Ox Guys Look Ive bought an electric scooter OX. I think there is nothing better … OX WTF Hi GUYS. You already know that we have many brands and models of many sizes, autonomies powers and speeds. Thats. Why, today, I want to talk to you about MINIMOTORS in particular, about 2 models that I love. For me, its one of the best on the market, price quality wise. And at the end of the video I will leave you some offers. So you can take advantage of them.. Yes, I know that electric scooters and electric vehicles in general are not cheap. On that basis and the average prices we find in the scooter ranges. I am going to recommend you today: 2 models for their range size and price.. It was 2017 when I bought the Dualtron 2 EX. I had been following this brand from a distance for 1 year through forums and videos.. At that time, the Dualtron 1 already had a certain amount of experience as a brand and model.. So MINIMOTOS decided to launch a version 2 that would include a lot of models., The Dualtron S single motor version, the raptor, the EX the EX and the LIMITED. Each model with its own peculiarities and different battery configurations.. My decision was very very carefully considered.. The S version was out of the question because I didnt want a single engine.. The dualtron revolution was the inclusion of the twin engine.. I was less hesitant with the raptor because, although its weight was a great advantage, its brakes and its smaller and more massive wheels were a big deterrent for me.

, And I had already had the experience of changing and using solid wheels on my Xiaomi. And it was Torture to change them and, above all, to use them., So the raptor was out of the question for my use. OX, But how does the Russian do it OX Now now LongHair? Shall we place it OX? This is very complicated OX. This doesnt just go in any old way OX We cant do it here. On top of the dualtron OX, Is the wheel still hot Long, Hair Yeah OX? Are you pushing OX? I dont understand.. I dont understand why we are so close and yet we dont get it. OX, So the raptor is out of the question for my use. And finally, I had to decide between the EX the EX and the LIMITED lets get to the point. The EX was fine, but I wanted to ensure the longest range with the least weight possible, so the LIMITED was already a bit heavy. My top weight is 30kgs and every extra kilo would be too much to handle it easily and the EX had the balance between the two 28kg That still gave me enough room to climb a few stairs and almost 80km of real autonomy.. In addition, its wingspan was perfect, neither too big nor too small, and it didnt take up an incredibly exaggerated amount of space compared to a Xiaomi which, added to its amazing aesthetics, its 10 inch wheels with 2.

5 inches wide its mechanical brakes, its already generous and comfortable Size with its suspension by elastometers and the possibility of being able to customize and improve it, made this model a VEHICLE in capital, letters. OX. We are talking about a scooter that has the characteristics of a motorbike and thats. Why its analysis gives to talk about many aspects about it and in its day I made many videos about it that Ill leave you here, But we are talking about 2018., Its been 4 years, and I want to tell you How much DUALTRON has improved and evolved Since then, which is currently the model that today would be the one I would buy, equivalent to a dualtron 2 EX. What other models I recommend from this great Chinese brand and I will touch the mid range scooters to tell you about another model of MINIMOTORS that by performance and features, is very close to this range of use that my dualtron 2 ex plus had. The 3 models That currently stand out, the most are the Eagle PRO: the Spider Limited or Spider 2 and the Dualtron Victor. Personally. For me, the ones I recommend the most are: the Spider and the Victor.. The Spider has improved a lot in autonomy with the limited version and version 2., And its great advantage is its incredible lightness, given the materials it uses., But at the same time it is a disadvantage because it is not as solid as its siblings.

And driving it. You have the sensation of riding like youre on a flan.. The structure has a lot of flexibility, given its materials. OX. The king of the range and of sales is the dualtron VICTOR by far., HATER, Hey whats up You up for a ride OX Im on video. Can you help me HATER, Ah another video, …, think of a way to sneak out and run away. Hater Tell me all about this model. How much range does it have The suspension or how it brakes Dont leave anything out. I want to know TO … OX WTF OX So Im going to tell you what the improvements are and what I think of this model. One of my top 3 without a doubt, which is why I believe that what works should not be changed, at least not As far as the bulk of the vehicle is concerned. Thats, why the Xiaomi M365 after five years of life, has changed almost nothing.. There are many versions of the Xiaomi, but it is essentially the same model with minor improvements and features., And in Dualtron I like almost everything., First of all, its design., Authentic and genuine, whose brands have tried to copy countless times., Also its suspension system, surprisingly effective. For what it takes, up., With the possibility of using different categories of hardness in their designs, which does not require any type of maintenance., Its electronics batteries and engines which make it have a perfect operation at the same time as an excellent performance in autonomy and power.

