I wore my favorite funko shirt. I brought out my funker mug, which those are those are really old. We need your help. Um welcome in but lets chat for a second, and we wanted to do this right out of the gate, because those of you that are here waiting for us um. You know we appreciate that very much uh you, you hold a lot of value in the show, and you mean the world to us. Not too long ago. The taliban released a video and in that video they were showcasing some of their newfound capabilities. Uh specifically night vision, uh choppers, um, high cut helmets, all sorts of stuff were gon na watch that video really quick because thats going to set the stage for what we talk about next and thats coming up for you guys here right now, full screen. This is the rough equivalent of that one idiot in your unit. That was always taking a picture of himself in miles gear. Like a badass saying something like send me, i know that guy hes me Music, one more time. This is the rough equivalent of that one idiot in your unit. That was always taking a picture of himself in miles gear. Like a badass saying something like send me, i know that guy hes me Music. Okay, so we released that video on facebook. The voice is out of sync: yeah were still working on it, man ill ill ill be continuously working on that for a little while now um, we released that video on facebook on both my personal content, creator page as well as on the funker 530 page uh.

Facebook struck that video for a community guidelines strike uh what that means. Who knows facebooks requirements. We appealed for obvious reasons you know were making fun of the taliban here, uh its a little bit. Me me its funny theres, a funko news network episode about it when we appealed that video they approved. My appeal on my creator page most of you know that i have my own creator, page ronniefit. You can find me on all socials. They denied the appeal on funko530, okay, so first of all lets lets just establish right out of the gate that thats double standard lets talk about the impact to that and theres going to be a request for support from you guys. The impact to that is. We went from reaching two hundred thousand of our facebook followers, which is literally half of our social media, following to less than twenty thousand. That has a major impact on a small team um leveraging, so our social media reach to enable ultimately the website, the app uh and the content heres, where we need your help. Theres, a pin, theres a pinned comment: okay, theres, a pinned comment that links you to twitter. If you have a twitter account, please go retweet that were going, um, listen were not afraid of fight were not were not afraid of a dog fight, especially as an underdog. The challenge, though, is there is nobody for us to pick a fight with. There is no partner support for facebook.

There is no partner team. There is uh, nobody that we can reach out to so the only way that we know how to attack this uh. Given that again, it is that video does not go against any community guidelines, nobodys getting hurt in that video, its a training montage. We need to make noise and we need your help to do that. So, if you guys wouldnt mind, click on that pinned comment. Go to that tweet retweet it and tag meta, theyre gon na were gon na be doing uh. Quite a few things like this over the course of the next couple days. This has been severely impactful on our small team thats. All that ive got for you right now, im gon na give you the the intro, while i finish getting the stream set up thanks for being here, we got a lot of stuff to go over Applause Applause. Music Applause is Music Music. Something here has changed. Music Applause, Music. I know in our hearts we find something: Music, Music, im, Music, god, Music, Music. If Music, oh Music, standing by your side with my heart Music, when im free Applause, all right, welcome back guys uh for those that are just joining us uh. We started off the stream in a little bit of a different way. Tonight. Um i wore my funko shirt. Ive got ive got you know, funker stuff, all over the place, and i want to. I want to just chat about that for a second im, one of the newest members to this team.

This team has been around for well over a decade now, for i see a lot of comments that roll across its fine um. You know he this guy. We are a whole team right, i believe, wholeheartedly in what funker 530 means to the independent media space uh showcasing. What combat footage looks like to the world the youtube, the youtube channel and the facebook uh. Those are very small parts of what we ultimately do. Our primary content platform is over on funker530.com right now. Being able to show you guys. All of that footage here is actually very difficult right. We only have about an hour worth of time. Uh. I do try to pick um. You know content from both sides of the house. I try to be as uh uh objective as possible about it. We all have our own personal and our own personal biases, that if you dont recognize that you have it its kind of perpetuating the problem so were in a bit of a bind right now, the the vast majority of our following exists on here at youtube as Well, as over over on facebook, and just to recap what we talked about when we open the stream facebook has levied a community guidelines strike against us for a video. That 100 does not go against community guidelines, and we know that because we also also published it to a second page and they approved the appeal on the second page uh.

