Where im going to be showing you 10 fake drone shots that will add serious production value to your films and videos. This is a really simple technique: im going to walk you through each shot, step by step and then at the end of this video im going to edit all 10 shots into a short cinematic sequence, to see what results we get todays video is sponsored by epidemic. Sound this is where im going to be getting all of my music and sound effects for the final sequence. My setup for todays shoot is the iphone 12 attached to the zhu in crane m3, which is attached to a light, stand a relatively basic setup that delivers incredible results, but, as always, all gear used in this video will be linked in the description below now. Lets kick things off with the easiest shot of them all the fake drone for this im going to cue my subject to start walking forwards, then, with my light, stand fully extended and my camera at an elevated position, im going to follow im going to keep about 10 steps behind my subject trying to keep them in the center of frame with my movement, smooth and consistent. Now, with the camera moving smoothly at an elevated position like this, we get what looks like a drone shot. This is a great easy way to replicate drone like footage, particularly for those of you that cant or dont know how to fly a drone.

Okay, shot number two, the mega jib again nice and easy. This one were going to start with our camera low to the ground. Light stand fully extended, cue, our subject to walk forwards and lift were going to keep lifting our camera as high as it will go as our subject walks off into the distance. This movement replicates a drone taking off or a mega jib crane style movement, a very cinematic shot. This one often used in big hollywood, feature films as the end shot. The reverse of this would be the jib down at this time. Im going to start with my camera high up in these branches and bring my camera down. As my subject walks towards me, this shot works well as an establisher, because it reveals both character and location. This movement and framing also help give your footage, depth and pace. Okay, number three: the flyby were going to start with our camera, nice and low to the ground for this one push forward. Whilst our subject walks towards us im going to keep my camera nice and low push through this grass and then lift up and fly by my subject as i pass im going to keep lifting as high as my camera will go, this is a great shot to Add more pace to your footage, the camera being this low to the ground helps emphasize the movement. This shot is not only great for establishing a character but also reveals and shows off the location, so those were just a few basic shots, but now lets step things up and get a little bit more.

Creative number four, the through the legs for this im, going to start with my camera extended as high as it will go and push forward and then going to slowly bring my camera down. Whilst my subject walks from left to right im going to keep moving forward and push my camera straight through my subjects, legs, skill timing and a bit of luck required for this shot, we got it on our third attempt with the first two shots hitting the ground And feet lets take a look. Camera starts high up at an elevated position, pushing forward camera starts to come down and through the legs we then keep pushing forward and lift shot. Five. The follow jib reveal with your camera, nice and low to the ground, push forward and follow your subject from behind walk a good ten steps. Then cue your subject to stop keep pushing forward. Whilst you lift your camera up and over their head to reveal the location lets, take a look. Camera pushing forward were following our subject again, the movement is emphasized. Being this low to the ground. We lift up and reveal the location heres. Another example: camera pushing forward low to the ground. Subject: stops camera keeps pushing forward up and over such a great shot this one. It really does tick a lot of boxes, great way of establishing a character. Weve got cinematic movement. We lift up and reveal this location an absolute must for your filmmaking arsenal shot number six.

The hero reveal with my subject high up on these rocks im, going to start with my camera low and then lift up to reveal him from the feet up a great way of introducing a character this shot. It creates intrigue, weve got cinematic movement and with a bit of timing and direction, it can really help tell a story with all of these shots be sure to experiment with focal lengths and lenses. I usually use the wide angle lens for these shots, but heres the same shot only this time using the standard lens. I actually prefer this one, as were a little closer to our subject, for the reveal shot. Seven, the top down for this youll need to get your camera high up above your subjects head. Looking down, im going to use this giant wall be careful with this. One only attempt it if you are confident it is safe to do so. Im now going to follow my subject, camera pointing down and try to replicate a drone flying above his head, whilst also trying to keep him in frame the best. I can im going to keep following all the way until he reaches the top, a classic top down. Drone like shot this one great to sprinkle into a sequence and adds a really nice and unusual perspective to your films and videos. Number eight. The tracking drone for this were going to track our subject from the side, starting with our camera.

Nice and low to the ground were then going to lift our camera up as they climb to a more elevated position, keeping them in frame and tracking them, as they go very hard to pull this shot off without a crane on tracks or a drone. This is another great shot to reveal both character and location camera tracks, alongside our subject and then lifts up as they climb to a more elevated position, shot number nine the fly through for this, i want to replicate a drone flying through a tight gap. Im going to start with my camera pushed through this window high up and then pull down and back as my subject climbs through the window, the shot starts by showing off the location then pulls down and back through the window subject climbs through and we continue pulling Back a nice surprise element to this shot to help keep your audience engaged shot. Number 10: the transition, one of my absolute favorites this one, but were going to need two shots to pull it off shot one. The idea with this is to start on a completely black frame im going to get my camera nice and close to the front of chriss lens. To achieve this, im now going to pull back and lift up to reveal this location im going to pull back and lift my camera as high as it will go. The shot should look something like this: we start on a black frame.

Camera pulls back and lifts up to reveal this location. Okay, shot number two were going to do exactly the same. Only this time at a completely different location, camera starts nice and close to chris and his camera pulls back and lifts up. We now have two very similar clips, but at two very different locations. This is everything we need to create this transition. Now, with a little bit of editing, we can reverse shot number one at a speed, ramp and cut to shot number two at a completely different location, a great creative transition to add much more interest to your footage. Okay, so we now have all 10 shots ready to be edited, but before we do that were going to need some music and sound effects to really help make. This footage stand out for this im going to head over to epidemic, sound and find a track that i feel will best suit. The footage and the mood that im going for now, whats great about epidemic sound, is that they make it really easy to find what you need. Theyve got playlists based on genre mood theme. Take this one here, for example, im going to click on promos and trailers and then lets go for adventure trailers. Now there are a ton of tracks here that suit the mood and feel that im going for, but lets go for this one here. Our final mission, epic, classical adventure, perfect now music, is one thing, but if i really want this sequence to stand out, then im going to need some sound effects.

This will really help. Add another layer of interest to this footage. Im going to download some whoosh sound effects, im going to download some atmospheric sounds like wind im, also going to download some camera shutter sound effects. These will come in really useful for some creative transitions and thats the beauty of epidemic sound with the subscription you can download as much music and sound effects as you like. So you can really experiment and get creative with your films and videos, and if you would like to try epidemic sound for free, they are currently offering a 90 day free trial. When you use the link in my description with the coupon code learn 90.. This is only for a very limited time, so, if youre one of the early ones watching this video, you are in luck, so we now have all of our music and sound effects for the final sequence. So now lets edit. All of this footage together and see the results Music, Music Music. So what did you think? Hopefully, you can now see how, by simply combining your smartphone with a couple of accessories, youre able to capture much more cinematic and creative looking shots if mobile filmmaking gimbal moves is something that youre into then i have a ton more content on this channel to help You learn and improve. I will link a playlist below if you found this video useful. Do let me know by giving it the old thumbs up and if youd like, to see more content like this learn more about video production.

You can do that by watching one of my other videos just over there, but thats it from me.