You know full of fingerprints marks nightmare anyway. Today lets discuss 10 of the most common drone mistakes that people make when theyre a beginner or a noob lets get into that video. So these tips are going to work with whatever drone youve got today, im just going to showcase the dji mini 2., because the dji air 2s has gone. You know them. Shelves are looking pretty bare. So if you want to advertise on these shelves, let me know, because ive had some weird propositions already about people wanting to you know advertise stuff on these shelves, so theyre going down really well but jokes aside, because that dji air2s has been sold. The mini 2 is just going to be what im going to be focusing on today, but you could use this on any drone, so any decent drone and thats going to have to be one of the points. So you get the drone you unbox it we go through all that and then the first mistake that most people make is this one? So flying in the garden is the biggest mistake that people make as of new pilot, its the easiest way of just going out and flying and testing that drone. The garden is used because its the most easiest and people just can go there in the privacy of their own garden and fly that drone without people watching them and thats. Why most people actually do this, but dont forget youre a beginner, so you have no clue or experience of flying this drone yet and that garden is full of obstacles.

Youve got furniture, youve got the cat, youve got kids trees, youve got the next door. Neighbors building youve got your building so many obstacles, so many actual reasons why youre gon na crash that drone. So unless you live in some massive house with a huge back garden or open land behind you, the garden should be avoided. So you want to go out and find some open stretches of land. Go to the countryside, find a big field. The beach, when the tides out those are the areas you want to be flying practicing avoid that garden. The garden is just gon na be a recipe for disaster point two: now you need to get into the habit of checking your equipment before you go out. Flying now, im not saying you need to go out and buy the finest microfiber cloth out there or checking all the screws and going through everything meticulously in fine detail. Im not saying that, but you need to get into a basic kind of checklist of what you want to be doing before you go out even flying, so the crucial ones are. You need to be checking the propellers making sure that they swivel around properly making sure that there is no actual cuts on them and everything is working. Fine, if you fly at a beach and any sand, gets into these arms here and this doesnt rotate 360 smoothly and theres any grit inside here when that drone is in the air.

Any slight grit can stop these propellers going round and thats just game over. Your drone is gone so make sure you are checking your propellers. Not only are they secure but check the motion as well. Ive been smoking, someone in america and she had a dji air 2s. The propellers had an issue with them, its flying, absolutely normally and then all of a sudden, the pellets stopped and it crashed out of the sky, and that was game over for that drone. The batteries on the drone make sure that youre storing these correctly make sure theres no swelling on them. Theyre stored in a proper decent temperature room dont have them on the windowsill. Dont have sunlight at the moment all the time if its really hot – and these are really warm dont – be flying them. Its good idea to have a few sets of these. If you get the fly more combo youre fine, if youve not just got the basic ones, grab another battery as well, but make sure you check in these and checking your propellers just check as well. The gimbal make sure its actually looking fine theres no cracks on it. You know little things. Little knicks can happen on here and one slight crack on the front of that gimbal cover and then you, you know, your footage is going to be terrible. If you use nd filters like i do what i do before i go out and find out ill sort of put one of the filters on and keep it on all the time so that i dont have to mess about with it.

When i get there its just ready to fly straight away, that can change independent on the lighting conditions, but i always normally have an nd filter on there before i go on fly. So once you get to that area have a bit of a plan about where you want to take off and land and what you actually want to film when youre there. So what i will do is, i will pick certain subjects in that area, so it might be a really cool building might be a tower or a reservoir, a dam or something, and that those are right. I need to get all four of those areas, so i want to take off in this area here. I dont want to be around loads of crowds when im taking off so have a bit of a plan, and then you will not just then gun hole taking off and then just flying around and just waiting your battery so have a plan, and that leads on To more advanced flying, but for a beginner point of view, dont just rock up to that location and just take off and then just wing it have a bit of an idea and look at the area look for any hazards or problems. Is there any power lines? Is there any cables, or you know, whats the situation in that area like because everyones different, but have a bit of a plan im not saying turn up with a checklist and going all right.

