I use all the time because, when im capturing clips capturing little reels, im, usually posting them on instagram and tech talk and this new vertical video mode is fantastic because it allows you to see and frame your shot exactly as you want. But when it comes to cinematic drone moves for vertical video, you cant use some of the traditional moves. You normally would a good example of that is the slider its very hard to get a nice slider shot with vertical video, because you dont have the wedge of the video to track that subject from left to right. So after flying this drone for a few weeks, i find some of my favorite vertical video drum moves. I want to share with you so lets. Take a look at 10 vertical video drone moves for beginners with the dji mini 3. Pro lets jump right in hey everyone, matthew here and today, im back in beautiful northern ireland, where i want to show you 10 vertical video drone moves that you can do with the dji mini 3 pro im going to walk you through each move, step by step And show you the inputs, you need to make on the controller, to pull off the move along with examples. Now one of the questions i get asked all the time is: where do you get your sound effects and music from well? The help by ive teamed up with epidemic sound, who have sponsored todays video and they have an exclusive offer to share with you ill, be showing you their platform and talking more about that later, in the video now, as mentioned today, im using the dji mini 3.

Pro a super lightweight and portable drone that gives professional quality video, but if you want to know more about any of the gear im using in this video today, then ive posted all the links in the description down below now that were all set. Lets. Take a look at vertical video drone move number one. The first thing we want to do is put our camera in vertical mode, and you can do that by pressing this button here, then, starting with a great opening move for a sequence or a quick social media, edit is the pullback reveal. The idea with this move is that you start with a gimbal, pointing straight down towards your subject: start flying back by pulling the right stick down and, as you move backwards, start to gamble up to bring your subject into view using the scroll wheel on the back Of the controller, this move reveals your subject in its surroundings in a cinematic way. The low orbit the low orbit is a unique perspective. The picture point of interest in focus and makes it look grand to do this move simply get the drone low to the ground, which is nice safer than ever. Using the dji mini 3 pros obstacle avoidance sensors, then, with your subject in the center of the frame start to orbit, you can orbit left by pushing the right stick left and the left stick right or you can orbit right by moving the right.

Stick right and the left stick left. This is a great little move that looks epic on social media platforms. Zoom to parlax. You can spice up your orbits by doing a zoomed parallax. Normally i try to avoid using the sim function as you lose a bit of quality, but when viewed on instagram or tech talk, for example, it becomes much harder to see this quality loss and the video actually looks great to do. This move simply zoom the camera and, in your subject by pressing this button and again do the orbit motion as your drone orbits, the foreground and background will move at different speeds. Giving this awesome parallax effect pinned to the bottom push forward. One of the most exciting aspects of vertical video is, you can now play about with new perspectives and movements and techniques. One ive been experimenting with recently is putting your subject right down at the bottom of the freedom, creating this completely different view that will grab your viewers attention to do. This simply put your drone low to the ground and move the gimbal up until your point of interest is down near the bottom of the image then fly forwards towards it to add motion by pushing the right stick forwards. You can make this move even more unique by tilt shifting the image. This is, where you add a blur above and below your subject, to make it look miniature and give this really unique effect.

Now, one of the things you can do to really enhance your drone clips is use sound effects and music heres a clip with no audio and heres a clip with sound effects and music Music. What a difference that makes now! One of the platforms you can use is epidemic. Sound here are todays sponsor, and i want to tell you a little bit about their platform and their exclusive offer of 50 off their platform is fantastic. They own a hundred percent of the music on the platform, so youre not going to have any copyright issues and thats very important when you post your clips online to youtube or instagram. The last thing you want is copyright strikes youre not going to get that with the epidemic signed platform. Their library is also massive. They have 35 000 songs and 90 000 sound effects. One of my favorite features is the created. Playlists this is hand picked music and sound effects for specific categories unless saved so much time. Looking for that perfect piece of music or sound effects for the clip youve seen, i simply went in and searched waves downloaded a wave, sound effect, and then i went over to the cinematic. Playlist listened to a few tracks picked one. I liked added it to my timeline and it was as simple as that now epidemic. Sound has two plans you can take, they have a personal plan and this is perfect. If you post clips online to social media such as youtube and instagram, they also have a commercial plan, and this is great if you want to use the music and sound effects on commercial projects.