So were asking for a little bit of support up at the top um. You know theres. No sponsor for tonights stream, its just us up at the top, is a pinned comment. Click on that retweet that for us, were also going to be doing some content over on facebook, but theres no partner manager, theres. No, you know theres, nobody that we can, that we can reach out to directly for support, were leaning on our community on on. You know those that have been here with us over the years to help us combat uh. What we think is, you know really a a wrongful community strike against us on facebook. It took our it took our just as an example of the impact it took, the total reach per individual post from like 200k down to 20k and that, as a small team is very impactful to us, um anyway, i want to jump right in here. This is going to be our only stream this week. You guys should all know at this point that im headed away on vacation and im leaving actually on thursday. So this will be our only funko 530 stream. This week we will not have a funko 530 stream. Next week at all, well, the the next time well be back. Here is going to be the following tuesday. I will be live again both tonight after our funker 530 stream over on the gaming channel, as well as tomorrow.

Dont forget to have a little bit of fun every once in a while, but the family, and i are going to take a a much needed vacation – were really looking forward to it. That being said, ive got a lot of stuff to get through here. This guy looks like an antifa okay. Here we go. The top story i wanted to talk about tonight is actually the story and the mystery of the museum ship uh for those that dont know were here only twice a week, so uh oftentimes well be covering footage that um, you know, might have come out late last Week or over the weekend, but back on um march 6th, there was a video that was released that reportedly showed a the ukrainian. U 206 vinitza uh warship receiving contact from artillery of some kind. Some some form of indirect content were going to watch. That then, were going to watch a follow up then were going to talk about it, and this is going to be coming up for you guys full screen right now. Now again, this is reportedly a ukrainian ship contact from russian indirect okay. Now, on april 6th, there was a video released by the russian ministry of defense, claiming that that very same ship was sunk, while at harbor were gon na watch that video coming up for you guys right now were gon na watch these videos and were gon na Talk about this now this is the ship here.

You can see it listing if theyll, if our operator would uh kind of keep the camera still here, that itd be awesome. Hell come back in on the ship in a moment, so the ship is just under just under this cloud. It is listing in the water here it is here now. Russia claims that they sunk this ship, the a 206 venita a ukrainian navy warship ukraine does have a navy a little bit of background about this ship in 2014. This ship was captured during the annexation of crimea from sevastopol. It was subsequently gifted back to the ukrainians. Some time later, i dont recall exactly when maybe 2018 something along those lines. An article from over a year ago said that the ship had been decommissioned for the last 13 years and was due to be turned into a museum. So a couple a couple things: ukraine says that the ship hasnt moved in 13 years. Russia says that it was being um used as uh as a part of the ukrainian navy, either either russia sunk a museum ship and tried to claim that it was a big win for russia or ukraine tried to repurpose or retool the? U 206 uh what they you know and again over a year ago they had, they had published uh. There was an article that was published and, and they said that it was being re retooled for to be a museum ship ukr. So either russia sank, a museum or ukraine tried to revive a museum that was the and id love to know what you guys think about that.

So youve seen youve seen the two videos from the first video we cant. We cant see exactly what ship that was in the second video they do zoom in on uh u206. We can see that that is the specific ship um in the article that uh we posted for this will is. It was the writer for this one links to that article im going to copy and paste this for you guys in the chat id love to know what your thoughts are on, that one floating combat museum sounds badass. Well, so so there theres a precedent for that. There is a uh: what is it the uss richmond, if im not mistaken in norfolk? I almost got thrown out of that tour for calling it a boat im, not kidding uh. He was very adamant that it was a ship. I just general ignorance on my part. Um, i still i still dont, fully understand the difference between a boat and a ship. I i hear it all the time you know. Well, you sleep on a you sleep on a ship, you dont sleep on a boat. What about houseboats right? It doesnt make sense to me its navy stuff, so uss richmond again, i believe in norfolk is floating and it is a museum ship, russia, sync museum for sure. Okay, all right lets go lets, go ahead and push on from that one, but i thought that that one was something thats interesting, because we cant really validate on either side of that ships can carry a boat.

