Not many people are going through this problem. With this Drone guys, you guys have already seen the title right so Ill clarify a few things: the drone l900 pro, if its an excellent drone, its a version that came with many improvements, As Ive shown in a full video of it on the channel. Whoever wants to see this video Ill leave the card there. Ok, so its an excellent drone. It came with a lot of improvements. More robust is bigger, more resistant, modified the camera modified the Plastic used in it. Improvements in several things, youll see in the video. If you want to see the full video of this drone here, what happens? I posted the video and saw some people on the channel Ill repeat it again. Few people will go through this or are going through it, not the majority, not everyone who buys this Drone will go through this, but there are some people who they are complaining that this Drone Here is not finding the satellites. With these questions, I went looking for what it was and to acquire some drones from this one, and, to my surprise, one also has this problem. What happens guys? I went looking for it. What was it inform me better to be able to help subscribers and people who are having the same problem? I contacted suppliers and manufacturers and it was found that the new version of the l900 pro se a batch came out of the factory with a problem with the GPS.

So you know what its like right, guys: theyre mass manufacturing. The Drone is a very sold drone. It s the best selling input drone, and Despite this problem that came out a lot, I keep recommending you can buy what I I recommend it for those who are going to buy it now until this batch is out of circulation, will buy the Drone in Brazil. Your seller will probably have already tested it here in Brazil. You will have a little more peace of mind because the person will have tested it and you will youre going to get in touch with him and ask. Is the drone finding the satellites if the person said that they have already tested it? They are finding satellites. Then you can buy. It is an excellent drone. It is still the best entry for those starting the hobby.. It is the best cost benefit the most affordable price, with a very complete drone, so you bought it on Brazil, the guy said I even tested. If the seller said, I tested, ok, buy without fear. If you are going to import this Drone contact the seller, ok and ask the same question already tested, the GPS is working. If you have already made the purchase, if you have purchased and received him with the problem in GPS, so you were drawn to receive a drone that lot rarely they test right. I think then came out a lot for sale that is in circulation with this GPS problem.

Then this is a case that will happen here in Brazil. You will see the complaint right questions in the channel about it and herere dropping the world. I guys this was a distance …. Then I got up there a comment from a registered US where also tev and the problem, and that will happen all over the world and there will be some holdover from this batch. If you received this batch, What you should do guys its no use looking for videos on YouTube or asking people who have posted videos there talking about the drone, how to solve it, because there wont be a solution. Ok, guys, there wont be a solution. It came with a damaged GPS and you were awarded this batch. Unfortunately, this happens. This only happened with l900, no guys this happens with other drones that leave something with a factory defect. They end up buying it, but nobody ever puts this question on the air, not even resellers. Like me and this question, you dont see many videos on the internet, teaching you what you should do right when that happens. So today, Im going to teach you what you should do if you bought imported Or bought in Brazil, you need to do what to solve your problem. First guys, unfortunately, youll have to return your Drone for that. You youll have to acquire some proofs So Ill. Show you how to acquire these proofs youll have to make a video first, ok, so Ill, show it more or less Ill leave it there on the screen as well, how to keep the video more or, but you will need to make a video there for around 10 minutes a correct time to do the satellite search.

Ok, then you go to a suitable place to make the flight. You will do your normal calibration and go and you can put a tripod with the cell phone youll need two cell phone. Why do you need two cell phone one for you to film and leave a tripod there or someone holding it for you to film you doing the procedure and the other that will be in control of the Drone there in the support? Ok and you will make that screen, recording see if your cell phone already has it right. The screen recorder, otherwise youll, have to download from the Play Store at the Apple Store, some application that makes the screen recording then youll record. The cell phone screen by entering the app Beauty will do the whole procedure right. You entering the wi fi part Im going to show you more or less like. I did right entering the wi fi part. It will show you there making all the connection with the application and it will record the applications screen there to show it to the satellite. It wont be found with another cell phone or youre going to ask someone who was filming you doing the calibration procedure doing that whole process or with a tripod then youre going to make an assembly. Then youre going to put this video that was filmed in the Drone And youre doing the procedure in this video the wide one and in the corner of the screen, you will put the screen recording there.

You will make this montage of around 10 minutes and I will teach you which application you will use to make this video and this montage. And then you will ask me Leo: how am I going to send a 10 minute video? I ll also show in this video how you can upload a 10 minute video without having a YouTube account without having to download a YouTube video. Do all this procedure that some places ask you to make a YouTube video and send them a link that is Im going to teach you how to do it properly and youre going to make a 10 minute video, like I said, if you dont, have a cell Phone to make screen recording its okay. Just do this recording youre doing the calibration procedure, this procedure youre, going to film in the distance the Drone standing there on Connected and in these 10 minutes, you are constantly approaching the cell phone screen on the control screen and showing that the satellites are not connecting. If you dont have two cell phones to do it, you can do it too Ill teach you you take this test. I will teach you to edit this test and I will teach you how to transfer this test to a very simple site, where you will only send the l Proof ink for your supplier. If there is any requirement, if there is any requirement, if there is no one, you complain about the problem.