So maybe you are creating drone content for a client. Then the commercial plan is perfect for that now, heres, the best part epidemic sound, wants me to share with you their 50 off offer for an annual personal plan, and you also get a 30 day free trial. You still get your 30 days free trial. If you use the discount code, so you can try the platform and see if you like it and all the music you use in your videos during the trial period will remain covered. Even if you cancel – and i think this is incredible value for money, especially if you post a lot of drone clips online, if you want to avail of this offer, use the link in the description down below its very important to use that link in the description And use the code provided if you dont already use music and sound effects for your drone clips. Why not give this a go and just see how much of a difference it can make to the production quality of the video clips youre making with your drone push forward gimbal up the push forward. Gimbal up is a move. You see down all the time with a handheld, gimbal and smartphone or camera, but now, with the dji mini 3s pros unobstructed upwards gimbal rotation. You can recreate it with this drone to do this, move simply fly towards the subject by pushing up in the right stack and, at the same time, slowly rotate the gimbal upwards, as you get close using the scroll wheel on the back of the controller, this move Punches in on a subject and makes it look, epic drop down slow twist, the drop down slow twist is a move that works really well with slow cinematic, music and one you see all the time when flicking through instagram reels its also perfectly set up for vertical Video as tall or long subjects can take up the entire frame to do this.

Easy move place. The drone above your subject with the gimbal pointing straight down. This can be done with the scroll wheel or by pressing the c1 button on the back of the rc controller, then lower the drone and turn at the same time, by pulling the left stick down and moving it slightly to the right or left to start the Rotation, this move is easy to do and looks fantastic. The is the orbit. This is one of my favorite moves that translates really well into vertical video and looks absolutely amazing. The idea is that you start with your point of interest. Slightly off center then start to orbit again. You can do this to the right by pressing the right. Stick right and the left stick left or you can orbit to the left by pushing the right stick left and the left stick right, but this time only move the left stick slightly to slowly bring your subject into the center of the frame. This move also works. Really well starting with the subject in the center and as you orbit slowly let it drift off center. I think this is super cinematic and one. You really should try out next time, youre right flying push forward decline. The simple push forward decline is an absolutely fantastic move that shows off landscapes in an epic way. It couldnt be simpler to do start with a drone up high, and i find normal mode works best for this to convey motion in your video start to fly forward by pushing the right stick forward and, at the same time descend by pulling the left.

Stick down. Hold the joysticks in this position for a super simple, but super epic move, pull back gimbal up. Another move that is great to draw your viewers attention is the pullback gimbal up start with the gimbal facing slightly down and your subject completely out of view start flying backwards by pulling the right stick down, as the drone moves back start to gamble up to reveal Your subject by using the scroll wheel on the back of the controller, its important to be gentle with the scroll wheel and as the gimbal gets up near the horizon, slow down on the scroll wheel, so that you dont come to a hard stop for a cinematic Effect, this can be a great opening clip and definitely one you should try fly up tilt down. If you want to show off that height or scale of your subject, then this is a move. You should definitely try. It does require a little hand coordination, but it is definitely worth the effort start with your subject. Centered and your drone load to the ground start to ascend by pushing up in the left, stack and, at the same time, gimbal down using the scroll wheel to keep your subject centered a slightly trickier move, but one that looks absolutely epic. So what did you think of these vertical video drone moves? Hopefully, this is showing you that, with the dji mini 3 pro, you can get some really cinematic and really epic little clips for your social medias.

And if thats, where you post the majority of your videos from your drone, then i recommend you try out some of them moves. What was your favorite or was there any imess that you normally do? Let me know in the comments down below now before you go. If youve liked this video and youve learned something new, please let me know by giving me the thumbs up and clicking that, like button down below and if youve just picked up a drone or have been flying for a while and want to get better photos and More cinematic videos with your drum, then i have a ton of other content on my channel to help you level up your drone game. I recommend you check them out. If you want to stick around and watch a few more of them now then heres a few. I personally recommend ill not keep you back any further, have so much fun.