. Its folding handlebars a crucial element to fit in any car boot. Its one of the most elegant folding handlebars. There is, but if you dont like it, you can always put any other to your liking, thanks to its great configuration possibilities. OX, And why not decorative lights.. They offer extra safety at night and give a very futuristic look that I cant get enough of. OX, Although I prefer the fixed colours to the MIXED COLOURS, what hasnt changed and I DONT LIKE IT. This section is going to be over very quickly because absolutely everything that has changed. We were crying out for change, but I will tell you about that in the next section …. But there is one thing that until now was not being asked for very much.: MINIMOTORS had already made a fist at the table by creating its own LCD.. Even other brands have come to use it like the CURRUS., But this change dates from 2018, 19 and its time for minimotors to use a large handlebar centric LCD, with the throttle trigger independent of the handlebar. And, if possible, with a thumb trigger OX. At least I like it better with a thumb trigger., I know that many of you have asked me, and I dont know if you still want me to tell you how to separate the throttle from the minimotors LCD.. If you still want me to explain it to you, stop the video right now and leave me a comment about it.

. So this is a message to MINIMOTORS Brands like NAMI, INOKIM, Zero Scooters, ETWOW or even Kugoo. I mean even XIAOMI. Do it from the beginning, use already stand alone, centered, readable and big LCDs., And many already in full colour., So MINIMOTORS get to work. Because with this detail, you will have a perfect vehicle. And now … Lets talk about what changes and I LOVE IT. On the one hand, the motors. Gone are the nominal 800w of the range 2 to go to the nominal 1000w.. It is true that 800w in mode 1, only motor to a scooter of almost 30kg. It is difficult to climb certain slopes with some strength and speed, and you need to connect the dual mode.. It will also depend on whether you take it in torque, 1, 2 or 3 in the P9. OX, But Im telling you that 2 and 3 will consume a lot of battery power. With a 1000w motor in torque 1 mode, which is 50 power. You will be able to climb steeper slopes without using a lot of battery. OX Motors that now include a more than generous 10 x, 3 wide wheels.. For me, they are more than enough. I have never been a lover of 11 inch wheels for this range of scooters. Unless the model is very large., The brakes have also been improved.. It will no longer be necessary to fit the X tech brakes.. They have already fitted their twin brothers, the Zoom which are fully hydraulic.

. I love these brakes because they are good, nice and cheap.. These brakes are already fitted on scooters, such as the Mantis, the OXO and many others. OX. I see that brands are evolving a lot in this aspect and I love it And DUALTRON has not been less.. They have been able to improve the lock they had, which was thinner and shorter, to transform it into a more secure, thicker and more extensive one, which includes a double locking lever, offering the new models a much higher security. OX. For those of you who have scooters with old locks or models such as zero, 10x ice q5, Xiaomi and dualtrons, both old and new., You have this type of fasteners that further strengthen your scooters.. They are made in Spain. So if you are not comfortable with your original folding lock, you can take a look at these.. I leave you the information below in the video description. Back to the Dualtron Victor. I also love its renewed design, with the details of the lights to be visible at night. The detail of the front and rear mudguards in dualtron thunder style, its new bridge connecting the base with the seatpost, the new design of the engines, the base and all the finishes that give a renewed design to dualtron. Keeping the essence of the classic minimotors aesthetics. OX, And finally, what I like the most and what has changed a lot is the price., Because you have a Dualtron Victor for a little more than 2000.

. Here I make a digression as the prices of this and many other models have been increased just 2 days after the publication of this video.. This is the reason why I dont like to give sale prices in my videos, as these are very variable and with the passing of time and the circumstances that surround us, everything changes. We live in turbulent times, and the current crises of containers, chips, pandemics, hydrocarbons, inflation And others are making the costs of everything soar.. I hope that between ALL of us we can put an end to ALL of this.. That is why I will now tell you about an EXCELLENT, cheaper model that has recently been reduced in price.. The truth is that it is a brutal price, taking into account that the equivalent of the one I bought cost around 2400 2500.. No doubt for a premium brand. We have a knockdown price, since only the battery of these vehicles costs almost half of the entire retail price.. Here MINIMOTORS has been able to adjust to the maximum to fight against those brands of worse quality or even average quality that were offering more features at lower prices as the Chinotrons and other models.. But the difference is that MINIMOTORS is a PREMIUM brand and compared to the others, the quality, the batteries, the electronics and, of course, the engines are much higher as a vehicle than those other models. OX. I will leave a link in the description of the video with an offer for the Dualtron Victor, which includes an extra charger as a gift, i.

