Today we are taking a look at the sjrc’s f11 pro 4k. It is a foldable, 5g wi fi fpv 2 axis gimbal electronic image, stabilization 26 minute flight time, gps, rc quaker ready to fly so taking a closer look. We have the foldable arms and we have the foldable props. Now there are landing legs on the front arm. Only and a couple of rubber pads on the rear of the body and the rear arms are low enough that they will assist in sticking that landing. So we have led lights on the front arms and on the bottom of the rear arms we have brushless 1806 motors. Now the arms are in a staggered formation, and that is not ideal. Since the air flow from the front, props can actually hit the top of the rear, props, causing performance issues when cruising, but we shall find out if it actually does now on the bottom. We have what looks to be where the led lights and the optical flow sensor. Camera should go, but there isn’t any and on the top, is where the battery goes and by squeezing the two buttons on each side. You can remove the battery. Now the battery is a 11.1 volt, 2 500 milliamp lithium ion battery good for about a 26 minute flight time so charge it with the provided usb to micro, usb charge, cable, and here is the micro usb port. Now it is said to take about four 4.

5 hours to fully charge up now. There is a power on and off push button switch on the top and a long press will turn it on and the led lights will indicate the amount of charge left in the battery and another long press will turn it off, and that is how the quadcopter Will also power on and off just place the battery back, click it into place and you are ready to go now in the front. Is the camera and the two axis gimbal with a cover to protect them so remove the cover by pulling down on the rear of the cover and releasing the notch on the top? Now the camera is a 5g wi fi fpv 4k camera with a field of view of a hundred degrees. Now it is on a two axis gimbal to maintain a smooth and steady horizon view at all times, and it also has electronic image stabilization to help to keep the video smooth and steady. Now it will record 4k photos and 4k videos to the sd card. If an sd card is inserted – and here is the sd card slot on the side, it supports class, 10 or u1 or higher sd cards from 32 gigabyte up to 128 gigabyte microsd card, and it will record 4k photos and record 720p videos to the phone app And thus to the camera roll of the device so to put back the cover for the camera line it in notch on the top secured and just press the bottom to lock it in place, the quadcopter will weigh in at 570 grams with the battery.

So it will need to be registered. The remote control has a flipped out phone clip and also flip out antennas. Dual antennas and flip out hand grips, and it feels pretty comfortable in the hand. Now the flip out phone clip will hold my iphone 6 plus plus a bigger size phone than that as well, and it has some very nice silicon rubber, pads and grips the best i’ve seen so far on a budget remote controller. Now the antennas do fold out as well, but i could not find any antenna wires running up the antenna, so they are not functioning antennas, so it really doesn’t matter if they are folded out or not, but they do look better folded out now it doesn’t have An easy access or removable cover so i’m, not sure how the antenna is positioned on the inside of the remote control, but it is said to have 1 500 meter control distance. Now the gimbals are nice and smooth and the gimbal sticks are made out of plastic material, but they are short enough for full range control now to power on just short press the power button. So the display is in color and is very user friendly visibly. So we have a rotary dial on the left, top shoulder for zooming in and zooming out feature. We also have a dedicated photo button and on the right shoulder, we have another rotary dial and it is to adjust the camera tilt angle from 0 to 80 degrees.

We also have a video button, and this video button also looks like it serves as some kind of a light switch which i’ll find out in the front. We have the speed changing button. You can switch from normal mode, which is speed, number two to sport mode, which is speed number three and to the camera mode, which is speed number one. We have the emergency stop button. We have the return to home button short press for return to home and long press for five seconds to turn the gps mode off and another long press for five seconds to turn the gps mode back on now it has a built in 3.7, volt, 330 milliamp Battery so use the provided charge cable to charge it up, and here is the micro usb port. So both sticks to the top and in will initiate the compass calibration. Both sticks to the top and out will calibrate the gyros and both sticks to the bottom, and in will arm and disarm the motors now to power off a short and then a long press of the power button to power off the remote okay. So let’s get started. The first thing you want to do is remove the gimbal protective cover before you power on the quadcopter, so long pressing the power button, let the esc’s sing their tune. Now the led lights go red, which means nothing is connected and they will blink so power on the remote control.

