I was practicing the sport mod and I crashed it very badly. As you can see, I lost the lens protector. Glass and couldnt find it and one of the 2 legs supporting the gimbal broke and the second legs dislocated. So hopefully, by putting back the left one on it places it will support the gimbal and start working again …. Then we will change the blades.. This is some new blades, but first lets start by fixing the gimbal right now I am just trying to put something to hold the leg. I dont know if you can see or not trying to grab the rubber band its not easy, … cause. I dont want to break the only leg left. Finally, Ive put it back, as you can see, lets try to turn it on nope …, still not working after some adjustment. It seems to be ok, … Ill, try it if it works good …, if not Ill, check out parts on Amazon. If I can find something. Lets change the blades by new ones.. Where is the screw driver here we go. Lets open this one. Ok lets put the blades …. I already opened these as you can see, they even provide you new screws. Its simple just follow the design on the package. One goes here and the other over here and then the same thing for the double blades Whoops. I mixed up the blades hhhh, So thiss, the B ones, Ok Ill use.

The used screws lets. Try this one again, … it didnt want to go in so lets. Give it another try cool. It works thats it … this one. I am going to save it. Trash … Trash Save the screws, So I am going to try to fly it and see how it goes. Hopefully, the camera will stay stable if not Ill. Try to see what I can find on internet and thats it …. I fixed my drone hhh with Marshalls Sticker. I was trying to find and angry eyes …, but thats all what I got hhh trying to hide all the scratches hello again, the fisrt flight after I fixed the gimbal and changed the blades already flew it Ill tilt. The gimbal down, as you can see Ill bring it back and will show you how it looks like Its little bit cold out here Ill. Try to bring it closer to show you Its even windy. You can see how the wind is playin with the drone. The gimbal is not anymore straight cause of the missing leg, but Its not that bad. I can fix it when I am editing the videos …. I made some researches on Internet and I find out that the price of the Gimbal is 200ich. As you can see, the gimbal is shaking … Time for the truth. … lets fly it. You notice its bending to the right, but at least I can still control it.

Dont worry, I am coming back … hhh, I am facing the Sun … ugh Thats, it dear friend, … hope you enjoyed the video, definitely strong wind. The drone is dancing hhhh lets land. It Ill, try to make more adjustments to the gimbal Thats it, but no worries … Ill fix it its not that bad Ill find a way …. I didnt pay attention in the right side, theres even a crack on the upper body. Shell, Our video is over take care. Everyone, bye, … lets land, it …. I find out about this trick. Lately, you can just flip it over and it will shut down. Yallah …