointed away from your body before taking off now. Why do you want it pointed away well by default, the controller and the drone will be set in controller mode two when the drone is turned towards you now the orientation of the sticks is going to be opposite and just to show you about orientation right now.

The drone is facing away from me its pointed away, so the right stick. If i were to press that forward, it does go forward. If i were to pull it back, it does come backwards now, heres. The thing a lot of people will do is that theyll accidentally take off and the drone is facing towards them because they want to see the camera a lot of times. People just want to see the camera. However, like i said, if its facing towards you and with that right, stick if i were to go forward, the drone now is going to come forward and i want to pull back. It goes away. So one thing you want to make sure is that the drone is facing away from you that way. The orientation on your remote control is the same as the drone. Now my next tip is talking about hand launching and hand catching. However, i know this isnt a beginner move, but its something that you do want to practice if youre an area like this, that has a lot of sand. A lot of debris high grass, a lot of things on the ground and you dont, have something this flat to take off from you might need to resort to hand catching and hand launching your drone now before everyone jumps on me in the comments i understand this Is not necessarily a beginner move, it is something though youre going to want to practice.

Once you get familiar with your drone, i do have a full tutorial on hand launching and hand catching ill make sure that video is linked above as well as down below in the video description. Alright. So now your drone is up in the air youre getting ready to fly next thing. What youre just doing is setting your return to home altitude. Now, what is the return to home altitude? Well, if you have any issues with your remote control, disconnecting with your drone, your drone will automatically go into what they call rth or return to home. So when you first take off with your drone youre going to want to make sure you hear that home point has been set once your home point is set now you know that if theres any issues and the drone had to come back and return to home, It would come back to that last home point that was set now. Luckily enough, where i am standing theres not much around me theres some trees behind me here. Let me see if i can get the drone pointed over there. There is some trees right over here, but im actually on the top of a cliff, so theres, really nothing around me that id have to worry about. What you want to do is set your return to home higher than anything thats around you. So if theres tall trees any lights, any buildings youre going to want to set your return to home height higher than those buildings or those lights or those trees.

Now, being a new flyer, youre going to want to turn on obstacle, avoidance now remember that theres only obstacle avoidance sensors on the very front, the bottom and the rear, which means, if youre flying your drone sideways. Just like that. Just know that you risk crashing that drone because of the fact that there is no side sensors, as you can see here. If i have the drone facing towards me with obstacle, avoidance turned on and i have it in brake mode. If i try to fly towards me, it will not move towards me. It will just break because we are in brake mode, even if i spun it around and tried to go backwards same thing. The drone will not come backwards because we are in break mode next. Well, talk about is turning on your guides and your histogram now to turn your guides on on the top right. Click on those three dots go to camera scroll up and you can see here. We have guidelines now those guidelines really help. You position your drone. You can actually turn them on here, so you have the crosshairs. You can turn on the grids that way. If you want to position your subject into a third – and you also have that center dot really good if youre trying to fly through something, you want to have those crosshairs as well as the dot. But as you can see when i turn those on on my screen, you can now see all the lines on the screen, and this is also good for making sure that your horizon level is nice and straight also youre going to want to turn on your histogram.

Now my histogram is already turned on. Let me show you where that one is here, just scroll back up and theres a little toggle says: histogram turn that on and off right there and the histogram now will show up on the bottom left of your screen. Now the histogram is very important, especially when youre shooting in manual mode. However, for my next tip, i recommend just leaving it in auto before you get really comfortable with the drone, before switching it over to manual, to confirm that youre in auto mode at the very bottom right it says auto. Now, once you go into pro mode, that means you want to manually, adjust the shutter speed the iso and for your photographers out there. The next tip, i would suggest, is to take your photos in both jpeg and in raw now for you to set that up. What you want to do is go on to the icon right above the record button make sure youre in photo mode click on photo. Now, to get a single shot, but also shoot in jpeg and raw at the very bottom. It says: format, click on that and now you have the option to shoot jpeg only or jpeg, and raw next tip. I have is to explore different angles when youre out there flying now, of course, getting a standard shot. Just like this. The way im pointed right now, pretty straight forward one, the one most people get, however, top down shots.

Look really really cool so point that camera down just like this, and you can get some really nice photos as well as videos, so, for instance, here i am right next to the shoreline, but definitely look into top down shots, looking up shots and just explore different Angles now, for my final tip, this is actually a perfect time, because you can see here. I have 30 percent battery. I normally like bringing my drone back at 30 or at least getting into the area where im shooting at about 30 percent. So, as you can see here, im at 30 percent right now, what all i always like to do is bring it back within 100, feet 200 feet, or so that way you have the drone clearly inside. If anything were to happen, if the battery levels were to drop a little bit more, you could easily see your drone and there it is guys just some basic tips that you might want to think about when taking your drone out for the first time. Those are some of the first settings. I will normally always switch when i take my drone up in the air and thanks to adorama for sponsoring this video heres. Some more details about the giveaway were going to have coming up on july. 4Th now ive been able to partner up with adorama on this giveaway, if you guys are interested in winning a dji mini 3 pro well be giving one of these away to one lucky viewer on july.

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So if youre wondering, if you won or not or if youve been selected, no, you havent been unless you see that your name in the video description on july 4th other than that, please do not fall for any of these scams thanks again to adorama. If you guys are looking for any camera gear lenses, lighting equipment make sure you guys use those adorama links down below in the video description. This is aldrin estacio with flightpath.