Now the lights will go from blinking, very fast in white and blue to a slower rhythm, which means it has automatically bound to the remote control. So every time you fly, you will need to calibrate the compass so to calibrate the compass. You need to put the sticks both up and to the in position that will initiate the compass calibration and purple lights will appear and will start to blink now. At this time, you need to rotate the quadcopter horizontally at full rotation, till the rear lights, go solid purple and with just one rotation, the rear lights have gone solid purple. Next, with the nose down rotate till the front lights, go solid as well, and now the front lights have gone solid, so compass calibration is complete. Now, once you put the quadcopter back on the surface and if the lights are still blinking, that means it is still trying to acquire the necessary gps satellites. Now, at this time it will not arm if the gps mode is turned on oops. Look at that the lights have just gone solid. So now all of the necessary gps has been acquired, but if the lights were still blinking, you are not able to take off in gps mode. So what you need to do at that time is hold this return home button for more than five seconds. That’Ll turn off gps mode and you are able to take off and fly, but you will not have gps functions like home point and return to home.

So if you do fly without gps, you need to land the clock up there in a few minutes and turn on the gps mode to see whether the lights are still blinking or they are solid. Once the lights go solid, like it is right now in gps mode, you cannot arm in gps mode and take off so wherever you are and take off in gps mode is where it will record the home point, and it is this new home point that the Quadcopter will return to home. So next is the gyro calibration, so both sticks to the top and out will calibrate the gyros. So now you are ready to fly so now. Both sticks to the bottom and in will arm the motors and bolt sticks to the bottom and then again, we’ll disarm the motors all right guys. So here we go with the test flight of the f11 pro 4k. Now i got it down. I did all the calibration the compass calibration and the gyro calibration, and it has acquired all of the necessary gps. As you can see, the lights are solid. However, the day is very gloomy here today, so today, i’m going to be checking out the quadcopter’s behavior. Like return to home, as well as the gimbal, how good the gimbal is, how steady the video comes out and tomorrow, which will be a sunny day, i’ll, take it out to the park and take some 4k videos and upload that video in 4k today’s videos.

However, i’m going to be recording in 4k through the microsd card i’m, going to be uploading it in the 1080p, so to save some time so with that said, let’s go and test this thing out. First of all, let’s check out the gimbal look at that. It stays horizon even though the quadcopter is tilting and pitching. So that is just awesome, so let’s go ahead and check this thing out. What i’m going to do is i’m, going to turn on the phone app first and connect to the wi fi network of this quadcopter let’s see go to your wi fi section and connect to the sjf pro wi fi network and i’m already connected, and here is The app it is called the sjf pro app free downloadable app in the app store, so go ahead and check it out, and here we go. That is the interface. Let me go ahead and screen record here, two one and we are screen recording all right. So that’s how it looks like i’m, going to go directly into the fpv interface and slowly phase this right in there you go. We got wi fi fpv and check it out gloomy day, but very smooth. Video. Look at that. Look at how smooth that is. Very nice that two axis gimbal is just awesome all right, so let’s go ahead and check this thing out here. Both sticks to the bottom and in arms. The motors and we can auto, take off manually there’s no automatic take off with this one.

So both sticks to the bottom and then again kills the motors all right, there’s. Also a arrow going up so let’s see if it goes up and flies up and arms the motors with the press of this icon. It says please unlock and take off. Okay, unlock and then let’s slide. It automatic take off all right, so one touch take off well, you got ta arm the motors first and look at how steady she is nice, so by default, looks like we’re starting off in the normal mode. So that is speed. Number two very, very nice, so i’m gon na start off in speed number one: okay: here we go the camera mode, it’s at speed number one, and that is my full pitch and full yaw. So in this camera mode, it’s taking some smooth videos – and it looks very – very nice, nice and smooth and look at the video, oh yeah, the video is looking really nice too – that gimbal and electronic image stabilization is just making things really really nice. Okay. So now we are in normal mode, which is speed number two that is the full pitch and full yaw, so it tightened up a little bit. Oh, but look at our video, it is still nice and smooth. I cut. I think i caught a little bit of the props in the view. While i was turning yeah, so some radical turns you will catch a little bit of that prop.