What about a houseboat with another boat on it or like upon a pontoon boat that has like a dinghy on it? Does that make it a pontoon ship? Im being honest, i dont know lets move on, though, so the next video that we have in again, if youre unfamiliar with the show. Ultimately, what were doing is we review some of the footage that funker 530 team has seen over the course of the last uh on tuesdays, four or five days, uh our app and our website are going to be the places where were where ill be pointing you To for a little bit more deep dive context on these, if youre interested in you know specific analytics or uh analysis uh on on individual footage, we do have the funker news network edited playlist thats here on youtube, uh, and that will continue uh now that we Have established the live stream, establish the new studio, but lets push on to the next video here hms belfast is a museum ship on the thames in london, yep yep theres a precedent for that uh. The next one is this is this was gon na? Have the top slot for us tonight, uh will posted this. One too will is a mortarman us army, mortarman, happy birthday to the us army 247th birthday um. When the marines had a birthday, we did a an edited funker news network episode and josh made me eat a crayon. I ill see if i can go and find the link to that one.

But, to be honest with you, the crayon was much more crunchy. I thought it would be like uh, more chewy than it was very crunchy, so props to marines for eating crayons. What were going to what were going to see here is effectively what happens when you take somebody who isnt a mormon and get them on a fam fire with a mortar tube ill. Let you watch it then well talk about it. All right lets. Lets chat. Lets chat for a second now in will in wills own words. There are really two requirements that you have to hit. You have to drop it and then move your hands out of the way. If you fail 50 of that, your toast, what did he forget to do so just uh, just just to recap what ends up happening here, so he holds his hands over over the mortar tube for a little bit too long uh. There were some comments on the website about. You know why. Why did uh the round fall as fast as it did? Um, probably something due to the very high angle that its shooting theyre on a range. So they might. They might be limited on range here, but he holds his hand over the over the um over the tube for a little bit too long. And what ends up happening is the fins on the mortar slice down into his fingers and uh. It ends up mangling his fingers at the very end.

You can hear him really really be in in quite a bad state, looks like he dropped it. It does. It does look like it slipped through his hands and we did get our third screen guys. So so we debuted the new studio last um thursday. The and one of the things that i that i figured out that i needed is like i wasnt gon na, be able to follow, chat. Uh, follow all the support that comes in throughout the stream uh without a third screen. I did get a third screen. We wont have to take as many pauses to review chat, eagles perch. Thank you for the five dollars uh toby. Thank you for becoming a member scott. Thank you for becoming a member matt. Thank you for becoming a member lets, move on to the next um piece of footage here. So this is another another instance of a fire at a staging base and ammunition depot inside of russia. Now, theres, nothing, nothing on a confirmation perspective from ukraine on this, but its in uh klinsky, which is or clint c clincy clincy clincy, which is in bryansk region of russia, its about uh 30 miles from the russian border inside of russia and effectively there was a Large fire and you know tons of smoke, something happened uh and its its something that im gon na keep keep an eye out. For i did. I did do a basic google search on twitter or not google search on twitter wow.

What what a loser? I did. A basic search on twitter – i did a you – know, a little bit open source research. All i could find is that people heard explosions, people heard um things happening and we have video of the aftermath here coming up for you now, oh now, what i want to do uh is pull up a quick map of where exactly that is give me a Second here, while youre out there dont forget to hit the like button for us free way to support the stream, and we appreciate it – and i do have a question for you guys if the the funker news live show were to move platforms. What platform do you think um? You know outside of youtube? Of course this is. This is our home for it. What platform do you think might be a great destination for us? There you go so here you have sherna heave in ukraine kind of difficult to make out the land borders, but chernobyl shernahive youll have sumi up in here. This very thin white line is going to be your ukrainian border and thats. The general location of that of that activity – uh lets see here rumble uh rumble, is a sewer, only fans. I had an only fans one time and it was just its just various pictures of me with oscillating fans and ceiling fans. Um and surprisingly, i didnt get any um subscribers so thats weird, so i moved all that content to instagram cnn.

