So lets dive right in and then well have a look at some of the photos that were taken allegedly with the new dji mini 3 pro. So without further ado lets start, and here on top it says: dji mini 3, pro 249 grams 4k hdr video focus track because we have new obstacle avoidance, sensors, and this is good. Alright. Now maximum speed is uh. The drone flies in sport mode, normal mode and cinematic scene mode and respectively, 16 meters per second 10 meters per second and 6 meters per second, and this is not much different. I think its about the same speed as the dji mini 2. So not much improvement here. I guess but im personally, never flying the drone going as fast as possible. I dont even know how fast the mavic 3 pro flies, but i still fly the drone. So i have no idea if its good or not – i guess its okay, but in my personal experience it doesnt matter as much maximum flying height, 4, 000 meters. Ah, im. Not sure jasper are you, okay with that seems like trolling. To me to be honest, but whatever i mean this is on twitter right, so i guess its no fake news there any more interesting maximum flight time, 34 minutes with the standard battery. As we know, the drone will come with two allegedly two different batteries. One is regular one and another will be with higher capacity, which will be a little bit heavier, therefore increasing the weight of the drone maximum flight distance 18 kilometers never flew that far away maximum wind resistant 29 to 38 kilometers per hour level.

Five now wi fi. Also here bluetooth, the drone has bluetooth now now cameras packs. So we have uh camera sensor, cmos sensor, effective pixels, 48 megapixels fill the view 82 degrees and its just a regular 24 millimeter, equivalent aperture f 1.7. The focus probably is always going to be up to infinity because of the tiny sensor right. Video 4k 2.7 k full hd, slow motion in just regular hd. Now, because the drone has these bizarre, almost scary, sensors um, the drone will be able to perform these tricks. Droney rocket circle spiral well pretty much everything what other dji like mavic or air drones had all these smart features. The mini 3 pro will have also apparently now ranged with signal interference and they divided it in three different categories. So strong signal from one and a half to three kilometers, which is my personal range of distance. This is how far im, usually flying im, not even going up to one and a half kilometers, are they for real yeah? To me, this looks like trolling, if youre into flying that far do not buy this drone get like a past male pigeon or something just fly it you know. Let it fly then antennas four antennas. Okay, then, the battery capacity and in one of my previous videos, i showed you guys the battery. This footage was not seen anywhere. This is exclusive footage from my personal source of the dji mini 3 pro so yeah.

This is just confirming all the information charging. Time is 64 minutes. Okay and uh down here. It says: options different packages – i guess dji mini 3, pro smart controller with a new remote controller with the screen. So this one does not require you to have the phone you just take. The drone out you just take the remote out and youre ready to fly. The other combo would be mini 3 pro with remote controller, just a classic one. You put your phone inside. Another option says here: dji mini 3 pro without controller. What do you guys think is this leak for real? I dont know like uh. It looks pretty legit to me um. I think it is real, but just some specs look a little bit bizarre, but hey. This is just my opinion. Let me know what you think down in the comments and now lets have a look alleged photography made by dji mini 3. Pro i seen only on my phone. I seen them a little bit. I have not seen them in full resolution like here. Obviously this is not original photo. I can run through like lightroom and see how the photo is performing like you know how the shadows are. Whats, the noise level – and here we have like compression on social media. So obviously, maybe the photo original photo was a little bit more grainy and noisy. But still i see a lot of details here. Im assuming it was taken with a little slow of a shutter speed, because we get a little motion blur here and the photo looks pretty good.

Also, like you can tell this, is wide angle lens, because you see the horizontal lines they go in a little bit like this, so this is 24 millimeter in action. I assume looks pretty good. The colors are okay, nice photography, hey, listen! The reason why im saying it because all of the other cameras and drones entry level drones, i used in the past, if youre, using long exposure photography as long as youre keeping your iso level, not too high. The photos come out, decent trust me and as a proof, i have many videos on my channel so make sure to subscribe. So you do not miss any tutorials plus you wont miss new dji mini 3 pro review. Once the drone is available once the drone is out embargo is lifted. You will be seeing the review here with a lot of tutorials, so make sure to hit the subscribe button. Make sure to comment. Leave your thoughts down below what you think about the mini 3 pro. Are you going to get this drone or youre going to stick to mini 2 and the next photo is a panorama photo allegedly also taken with dji mini 3 pro? Well, a lot of details here, yeah because of the 48 megapixels 48 megapixels. Actually a lot and yeah even with the twitter compression, as you can see, im just zooming in and im scrolling through the browser, its not like original photo, but i can see all the details.

Dynamic range is also pretty good. It has a little bit of that. Hdr feeling to the photo, because we can see like you know, all the shadows are just raised up and the highlights brought down a little bit like this hdr feeling, but still the sharpness of the image is good and all the photos have stitched well. In my opinion, its not too bad, what do you guys think i think its pretty decent right? Let me know just hit the like button. If you agree and yeah this is it for today. Thank you so much to everyone, whos watching make sure to come back here to my channel tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Im posting regularly about dji about filmmaking and the dji mini 3 pro is going to be released really soon, so guys make sure to subscribe. So you will not miss the video about this drone. You will not miss all the tutorials. All the cinematic footage thats about to come to this channel so make sure to subscribe.