Did you see that yeah it should be on the right top. Now, all right, speed, number two let’s go to speed number three full pitch: full yaw yeah. This quadcopter is pretty nice sport mode and i’m doing a lot of yaw and let’s just push it out and then turn around and come back this way, and that is the full speed. So not bad, not bad at all and let’s see the hover. Oh yeah, nice hover, so let’s take some photos, i’m going to use the dedicated photo button. Oh and it takes a while for it to download because we are recording into the micro sd card as well as the phone app and dust into the camera roll. So do a little yaw there and take another photo. Yeah takes a little while because it is 4k photos and even though it’s 5g wi fi, it is taking a little while for it to download okay. But i believe, once you have taken the photo you can set for the next photo and there you go one more photo all right, so i’m gon na go ahead and bring it in, and we’re gon na go ahead and land it to establish a new home Point because i took off from the table here so let’s go and land it on the landing pad right there, a little hop and a skip, and the motors turn off. Nice let’s place it right in the middle here.

So this time, i’m going to go ahead and manually, take off okay, well, a little too high to be testing out the gps position, hole so i’ll. Leave it right here and grab it. It is getting angry and let go and it will go back to its original position where i pulled it from very nice all right. So what we are going to do is start recording, and here is the video record button and there you go. We are starting to record. Let me just make sure we are screen recording because sometimes my screen recording just stops for no reason and we are screen recording okay. So let me go ahead and turn around and face it towards my direction and we’re going to use the camera tilt angle to see if we can lower it down that’s the wrong way. I think yep. So there you go i’m holding it and it just starts to speed up it’s a one speed servo. But if you press it intermittently, it’ll do a smoother tilt, and i believe that is because of the electronic image stabilization. So you can still control the tilting angle to be nice and smooth, so that is pretty cool. How about this zoom function? Oh yeah! It just zooms in it! Doesn’T it doesn’t smoothly! Zoom in you can just intermittently just zoom in so yeah that that’s not as good as a smooth zooming in feature, but it just kind of zooms in like intermittently so yeah.

Maybe they could fix that to zoom in smoothly. That would be very nice all right. So that said, let’s check out to see what this button over here is long pressing. It makes a beep so i’m not sure if that’s a light or it’s headless mode, so long pressing it. Okay, no nothing happens. So this one doesn’t have anything yeah. I turned it off, but nothing is happening. The lights are still on and it’s not like it’s in headless mode or anything so that one has no function all right. So i think that’s about it here, so let’s go ahead and check out the core functions. So let’s go ahead and push it out this way and check out the return of home function so i’m going to hit this button over here. That says, return home return. Okay, it says return height, it is going up to the designated height and it is coming back. I’Ve designated the height to 18 meters in the setting and i’ve turned off beginner mode, so we can increase. The range i’ll show you that in a minute here, let’s see where it lands. First, it doesn’t stop. It just comes straight down and then it kind of slows down before it hits the ground. Oh and the motors turn off yeah. It was hitting this little flat for the landing pad – okay, that’s, pretty close, so that is good. Okay, what’s beeping, okay, the return home. Okay turned it off.

Now, when you go into the settings, you can see that i turned off beginner mode and the flight distance is 1500 flight. Altitude is 120 and i got the return altitude set to 18 meters and i’m it’s still blink beeping wonder what that blink blinking is or beeping yeah. It just sends out a couple of beeps. I don’t see anything mentioning here. It says ready to fly so i’m, not sure what the oh i’m. I know what that is: it’s recording video, sorry guys that double beep means that you are recording a video all right, so let’s go ahead and arm it and take off again. We got 26 minutes of flight time, so there’s lots of time to kill here so let’s go ahead and get to a hover right about there and yeah. She is hovering. Just nice and steady i’m going to go ahead and go up higher. There you go now. We got video that is horizon all right, okay, so what i’m going to do now is i’m, going to turn off the remote control, simulating a loss of connection so short and a long press. Okay, remote control has been turned off so let’s see what it does. Oh, it turns around and it goes up in altitude and it is boogieing its way back to the home point. Okay slows down uh, it wastes no time at all turns around again and down. It says all right: we got voice prompts and everything on the phone app, so it’s slowly coming down, so it doesn’t stop and hover for a while.