They need to pass lets move on to our next one here, uh the luckiest ukrainian in the world. Let me take a drink uh, the luckiest ukrainian in the world previously that title previously went to this guy coming up for you guys right now, but he has lost that title to this guy now. This is reportedly a uh and, of course, we cant validate this at all. This is reportedly a uh rifle fired grenade. What that means im not entirely sure whether that means under barrel mounted, or you know something something a little bit more old school from the front end of a mosin coming up free now now im willing to bet that the black, the back of his plate carrier Is just shredded right now and you can actually see his plate carrier move around there, whether that be concussion or fragmentation, all right still getting used to the new setup here. Lets move on to the next one. This is a harkeef russian command post that was hit by ukrainian artillery uh. It does have copyrighted music im going to give you full screen, but it will. It will be muted, weve once again been having a few issues with the amount of like uh russian ukrainian hard base in some of the combat footage were finding which is definitely copy written um, so you guys are going to have a full screen. Just there wont there wont be any audio here. We go.

Weve talked a lot about the efficacy of of ukraines artillery. The challenge for ukraine right now is actually weapon systems. So zielinski has come out and stated very publicly that they are essentially out of soviet uh era, not just weapon systems but ammunition and because thats not really manufactured anywhere, but russia theyre, of course, not getting any more of it. So now they have, according to zolinski, somewhat of an abundance of western ammunition for artillery uh, your 155s etc, without really an abundance on of western artillery pieces. All right lets pull back up from that one, and then i want to jump right into the next one, because we have this one and then one more before we get into footage section two, this ones a really interesting video. If youre wondering about some of the capabilities that come with your dji, they dont necessarily come with uh the the drones themselves. But you can purchase whats known as an fpv headset for um drones like the dji mavics that essentially look like a vr headset, but what it allows you to do is use your head to manipulate where the camera is looking its a little bit more user intuitive. It immerses you a little bit more into it. You have you have to deal less with things like sun glare, um weve got some video of of a ukrainian man running a fpv headset for his uh dji here and at first glance you could almost um mistake.

It for a vr headset, its definitely not definitely, definitely quite a bit different, had some uh copyrighted music on that one had to kill that really quick. So essentially, he has a camera view. Uh first person view inside of his headset there. He looks to be of gamer age, so hes, probably excellent, at what hes doing hell im of gamer age. I like video games all right. We just thought that that was something that something interesting to look at. We all like that music. The problem is its copywritten music and youtube slap slaps us in the if we uh. If we run that over the show now we can run our own music, not that one. So we have, we have a license for that stuff, but anything at least the majority of things that were finding in ukrainian um ukrainian footage right now is copyrighted. You love plugging china ron. You caught me nailed it lets move on to the next one, and this one is uh. This ones actually something id love to catch. Your your opinions on here, russia, most people, know that russia relies very heavily on rail uh and their armored train. In my mind, is a bit of an antiquated way to move. You know weaponry across a battlefield, now im not a im, not enough of a loggy guy, to truly understand all that, much how it differs. Um from you know, standard modern logistics, obviously its a major difference when you, when you take into account the simple fact of needing rail, but i get really serious cold war vibes from this and id love to capture your thoughts on it coming up for you full Screen here, okay, so i thought that was really interesting.

You know again, we saw comments on the website. Um, you know fields, world war, two feels cold war at best, armored train, aka, world war, two yeah exactly very war, two vibes. For me, germany had a vast amount of varmint train, yeah white, claw crew. Uh, you got ta love a good white claw. I dont have anything to prove uh its delicious, whatever i like beer and whiskey as well. All right lets move on to the next one. Here so were moving into footage section two, so footage section two is non ukraine footage most of you guys know that, but for anybody, thats new funker530 covers footage from across the globe whether it be uh the invasion of ukraine, which obviously were seeing the most of The most combat footage, um that were finding these days is, of course, russia. Ukraine type footage, but we cover conflict. Uh law enforcement, escalation of force um war from across the globe, and we think that its important to do that, because there are too many times that youll find hollywood, misrepresenting a conflict or a battle or even your immediate. Your main media organizations really only showing about 10 second snippet worth of something that has about 10 minutes worth of context, so on the website on the app youll find these full uh in the state that we find them. Youll find these these full clips and we try to provide a little bit of context to that.