We need to know just have a look at the area assess it. Take off but have a plan now another beginning mistake is being a bit of a maverick flyer. Now i certainly dont live by this rules and guidance, but ive been flying a number of years and i weigh up the risks, weigh up the risk of flying in certain locations. Certain moves that ill do and ill assess it beforehand and most of the time before i do a shot say im flying under a bridge, i might fly really close to it. I might fly backwards on that fly and just do a few takes, and then the actual final shot youll see is maybe the third or fourth attempt as a beginner. What you dont want to be doing is flying with a group of friends, loads of distractions, loads of people say: oh, can i have a girl? Can i have a go? You know flying reckless in sports mode, flying all over the place. Those are number one reasons why youre going to crash your drone so often the best footage ill get ill, be somewhere in the corner at a beach or like a landscaped area away from everybody. I can then concentrate on that flying and get the shots. If ive got loads of people coming over to me, saying oh, how youre right or whats your drone or asking you questions, thats, all well and good, but its all distractions and i cant concentrate then getting the best shots and thats me flying for a number of Years, if youre a complete beginner, you dont 100 know the actual app you dont know the flying performance.

You dont know everything about this drone and then youve got loads of people next to you. That is just the number one way of how to crash that drone. I had to put this in i kind of set myself up with this, but if youve not followed the channel, we focus on loads of different filmmaking techniques. We do videography photography, editing on different editing, apps and also flying the drone from beginner all the way up to advanced flying. So if youre new around here subscribing would be a good choice. I think – and i hope you get some value out of this in the future anyway. Lets move on to the next point, so theres, nothing worse than getting to that location, setting the drone up and then youre, seeing that new updates required new firmware, update or downloads required. Some you can skip yes, but i like finding the latest firmware updates. This normally gives new features or better performance, but something you just cant skip get into that habit of checking it before you actually get to that location and then once youre there, the chances of actually then getting a new update, is really slim, just prevents actually wasted Of the battery, so wind and drones dont always go well, especially on smaller drones like the dji mini 2, so its better than the mavic mini one for sure. The mini 2 can handle 28 to 38 kilometers an hour wind, so its not bad and ive done loads of wind tests on here so go and check them out if youve not seen them already.

The bigger drones are obviously going to be better in higher wind. The air 2s, it says on the spec sheet 38 kilometers per hour, wind ive had it in much higher than that and its been like a tank same with the 2 pro the bigger the drone theyre going to be better in that wind and thats. One of the good selling features what i always recommend to people. Yes, the mini 2 drone is fantastic, but if youre going to be flying in areas where it is windy, skip this drone and go for the air to us, because then youre going to have the best, obviously features and then flying performance and wind is one of Them but check the wind in your location thats another part of what you need to be doing, and i do all the time so uav forecast not sponsored by them in any way, thats one, a good app that i use, and this will show you your current Location, wind data: now i find a lot of mountainous areas over cliffs, oversea and sudden changes of winds happen all the time so be prepared for it. If you experience any issues with the wind and your drone is starting to fly away, you need to lower that altitude, rapid, so put it into sports mode and lower the altitude. The higher you are, the stronger theyre going to be the wind, so the lower the altitude in sports mode. You should be able to get it back to you if its all going wrong, and you just see your drone flying away even once youve lowered that altitude try and find a safe place.

So, if youre over land, for instance and theres, nobody about just keep decreasing. That altitude and land it there is nothing worse than just seeing your drone flying away into the distance when, if its safe and you can land that drone youre going to see it on the app its going to have going to find. My drone and youll have an idea where it is and then you can go and retrieve it. Yes, it might be destroyed, it might be in water, but the chances theyre not actually retrieving it and having the drone yourself, you can then send it off to get repaired or it might work dont. Just let it fly away. Ive seen videos where these drones have flown away and go: oh, no, the winds took it and they dont even try to lower it. If the drone is low enough and you put it into sports mode, you will get it back. You know lower that drone and keep blowing it until you can get it back or land it. If its like a hurricane or a tornado when youre flying your drone, then what do you expect? You deserve it now. One of the best features on these drones. The dji drones, is the return to home feature. It is fantastic and its really accurate, but dont push it too much and dont rely on it all the time. Now practice it be aware of how to use this and how it works so get into that open area field.