e. 2 chargers in total, so you can charge it at double the speed and the handle to carry it more easily.. You can also choose a colour to embellish the hardware. And you can also add the safety KIT, valued at 200, with a 50 discount which includes the whistle or horn of great power and resistance, and this super light at the height of a currus. OX. But dont worry if your budget is too small for this range and you still aspire to have the quality of MINIMOTORS rather than buying something cheaper and of poorer quality.. I am going to suggest one of the mid range models that I like. The most MINIMOTORS has a second brand, a bit cheaper, but still with a lot of quality, called SPEEDWAY. With models that I have always liked. A lot like the Speedway 5 or the mini 4 PRO., But in this case the Speedway LEGER PRO, is an evolution of the LEGER model that you already saw in my channel some time. Ago. MINIMOTORS listened to the users who asked for a front brake.. So, with a spectacularly beautiful rim, a front drum brake, some small tweaks in the design and an increase of battery up to 52v 21ah make this model one of the best scooters out there for price quality and features., And in case you dont remember it has a 500W nominal motor that reaches 1530w peak suspension, although somewhat short, very cozy, folding and height adjustable handlebars, which make it very portable maximum speed up to 50kmh.

OX. Although you know that they come limited from the factory to comply with current regulations in Spain. And thanks to the efficiency of MINIMOTORS engines, this model can do between 50 70km of autonomy, something huge in a scooter that only weighs 23kg and costs very little. More than 1000., I will also leave you a link to buy this model below in the video description.. It also has various configurations and prices. OX At the moment. A Speedway LEGER PRO MAX version is available. HATER MAX what OX No fking idea OX. But if you want me to give you a full REVIEW of this model, You have to burst the video with LIKES And if we reach 2000 likes Ill, bring you this model. Very soon. As a Spoiler, I will also tell you that MINIMOTORS has created a third brand located in qualities between Dualtron and Speedway called Bluetran., Whose first model they have launched is the 72V Lithning which I have recently received and of which you will have a video. Very soon., As you may have already noticed, the main sponsor of this video is solorueda distributor in Spain, of big brands like Minimotors and for all those who want to start your own business selling scooters only wheel has created a franchise program for you to set up Your own online shop or in your city, so that solorueda can distribute the models at distribution price. So if you are interested in contacting SOLORUEDA, you have all the info below in the description, and so you can create a great community around the electric scooter as we are already creating.

And all this is ALWAYS THANKS to you Thats. Why I cant stop thanking you for your support., So as always thank you for always being there enjoying the videos sharing and supporting them. If you are new, I invite you to subscribe to the channel its FREE here. We do not charge anyone just enjoy the content. Learn new things meet new models and follow me in all my adventures, so I invite you to join my Telegram channel Instagram and TIKTOK, where I am very active, uploading content. There. I anticipate a lot of details, information and videos.. Finally, I cant finish without dedicating this video to the first person who believed in and supported my content on Youtube. Kylin, Pan 1983 2019 Owner of KWK, Smart Life and Dualtron Official Store. He travelled to Spain and we got to know each other after a year of exchanging hundreds of messages.. My video about the WlfWarrior scooter was the first one that Kylin supported with a small discount, although he wasnt very convinced today that video has 600K views. In spring 2019. He returned to Spain again.. He loved this country and visited big cities like Madrid, Segovia, Toledo, Salamanca., Barcelona, Granada and Seville. During his visit to Madrid, he wrote to me to see if I would like to come and see him and have a drink.. It was our second and last meeting., But we didnt talk business that day.. He told me about his life and the things he loved.

and before leaving he said to me With me: you will never be short of vehicles for your youtube channel.. I had written to him many times in the past so that I could count on his support, but there were people who opposed this union.. So the first video we prepared together with 100 of their support, was the Zero 9 scooter.. He sent me the scooter and as soon as I got it, I took a train and went with the scooter to Granada to shoot one of the most special videos in one of Kylins, favourite cities.. You know that video. Its one of my favourites, Almost 200K views. The video sold out the KWK warehouse in Europe. 3 days before the publication of the video Kylin stopped replying to my messages.. He had an accident while testing one of the first 72V electric scooters.. He was not wearing a helmet. A few days later, at the age of 36, we were left with a woman and a life for the next few years.. He never got to see the video I made for him.