Look. Epic were going to walk through each drone, move step by step, how you do it and were also going to take a look at a few tips along the way, how to get even more cinematic foods lets jump right in hey. Everyone matthew here and today were at this beautiful beach in northern ireland where well be taking a look at 10. Beginner drone moves that require only one movement on one stick of the controller when it comes to capturing drone, video and using drone moves. You dont have to do super complicated moves to get cinematic and professional. Looking footage and thats great news if youre a beginner, because it means you can come to locations such as this and get great looking footage that you can use in your vlogs your short films as b roll or any other projects. You might be using a drone for well be taking a look at how you achieve each of the beginner drone moves and the one stick movement you need to achieve them and, along the way, im going to be giving you a few cinematic tips. So you can get even more professional, looking footage and then at the end of the video, well, add all the clips together in the sequence, with sound effects, color, grading and music and see the results. Now. The drone im using today is the dji mini 2. A super portable, lightweight and relatively affordable drone that gives fantastic looking footage, but, as always, any gear im using in this video is linked below and with all that out of the way lets take a look at beginner drone move number one, the pull away before we Take a look at the cinematic drone move.

That is super simple. To achieve its important to note that i am using stick mode too, stick modes change, the movement of the drone in relation to the joystick direction. You can change this in the dji fly app settings. So if you want to follow along make sure youre using stick mode too now for this classic drone move, firstly find a location for your drone that has empty and clear space behind it. I recommend also keeping the drone close to the ground. As this emphasizes the movement and makes the move much more cinematic, then in sunny mode, which is the slowest simply pull the right, stick down and start flying backwards and thats it. A super, simple move that looks absolutely awesome. Push forward. Looking up a great feature of the dji mini 2 is that the gimbal can actually tilt above the horizon, to be able to do this. We first need to enable in the settings and then using the gimbal wheel on the controller. We can tilt the camera towards the sky. Now this move works best if youre pointing towards a subject that is higher than the drone in this case were using this rock formation called elephant rock because well it looks like an elephant and then all you need to do is press the right stick forward again. I find sunny mode works best for this and, if you need help keeping the subject centered in the shot, i recommend turning on gridlines in settings to help you frame your shot.

Another really easy move. That is super cinematic top down slide. If youre. Looking a really impressive move that is super simple to achieve, then this is the one for you. Firstly, fly your drone high in the sky and point the gimbal straight down. This can be done by using the gimbal wheel on the controller or pressing the function. Button twice to make this move cinematic, i recommend using symmetry in this example, im going to line the waters edge across the center of the screen. But you could do this with roads, paths or forced edges, for example. Then all you have to do is press the right. Stick right or left normal mode works best for this, as i find sunny mode to be a little too slow, we want to show off the movement of the drone in the sky. This move is incredibly simple to do, but if you spend a little time framing your shot, it looks absolutely incredible time to flip your drone into sport mode. For this move the drop down an absolute classic movement that replicates a move. You will see in many hollywood movies, starting with your drawn high and your gimbal, facing towards the horizon simply start to lower your drone by pressing the left. Stick down having the drone in sport mode really helps with this move, as in sunny or normal mode. Its hard to see the movement of the drone descending, especially if the clip youre using, is not going to be very long.

This move is fantastic for showing off awesome locations such as this beach and a go to move for nearly every time i go out flying the dolly. Dolly shots have produced some of the most epic scenes in movie history, and this is a go to move for any drone filmmaker. A dolly move is usually achieved by a camera attached to a cart that runs on rails and moves alongside a subject or location, but with the power of drones. We can achieve this move with one single press on one stack of the controller. Firstly, align your drone alongside a location, in this case im using the beach again i find having the drone quite low to the ground, helps make this move look more cinematic, but if you arent comfortable flying low, this move looks great from any height top tip. You can also have a subject in the shot and have the drone fly alongside next to them as they move then, to achieve this move again, its a one. Stick movement, simply press the right, stick right or left in the direction you want to move. This move looks fantastic and will add high production value to your short films, vlogs b rolls or any of your projects crane up the crane up is basically the drop down, but in reverse dont, let it simplicity fill you, though this is another move that looks super Professional start with your drone low to the ground and for best results i recommend having the gimbal tilt it slightly below the horizon, then simply press the left.

Stick up to start the drone ascending you can either do this in sunny mode for a slow cinematic move or you can try normal or sport mode for a dramatic move that looks epic top down descend. The top down descend is another favorite among drone filmmakers and for good reason. This move captures a perspective of locations that not many get to see to pull. This move off fly the drone high above your point of interest and point the gimbal straight down again. This can be done with the gimbal wheel on the controller or double tapping the function button. If this doesnt work simply change the function, action in the settings to recent or gamble then align your point of interest in the center of the screen, hit record and slowly lower the drone. By pulling down on the left stack, you can spice this move up by rotating left or right, while descending again only using one stick, simply press the left, stick down and right, or down and left to achieve this deceptively easy to achieve, but professional looking shot reveal Shot this is the most cinematic move so far and again is used throughout hollywood for great effect. For this move, the location is absolutely crucial. You want to find an area behind a large object such as this cleft face next to the beach start, with your drone low down facing in the direction you want to reveal, then press up in the left stick in sunny mode to slowly rise up behind the Foreground object to eventually rise up past.

It revealing your location to get the most from this cinematic shot. It helps to start close to the foreground object. This move might take a little practice to pull off, but the results are definitely worth it. The gimbal up is another professional. Looking move that again helps to reveal your location to start point, the drone towards the point of interest you want to reveal and then move the gimbal straight down hit record and using the gimbal wheel slowly bring the camera up towards the horizon. You want to slow down just as you get to the horizon, so that you dont come to an abrupt, stop sending mode works best for this, as in normal in sport mode. The gimbal moves too fast for this move to be cinematic and thats it a straightforward drone move that looks absolutely incredible rise up twist. Another move that seems impossible to achieve with only one stick, but once you try, it will become a go to move simply start with the drone load to the ground and then start the move by pressing the left stick up and to the left or right. This will start the drone rising up and also twisting in that direction. You only need to move the stick to the side very slightly to achieve a subtle and cinematic movement. This move is one of my favorites and is sure to impress, if you add it, to your projects, so that was the 10 beginner drum moves as individual clips, but now lets edit them together.

End our sequence with sound effects, color grading and music and see the results Music. So hopefully this has shown you that, with a lightweight and portable drone, such as the dji mini 2 and drone moves that are super simple to achieve, because they require only one movement on one. Stick of the controller that you can get professional results. Let me know what your favorite drone move was in the comments down below and if youve liked this video and youve learned something new. Please let me know by giving me the thumbs up and clicking that, like button down below and if youve got a dji mini 2 or any other drone and want to learn how to take better photos and get more cinematic videos, then i recommend you check out My channel, where i have a ton of other content, to help you level up your drone game, and if you want to stick around and watch a few more then videos now then heres a few. I personally recommend checking out ill, not keep you back any further.