Send it out a little bit. Press return to home and then youll have confidence in just how good it is now ive showcased on this video. If you ignore the automatic return to home function, it might not get back to you so once that low battery is really low, it will then come on and go right. It needs to come back that auto return to home comes on just let it dont cancel it. Ive shown what happens if you do cancel it a couple of times its come back to me, a couple it hasnt ive had to then go and retrieve it. If the wind is strong, it doesnt assess that when that comes on so that battery will come down rapid. So as soon as that returns, a home battery message comes on. Just accept it now im not going to go deep into this im. Certainly not the drone police but just know the drill laws for your country, so dont get caught out as a new flyer, so dont be picking your drone up and then going and flying it recklessly, because the chances of them either crashing it or getting fined is Quite high so just be sensible and follow those rules. I was recently in cornwall at a beach and there was some idiot flying his drone over people over big big groups about 5 meters, five, ten meters above them just circling around you know, perving on women dont be doing that dont be an idiot, so just fly Where you are in your country for them to set rules im, not asking you to get textbooks out and go and researching everything, but you need to be aware of those rules.

Stick to them and you wont have any problems. Then i see this one a lot. Okay, so all the gear, no idea, so when you get into that new sport or hobby, you kind of want to get that bug dont you and you buy everything for it same with drones. There is so many drone manufacturers out there that just kind of just sell the drone as it is and thats how they want you to fly it with just the controller. You go onto amazon, ebay and you see these hundreds of different accessories out there and then your drone goes from this really cool slimlined drone to this monstrosity in the air, with everything hanging off it, gopros landing legs, floatation devices, everything ive seen on these – and you Can buy and look and they all work in their own way, but sometimes i would just suggest avoid them, because one, the battery percentage, if youre putting heavy items on here, is going to come right down two. It makes it unstable. It might be over that maximum. Take off weight so and then three it kind of like makes you feel like your drone is more invincible than it is flotation devices, and example. People will be landing, those in the bloody pacific ocean. Thinking that, oh my drones safe, but once you actually use those flotation devices, youll see just how unstable your drone actually is. Now talking of gear, its holiday season coming up, people buy these drones either for themselves or for a gift so which drone? Should you actually buy so my recommendation to you is to avoid the cheaper drones which youll see on amazon and ebay, all the drones you might see in some shops in malls im not saying theyre bad, but i get probably sent emails 20 or 30 a day Of companies asking me to review their drones for free and one that drones, dont, pay the bills and two its theyre using me as free advertising, because, most of the time i would say, 70 of the time the drones are terrible.

So you know theyre not worth it. So if youre going to buy a drone – and you see a drone for about 200 200 pounds personally – i would spend more get the dji mavic mini 1, the mini se, the mini 2, or save up more youre, going to get a better performing drone by spending More and avoid the cheaper ones which youll see on amazon and ebay, for example, theyre all right, yes, but the flying performance isnt very good. The battery level is not very good. The whole app experience is usually useless, so i would avoid them. Autel dji hubsan at push, but those are the three manufacturers i would recommend once youve got them, you know youre going to be, you could literally buy this mini 2 and never buy another drone. If you dont want to for another 5 10 years – and this will be awesome – so 10 tips there guys for you beginners out there or for anyone – whos, not beginner, and you might to have a bit of a refresh from this. But if you are enjoying this, a like and subscribe itd be excellent. If you want to check out some more ill link here of how to make some money with your drones, if you just bought one of these drones or you want to save for one – and you already have one of the smaller drones then make some money ill. Pop this up here with your drone and then also if you are a beginner and you want to actually go from your beginner flying all the way to moderate and advanced fine techniques.

Ill put this video up here, but im darren thanks.