What is happening? Everybody? It is your boy shawna lamiano, whatever you are, you are being fabulous. Remember back in the day when having a drone used to be a luxurious tool for even filmmakers and photographers im, talking 2015 2016 back when any aerial footage looked like it was from a whole other planet fast forward to 2022. Now all content creators have a drone, not only that theyve made consumer drones for everybody else, and roughly 15 of americans have flown a drone. According to us, drone statistics thats roughly 49 million people in just united states in 2021 thats insane. If you think about it right now, weve seen so much aerial footage that its safe to say its definitely lost that wow factor that it used to have before and a situation like this as content creators. What do we do if we want our footage to stand out well in this video im going to show you 10 drone moves that will definitely help your drone footage to be unique, so without further ado lets begin with number one Music. Before we start, i want to talk about something that is very critical and very important, and that is the importance of understanding the art of composition. If you know how to set up a complimenting composition, thats great. But if you dont, i absolutely recommend – and i suggest that you educate yourself on this topic, because if you dont have a great understanding of composition, regardless of how nice the drone move is your shot wont be as appealing as you want it to be Music.

One of the ways to start a scene is by establishing your environments with a wide angle shot, and we do that by pushing the drone forward and establishing the location were going to make it a touch interesting by flying the drone close to an object. As we push in, we are now introducing a foreground element which will help the shot with a depth, and it will definitely make it more cinematic Music. So we start this shot by looking down with the camera of the drone and as we pull back, we slowly start to tilt up the camera Music. This will reveal the background while youre moving back and it changes the perspective. What you were looking for from above – and i usually use this technique when i want to show a nice building Music Music, now, im sure youve heard this one before im, going to show you what a normal parallax looks like, but im also going to give you A couple of tips that will help you take your parallax game to the next level, but, like i said, first lets have a look at what a normal parallax looks like Music. I want to say this is one of my favorite drone shots ever and i believe this is the first move. That comes to my mind when im filming something just because of the fact that you have your foreground moving in one direction and the object is usually at the center of attention and you got the whole background.

Moving into a different location, which makes the whole scene look very cinematic and very unique, but now let me give you a tip where you can kick it up a notch with your parallax. So here i have an object and i want to parallax the hell out of it right so, instead of just looking at it straight with the camera and then starting the parallax move, which is an orbital movement, i start with a lower elevation and i tilt my Camera up just to get a nice composition of the object, then i slowly start moving to my desired location and as im doing that, i raise my elevation and, at the same time, im going to tilt the camera down very slowly Music. So we got three movements going on all here at the same time, which makes it a little bit complicated, but once i can give you is to put your drone mode on cinematic mode. If your drone has this option, because this will definitely help you perform these maneuvers, if you dont, have it on cinematic mode, i got ta say its gon na make it almost impossible to perform these Music. Now the strong move is ideal when youre standing of an edge of a clip. This will make the background move in a really interesting way. So when you find yourself in such similar environments, simply just move in tilt the camera down using the wheel on the controller Music, all right, when would you perform this? Usually, when i have a big enough object in front of me and i have some hidden space or i want to reveal later like an ocean – or i want to show a height of a platform of that object, thats been placed on it like this.

In this example here in mallorca, the camera is looking straight on as the drone moves up, we tilt the camera down and we reveal the height of the cliff, which we didnt know it existed and in this other example, im doing the same movement. But exactly in the opposite direction, meaning lowering my elevation and tilting up instead, very slowly, revealing the beautiful horizon line of the ocean. Now another example of the same movement. This time i am introducing this beautiful town in austria by using this movement, Music, Music. It is one of my favorite maneuvers to perform and it makes the shot really dynamic and it takes your shot away from your typical drone shot, which is up in the air in open space and pretty much anything that separates me from that im. All for it. In most cases, youre gon na have to turn the sensors off of the drone, because, if you have them on it will not allow you to get close to objects to perform this maneuver. It is very important that you have your drone in line of sight at all times, while youre flying, i even recommend having a second person, so they can have to drone in line of sight, while you focus on mastering a perfect shot Music, so Music, Music, i Fly low a lot personally and i know the point of having a drone – is to fly high, but genuinely i really enjoy flying close to the ground because it gives you the ability to perform one of those feature film cinematic long shots where the drone is a Gimbal shot and its a long shot, and it eventually turns itself into a drone shot: Music, Music, so Music.

This is another technique used to establish a shot very similar to the first one that we did. The only difference is here: youre tilting up as youre pushing in but were still flying close to a foreground object. Music. Now this might be a very simple one, but i got ta say it is very important to have this shot in your sequence, especially when youre in a location when you know theres some sort of a nice platform or a landscape going on. You can fly high and look down and get a nice view of that baby Laughter Music at number 10. The tip im going to give you is to leave some room for your creativity and just fly your drone around mix the camera movement with the movement of the drone, and you never know you might end up inventing your own drone shot. For example, here im not following any rules im just playing around with the perspective here that this unique architectural building is offering me alright guys. I hope you enjoyed this video and i really hope that you found this video useful in this channel ill talk about anything that has to do with the topic of filmmaking and photography.