The seller will automatically speak. You dont need to send me anything. You can return it, take it and return it. Ok, but if you require any proof, some evidence of the problem Ill teach you how to do it well guys Ill fast forward. The video ok, I accelerated the video to show it. So I took the video I recorded from a distance and put the screen recording on the side here, showing me doing the entire procedure you understand here I put one entering the application doing the calibrations. Ok, the video is speeded up, so it doesnt get long here but to send the test. I didnt speed up the video. I left a video of 12 to 13 minutes. Ok, so here I showed that I did the calibration everything correctly and I joined the video that I recorded on the cell phone screen with the video that I recorded here with a tripod that isnt even like that here. Okay, then, I reduce the screen to a small screen there on the l and I left them both showing at the same time here and from time to time. I would put the control in front of the screen to show that I was not finding satellites in the control right. It also shows the control satellite. Then I showed that the Drone stopped. I connected this little screen. On top that I put it, it is showing that it is connected right. It was the second video I made screen recording and one I recorded at a distance and every now and then I put the control closer and it showed that there was no satellite.

. This video there for about 10 to 13 minutes is fine, so thats what you need to do make two videos. Of course, I explained if you are not able to make two videos do just this one, showing the Drone standing there and the other one there showing the control every now. And then you put the approximate control on the screen to show that you dont have a GPS. You dont have any satellites found: ok, thats! Basically, the video. now Im going to show you how I edited and which application you are going to use right to do that type of editing. This is capCut or you can use kinemaster too. I think it will be easier for you to edit in capcut, So youll enter the application. Here is the new project. There. You will choose the video, ok, you will take it and choose the video you want to edit. It is good to choose the video you want to edit, then you will put it in add. Add me the video alright, but this one its in a different format. The video I made was in the side format right, so I could put it on YouTube So that doesnt matter so youll put the base video. What is the base video Its? The video where the Drone is seen from afar right, the Drone from a distance there when you want to put the screen recording on the same image, You will click here on layers and add a layer.

Ok, another example video that Ill put the same. Just for us to have an idea here, you understand guys here are two videos here you can reduce the layer here. It would be the screen recording and around here, or you can leave it there in the center here about the conduct. Ok, thats it youre going to do this montage more or less like I did like. I did it here now, putting it to one side. Okay, then, the two will run together simultaneously: okay, guys thats. Basically, what youll need to do Well now Ill teach you how to transfer this video right, youve already done that whole procedure I did to edit the video right Im just going to video now were going to transfer it to a website where you wont need to Download it from YouTube and everything else, so you dont need to to have an account. You dont need to have anything. You dont need to create an account. Go here on Google write here. We transfer here you go down here, go go here on their website here. It goes there like this here, its good with this symbol black here you will click on this site and it will open this screen that Home. If you want, you can click here on these three dots and put here in translate, then it will translate to Portuguese. Then you put it here: send file clicked send file. You can add a video of up to 2 GB.

There is a file of up to 2 GB, So you will click on, add and put it here to add it from your file folder here and then you will choose your video Okay, so here we will put it in gallery the example. In my case ready. I added the video Im going to write a text here. I can write here, look at this one and in this video it shows details of the problem and with the GPS of the drone. L900. Pro an example. I can so ok Ill put the Thu here in next Okay, so I put it in next and get link So youre going to click and get link right, youre going to put it too guys Im not going to download this video here, but its you clicking Here in next, it will take a little while it will load all this video on the site. From the moment you upload this, this video, a link, will appear for you. Then you just click on copy and this link, which is what you will send to your seller right for your supplier. You will get this link and youre going to send him the link, and then you say right, write him a message saying that this link is the link to the video of the evidence that was downloaded on the website. We transfer ok, just access the link, hell click on the link, itll direct him to download your video.

Then it will download your video ok because many of the import sites or many media sites or platforms. You know your products are imported. They dont accept the video. So big, you cant, send a video that big, if you are going to send it through Whatsapp to your supplier, also do not accept to send such a large video WhatsApp accepts videos there of 2 minutes and 50 seconds. If Im not mistaken, ok, then you practically cant send this video by any means. So you can e mail too, and you cant, because it doesnt fit such a big video. So you download it there. The person will get the link, they will. Click on the link. Will direct them to the site and your video will appear there for them to download your video, Its very simple You dont need to create an account. You dont need to do anything: okay, guys, thats. Basically, what you need to do to get your proofs, ok and send your proofs. What I want to tell you guys you can buy ok, its an excellent drone. It wont leave it not. The problem will not make this drone bad. It is a good drone there, for those who are starting. Better cost benefit like this, because it is the cheapest with the best qualities. Ok, it is, unfortunately, some people will take it a remnant of this batch. If you took this batch, you will have to return, it will not help or the seller will send you another one or you will return it and you will negotiate.

So if you are going to buy the Drone today, ask the question for your seller. Gps is working if its working, you can buy it without fear. So this video is for this to alert you as this problem thing happens many times but theres, no one to warn you, so I decided to let you know, because here you go, is a new drone that everyone is buying. Youve asked before so you wont end up getting leftovers from that batch cheer for tested if tested you buy without fear and calm and liked. The video guys subscribe to the channel Activate the notification bell and leave that, like i hope i helped you and heal your doubts. Anything leave it there in the comments. Any doubts that i can help you, ok and without fear, guys a super good drone. I recommend i still have still working of with this Drone, because right These things happen, unfortunately, has happened with other models as well, but it did not gain public So who, who ends up getting just running back, to solve your problem and is not exposed right. So I decided to expose in order to facilitate those who are with problem.