It just comes straight down and this time it’s going to miss the landing pad by about a landing pad distance. But few quadcopter distances away all right, but that is still very nice very awesome, all right so i’m going to turn the remote control back on and we should be automatically connected here so i’m in the motors nice. Okay, this time i’m gon na see what happens when i turn the remote control back on. While it is heading back to simulate regating of the control all right. So turning off the remote okay turned it off it’s, going to turn around yep and it’s going to go up gloomy day. Well, you can see the quadcopter nicely. Okay powering the remote control back up and i believe we have reconnected and it came to a halt and i have regained the control of it all right, so that is fail safe return home once it comes back and reconnects with your remote control. It stops and you are able to regain control of it, so that is just fantastic and so far this thing is so nice and smooth. Oh, my god. Okay let’s do a little bit of fpv. Okay there. I am oh, a little overshot myself there going the opposite way there. It goes nice and smooth. I guess the staggered prop configuration doesn’t have any issues it does sound like it is eating its own prop wash a little bit when it passes by, but performance wise looks like it has no effect whatsoever, all right, pretty nice, okay.

So one of the things that you can do is point of interest, so i’m gon na go ahead and set it up. You need to be right above the point of interest, so i’m gon na park it right above where the car is so what you need to do is press both the camera and the video button simultaneously to set the location, and you want to move away from It between 10 and 100 meters, so i’ll move away from it right here and i’ll turn around okay and then hit the camera button and the video button simultaneously again there you go and it is starting to do. The circle me check that out. Okay, very nice did i lose video? No, i still got video it’s just going very smooth. It almost looks like a photo there. You go point of interest just with the remote control, so you don’t even need the phone app to do this, and if you have the micro sd card inserted, it will record the video directly into the microsd card. So right now it is recording 4k videos into the microsd card and whatever photo i took, it is recording it in the microsd card in 4k, as well and into the phone app 4k photos, but in the phone app it will record and record in 720p. Instead of the 4k and thus into the camera roll, so if you don’t have a micro sd card inserted, you can still take videos, but in 720p alright, so let’s see.

If i can pitch and go back in radius while it is doing the circle mean. Nope looks like the circle mean: has stopped okay, so when you use the pitch and the roll it will exit the point of interest. So let me go ahead and reset my location here and all right now, i’m going to go away from it, but i’m not going to turn around i’m going to stay right around here and then i’m going to go ahead and activate. Look at that. It automatically turns around and it starts to do the circle me awesome, very, very nice, but let’s see if it works with the throttle, though, can i go up and down while it is doing the circle me so i’m gon na go down a little bit and Looks like it is, so you can go up and down, but you cannot go forward and backward. So let me go up nice. Okay, let me go down a little bit in the camera tilt angle and let’s see you can zoom in while you’re circling around too. That is cool, that is, awesome, go up and go down nice and zoom in i’m, not in the center, but very nice look at that. It is very hard to do manually with the sticks, and this thing is doing it automatically and very smoothly too so. Let’S go down and i’m tilting the camera up as i’m, going down very nice point of interest all right.

So let me get out by just moving the pitch and roll. Let me see if i roll and see if it stops it too yeah. It stops it too. So pitch and roll stops the point of interest feature, but the throttle can be had so you can go up and down and you can zoom in and out and you can tilt up and down while in the point of interest all right. So next thing i want to check out is: how far can we go so instead of going this way, i’m going to go that way since the ground goes down and then up so there’s, nothing bouncing off the ground. So let me go up in altitude and push it out and see how far it’ll go let’s see. Do i have video yep. I still got video and i’m pushing it go up a little bit higher. I still got video the distance. It says: 96. 100 meters. No that’s further than 100 meters. I think okay i’m still pushing it, and i think i still got video yeah. I still got some kind of video and i’m still going. I can still see it going kind of looks like my video has frozen, no it’s still going it freezes intermittently, but it comes back once in a while and it is really far away it’s getting closer to the homes there so that’s about 900 meters. I do believe i am still recording so and i can see it going up.

