Here we go. Music lets start off with semiconductor chips, the bane of our existence unless youre, truly living off the grid. Their shortage has affected your life, causing delays in everything from auto manufacturing to computer components, to anti fungal creams. Not that i would know that, but the chip shortage has left the world all hemmed up for over a year now, but not to worry facing even worse. Car shortages, in a bleak future, ford has stepped up and said, hold my beer. Firstly, a quick summary in case you were not 100 clear. No, the chip shortage is not related to doritos. If it were trust me, i wouldnt be sitting here right now. Talking to you id be sobbing in a puddle of my own urine in a dark corner somewhere and no, we dont endorse products here at rated r cars. Okay were a bit more progressive than that down with capitalism. Okay down with the patriarchy yada yada, you will not find any commercialism here by the way you can buy these on. My amazon storefront link in the description below were having a christmas sale. Okay, now is the time to buy, presents for your young ones, and nothing says i love you more than doritos semiconductors are basically the brains of modern electronics and, as everything becomes computerized ridiculous i know hey. Did you know that you can scan the barcode on these doritos, which are delicious by the way and get extra xp in call of duty, warzone Music anyway? Now that you have computers telling you when to wake up, how many steps you should take per day and in general, your phone telling you how you should live your life, i mean seriously.

I have to wait 12 months for my mustang gt, because you need your watch to tell you when to take a dump, stop being selfish people. I need my mock e to parallel park. For me, its a way of life anyway, you catch my meeting more semiconductors and trinkets plus more trinkets in cars, equals tens of thousands of cars sitting on lots. Collecting dust semiconductors are difficult to make and the factories that make them are expensive and even more difficult to make, because, unlike bidens underwear, they have to be super clean. Oh lighten up, we make fun of everyone here, most of all myself, Music, Music. Like seriously, do you see any self esteem here cant we all just get along and have fun and talk about cars and bikes. I love you guys. Even the biden, voters, Music, dont, get all cancelled on me. Anyway. You got ta, wear, suits and respirators, and all that kind of crap to be able to make semiconductors now ford has been thinking outside the box on this, and they have come up with a solution. Why not make our own semiconductor chips? Ford is taking the do it yourself approach in addressing the chip shortage, which has left tens of thousands of cars unshipped to dealers. The car maker announced a partnership yesterday with the semiconductor manufacturer global foundries, to develop its own chips. Smart move ford, smart. Initially, these will only be designed for ford vehicles, but the company said that the goal is to expand u.

s chip production in general, also smart ford, because personally, i think, with evs taking over everything. Ford is gon na have to look elsewhere, because service revenue is going to be scarce case in point. My mock e requires zero oil changes, zero service, zero maintenance and zero zero. You just unplug it and drive. The future is sad for our service departments where most of the money is made. Yes, they make a couple of bucks here and there on selling a car, but most of their revenue comes from the service department, similar to amazon versus brick and mortar, which has suffered heavy casualties. You have to be able to adapt to survive, and ford is doing just that kudos to you, ford, youve done good. Jim farley fords ceo said that the auto industry in the u.s in general needs greater independence to develop new technologies, and that requires control over chip production. As you can see here, in 1990, more than one third of all semiconductors were made in the u.s, but that share fell to 12 last year. According to the semiconductor industry, association as chinas manufacturing has grown exponentially in june senate approved a package of 52 billion dollars aimed at developing more chip factories. Here in the us, though, that funding has been caught up in partisan battles in the house. Great job house of representatives said no one. Ever anyway, at least, we can count on companies to take the lead in solving the problem with gm.

Also, reportedly, making moves to improve the situation. Gm is working with seven chip suppliers on three new families of microcontrollers. That will reduce the number of unique chips by 95 on future vehicles. Basically, these microcontrollers will consolidate a lot of the functions that chips usually handle on their own, bringing into one single unit. This will not only reduce cost and complexity, but it will improve overall reliability. As well as quality, the new microcontrollers will also be built in high volume as much as 10 million per year. Eventually, we will reach a surplus of chips, and these sad days of not being able to have a touch screen on our toilet paper. Dispenser will be long behind us behind us, get it behind. Look. You can accuse me of many things. People but being mature is not one of them. Sometimes i embarrass myself. This is one of those times next up, yet another smart move by ford theyre going to be getting into the software as a subscription service game which should keep their monthly revenue flowing. According to reuters ford motor company said tuesday, it plans to launch a new subscription software service aimed at small businesses in collaboration with enterprise software companies. Salesforce.Com the system will digitize paperwork and believe me, theres still a lot of paperwork out there and that will help contractors, repair, technicians and other service people to get at the dark ages. For only ‘ a month, the software service called visor will be offered starting next year by the automakers for pro commercial vehicle and services unit.

That reminds me of when i was putting myself through college working hard, or was it hardly working anyway. I had a job, digitizing paperwork and believe me theres, a lot of paperwork out there from the rest of ancient history, a tedious job for sure, but im thankful for any job that god blesses me with. As i said, ford is out there working hard to build sources of recurring subscription revenue to supplement vehicle sales that can get hurt by economic downturns and other disruptions, such as what weve been talking about with the semiconductor industry. If ford keeps this up, i see them sailing strongly into the future and continuing to bring us our beloved cars and trucks such as the s650. If you havent seen my video on the hybrid s650, i suggest you watch it here or just maybe watch it again and again and again did i mention. I love you guys anyway, with these smart moves that ford is making. I am confident they will continue to deliver right guys. Let me know what you think in the comments below as usual. I enjoy dialogue with you guys if youre new here, please consider subscribing if you like, the video please hit the like and always remember the motto.