Today we are going to talk about top 10 best drone with camera. So if you are looking to get into best drone with camera, you can watch the video also. I have included links in the description box down below which are updated for the best prices. If youve not been to this channel before then welcome, then please do give it a thumbs up if its helpful for you so lets start with dji mavic mini combo Music. Weighing under 250 grams, magic mini is almost as light as the average smartphone. This makes it exceptionally portable and places it in the lowest and safest weight class of drones, which in many countries may exempt it from certain regulations. Aircraft takeoff weight includes battery propellers and a microsd card. The new dji fly app offers a simple and intuitive user experience, enabling you to create cinematic shots with just a few taps. It even has flight tutorial a feature to help you get started with mavic mini quickly and safely: Music number, two dji mini 2 ultra light and foldable drone. The original mini was packed full of features and easy to operate. The dji fly app was introduced at the same time with a slick, parent down and intuitive interface, but the drone also came with limitations that frustrated users, including spotty transmission, and the ability to only capture jpeg files. The mini 2 addresses these concerns and more users will pay slightly more for a drone with a higher quality camera that can record up to 4k 30p video capture, raw plus jpeg files and features djis robust, okay, sync 2.

0 transmission technology, instead of relying on wi fi Music Music number three parrot pf 72800 afi drone. This drone with a camera equipped with f, slash, 2.4 wide angle, aspha lens hdr, and up to 2.8 times, digital zoom captures spectacular 4k videos, full hd or 2.7 k. Videos and 21 mp photos without loss of quality. Additionally, you have a timer, a burst mode that captures 10 photos per second and wizards to take over professional settings. The anafi paradrone can have up to 25 minutes of film flight time, thanks to an intelligent, lipo battery that optimizes its life and charges 60 faster. Using the power delivery, usb type c charger, Music number four dji mavic air 2 drone quadcopter, the new mavic air 2, which is available for pre order now and will ship on may 11 carries on that legacy. It has more technology on board and even better camera system and still costs under a grand, even when you add unnecessary extras like multiple batteries, the air 2 is an upgrade over the prior model in almost every way its smarter stays in the air longer and can Capture footage that rivals djis more expensive, mavic pro models; number five dirk de 22 gps drone with 4k camera. The dirk de 22 pro is a mid tier drone that comes with an hd camera capable of recording 4k video footage and captures images in 8mp its a foldable drone, which makes it easier to carry around and travel with.

It comes with some good features like over 20 minutes of flight time. Intelligent flight modes and an automatic return to home feature its a good drone, but there are alternatives at a similar price point. The gimbal and eis technology reduces blurring, provides better image stability. You can create 4k 30 fps videos with impressive, stable and clear footage than any other drones in the sector. 5 gigahertz support up to ’00 feet. Fpv transmission delivers live feed with zero latency Music number. Six dji r2s fly more combo. The new dj ir2s is a sensational camera drone in every respect from the quality of its ungraded camera to the plethora of advanced in flight features. If youre in the market for an affordable, compact drone that flies beautifully and shoots pristine, video and p and sharp stills. We really dont think youll find a more suitable model. The air 2s uses the dji fly app, which was first introduced with the mavic mini. Unlike the dji g04 app, which is more fully featured and suitable for prosumer drones, they fly app was created with newer pilots in mind, its easy to navigate and basically every photo and video setting you need is right on the same screen, number seven dji phantom 3 Advanced the phantom 3 advanced is a good, capable camera drone. However, there are a few drawbacks to saving some money by getting a cheaper phantom and there is a lot to be gained by spending a bit more to get a higher end.

Phantom, the dji phantom 3 advance is one of the mid range models in the phantom line, and it occupies that slot nicely. It produces good, stable footage. With its 2.7 k, camera has a great video downlink, a top notch controller, good flight performance and a great interface Music number. Eight dj ifpv combo first person viewed drone. The dji fpv drone is a sensational introduction to the thrills and spills of immersive. First person view flight, yes, its, not cheap, and, yes, you will probably crash it, but we can think of no better way for financially flushed goggle wearing wannabe pilots to indulge in the art of free form, flying and high speed. Hitchings dji believes this drone will be suitable for fpv professionals and also newcomers like myself, who have been flying standard drones but are now ready to make but step into the fpv world. Ive dedicated a large part of my last two weeks to see if its able to live up to either of those ambitions. Number nine potential dreamer pro drones with camera capture the impressive moments, with the help of three axis mechanical gimbal and one third inch sony cmos sensor. Potency dreamer pro will allow you to record 16 mp photo and provide 4k 30 fps video. The dedicated 3 axis jimbos camera ensures steady aerial capturing, so you can hone in on whatever youre filming from high in the sky the video transmission distance of up to two kilometers and can also deliver high resolution livestream directly from the drones camera.

The potential dreamer 4k is impressive presentation, isnt quite matched by its performance, but this is still an enjoyable drone to fly, even if the quality of its camera leaves a lot to be desired. Music number 10 drone x pro limitless 3 gps. 4K. Limitless now has an incredible three axis jimbo, which allows you to record cinematography, like the pros by producing the smoothest of video footage. Limitless is equipped with incredible or th features, meaning the drone automatically returns home in the following situations. Critically low battery loss of signal, rth button is pressed. This means youll, never lose your drone Music Music Music.