We have a writing team that spends quite a bit of time, just researching and understanding the clip to the best of the best that we can theres, of course, going to be times that were unable to find any context. Um, just out of a you, know, general lack of finding it, especially on historical footage, which is one of the ones were about to watch here now. All the context that we have for this is these: are croatians rolling a naval mine down a mountain? I i didnt say that incorrectly a naval mine down a mountain, i have a lot of questions, namely how it got there to the top of the mountain. But there are enemy forces down at the bottom of the mountain, its a wild video to watch um and its coming up for you guys right now. It does have subtitles at the bottom. So im going to give you guys full screen. Will thanks for the dollar eagles perch, thank you for the 5. eagle spurts ill respond to that one uh right after this video Music. Now one of the follow up questions i had about this one uh lets see if this overlay does work. One of the follow up questions i had about this one, which is i can likely answer myself. I just cant verify it is how the hell did it not blow up on the way down right? If, if i understand naval mines correctly – and i probably dont they are when they impact something, is when uh the initiator, essentially detonates the payload im, assuming in this instance that theyre using some form of a time fuse, do you guys have thoughts on that either be Contact or magnetic yep, they missed the 7 and ten pins.

Now this specific, this specific conflict is, is essentially a part of the larger bosnian war and they actually refer to it as a war within a war uh. The croatian republic forces that were looking at rolling this thing down a hill uh accounted for about 40 to 50 000 and the bosnian republic was somewhere around a total of 100 to 120 000 total troops. Coming in like a wrecking ball, ian all right lets come back up here. Uh weve got some more footage coming out of afghanistan of the national resistance front, essentially the the modern iteration of the northern alliance uh, this ones actually a really interesting one. Weve got a uh national resistance front commander, not only um, using a radio to coordinate the assault, but also performing suppression with an mg coming up for you now, foreign Music, Music, Music, foreign foreign randy. Thanks for the three months, have you seen any videos of ukrainian forces using m14 in many different configurations from dmr, regular riflemen uh? No, no! I havent bro. Am i banned uh, not that im tracking corn pop? I see your message. Will thanks for the dollar eagle spirch, i told you id respond to your comment. There uh specifically for the the five dollar super chat heard the russians are so short on vampire theyre, pulling trainers out of their schools and sending them to ukraine. Can you verify, of course i cant verify. The only thing that i have access to uh is essentially uh the same type of information that you guys do.

I could tell you that that ive seen reports um from various sources institute for the study of war um. Obviously, you know quite a few ukrainian reports. Uh the russian ministry themselves. Ministry of defense themselves are being a little bit hush hush, uh as as is typical for them. But ive seen plenty of reports that that talk about uh the challenges in manpower, specifically because of the the state of it being a special military operation and being limited and what they can apply against the invasion, something specific to trainers out of schools. I havent seen ronnie what are your pronouns, he and hall all right lets. Move on so were moving back into footage section uh, ukraine footage. So this is footage section three uh and i saved i saved some of my some of my favorite footage that ive seen over the last um couple days for this section. The first video here is american volunteers fighting russians. So this is close. Contact. Close contact footage come on copy and paste for me, close contact footage um, it is uh. You know really well put together: movement, um, professional communication, uh theres at one point, theres gon na be a jam in one of the americans. Rifles clears it quickly, um. They seem to be reacting to contact really well and thats coming up for you guys here. Are you dead, Music hold on oh remote, my favorite part of this uh. This video is coming up very shortly here, im good you right! There two bags left, no visual! No babies, you wont eight tree line, though at least four or five theres a couple things that are notable about this coming up here, so hold on.