I throttled up a little bit, so i don’t want to hit the houses over there and i’m still pushing it. I’M still pushing it. Okay, that is going very, very far. Okay, i think i don’t see it anymore and my battery level is getting down so i’m gon na go ahead and i can’t really turn around so i’m going to go ahead and hit the return home. So i have no video and i just see a small dot and i can’t see its orientation. Okay, i think i see it rising up. I think it rolls up a little bit and it is starting to head back yeah. I see it moving. It looks like it’s going up in altitude, but you know how that effect is when it’s coming towards you. It looks like it’s going up and it is getting bigger, so it is coming back all right and here we go i’m gon na go ahead and hit the return to home button and it has halted, and i have regained control of it. That is so awesome. So very nice and let’s see i just want to make sure i’m still screen, recording and yes, i’m screen recording, and i want to see what the battery level is it’s getting kind of low it doesn’t tell me how many percentage, but it is starting to get Low so pretty soon, there should be like a low voltage return to home kicking in now, i’m, not sure if it has like a geo, fencing the manual doesn’t specify anything.

It just says low voltage, return home and it will land so let’s see what it will do so we’ll just cruise around here and do a little bit of fpv right around the neighborhood. My goodness the video is so smooth. Okay, let’s see i’m gon na park. It right there and i’m gon na tilt the camera angle down so i’m in the middle of the shot. Oh a little bit higher okay right around there, so i’m gon na pitch pitch to the forward and pitch back and look at the gimbal. Even though the quadcopter is just fluctuating back and forth, the video looks pretty still and let’s do the roll as well left and right rolls. Oh yeah, look at that video very nice, very nice, very impressive, so let’s do some fpv i’m gon na have to raise the camera up and let’s just do some neighborhood fpv okay, i’m, just trying to input very little bit of yaw, but the quadcopter does yaw. Quite fast here in normal mode, so i’m gon na go to camera mode and now it’s, nice and smooth as well when i’m pitching forward, and i can smoothly yaw. This thing is made for taking smooth videos, wow very impressive, it’s way over there, and we are. We are having a pretty good flight time as well: oh yeah, nice and smooth okay. Let me go towards the school there zooming in on the school. Oh look at that.

I think it’s a little blurry now drone low voltage, oh what okay it’s heading back. Let me zoom back out. Well, you got a very small field of view. Okay, so it came back. It is a low voltage return home, but it has stopped right about. I would say about 15 meters, maybe 20 meters and looks like it might have like a geo fencing, perhaps so let’s see if it does have geo fencing. Let me go up in speed and see if it does bounce. Oh yeah, it bounces. So we got a geo, fencing, boys and girls, so low voltage return to home has couple of phases. So this is the first phase, so you are not able to go beyond a certain parameter. Radius looks like right about 20 meters and it comes back and yeah. It hovers right there, so if this happens, then you should land the aircraft to save on the battery. But this is a test so we’re going to fly around within this radius of the geo fence and see what happens when it actually does have low voltage. Does it come back and land very nice geo, fencing and look at that man? It bounced and it came back, but look at the video look at how smooth the video is once again, let’s go and balance off the geofence. Look at that wow two axis: gimbal plus electronic image stabilization. That is what i wanted to test out here today, as well as the return home feature and also the distance and the distance uh.

I believe 1500 because we went all over those homes and that is over a thousand meters. Oh what i can’t really drone low voltage. It says: oh okay, here we go return height. That means it’s coming back, so this is the final phase of the low voltage return home where it heads back home and it does land and looks like it’s going to land, pretty close to the landing pad i’m going to move it a little bit because it Was about to hit the dirt and there you go guys the test flight and review of the sjrc’s f11 pro in 4k, all right that’ll! Do it for this video stay tuned for another video, where i actually test out the 4k video quality of this drone’s camera. So, thank you so much for tuning in and watching have a great day and we’ll see you again.