Just just just stop for a second, so weve seen a lot of reports about uh foreign legion kind of leading charge in uh, severo donetsk, but some of the challenges that theyve run into before. We continue this one things like not having enough ammunition not being fully supported. Um there are. There are some indicators in this video that seem to support that. He is down to two mags remaining and calls for an additional mag from his buddy. Now, what youre about to see is he hands an empty mag to his buddy to keep from leaving that behind? You can draw your own conclusions from that. If you will lets continue with the footage Music full screen here lets move back to our guys ill cover. You moving on three one, two three! Thank you, hey Music, so with this one, if you havent seen this video yet well, we just what we just heard uh his teammates say is im covered in wire right now on when first watching this, if you dont hear that, then what youll assume coming up Next is theres an injury of some kind, and there isnt, the the teammate that were about to see prone out on the ground, believes that he is uh. His feet are tangled in wire and thats. What our um, you know, the individual behind the video is about to double check on for him. Youre good, dont move, move slowly, move slowly, lift your left right foot up, not not that fast! Okay, move your left foot up! Okay, youre clear! Be very careful! Careful! Do you have any guys on our left? Okay lets move further back with the ukrainians.

Yes, lets get behind this lets get behind this. I got you covered, oh thats, all on video, bro, holy Music, Music and now im, not sure if you guys could hear it. I might have it turned down a little bit too low, but yes, lets get behind this lets get behind this im gon na crank it up just a little bit cover your ears, oh thats, all on video bro holy Music. That round was could close too. Now, what hes doing right now is a little bit of the what i call the nasheed, which is over the head, but hes trying to fire over the cover that hes in right. Now there were a lot of. There was a lot of hate that he was that he was getting getting at get receiving for that. First of all, if youre here and hes there, its probably not something to hate on you know hes the one in close contact here, let him he he appears to know what hes doing. Let him deal with that. The way he the way he needs to yep theyre. Also on the website. I noticed a comment about the video quality theres, a couple things that contribute to generally lower video quality on this show and thats. Why, if you guys were to watch this stuff over on the of the website in the app uh its going to be of higher quality, because by the time our writers find it and then upload it to the website, then i then im playing it for you.

Im playing it on a 1440p canvas right now, im trying to reduce the quality, then back down to 1080p, 60 or 1080p 24. Excuse me: it used to be 1080p60 uh to 1080p 24 to try to help retain some of that quality, but the 1440p canvas is also uh. You know kind of hurting that a little bit further, its weve been doing that since the day one day, one for the stream but ive said it since day, one as well, you guys uh, you guys, should absolutely or could absolutely be watching all this stuff. On the app and on the website, without ever having to see my dumb face, the 90 arbitrary percentage here 90 of our content, is there uh? What you guys see here during this show and what is uploaded direct to youtube, is probably somewhere close to about 10 of it all right lets. Uh move on to the next one. Here, weve got more helmet, cam type footage from western volunteers, uh theres. I did not do this to the video its got. Some weird, like you know, movie thing going on to it. You guys will understand what i mean once it pulls up, but note the weapon system being used and then well talk about it. Once the video is over yeah theres a lot of wild stuff on the site, yep, absolutely there. There is a lot of it, but what youll find if, for those that arent familiar with it, and i can show you guys that right now is the analysis section.

This is the context that our writing team tries to provide about the videos you know thats. What separates us from the rest of the pack, our our entire, our entire team, our u.s and allied nation veterans, uh that we do spend a lot of time trying to bring you a little bit of context for what youre looking at right. Now, if there are things on the site that are uh quote wild thats thats purposeful, because that is thats what the reality is right now we do, we do have our boundaries were not going to show you dead, kids, its just not going to happen um, but Its important for people to see what combat truly looks like what escalation of force truly looks like from a law enforcement perspective, because its misconstrued misunderstood um, who was it denzel said it best? If you dont watch the news, then uh uninformed? If you do watch the news, youre misinformed im, just showing you footage here guys and this ones coming up for you guys right now, ukrainians facing hard times. They are especially in the east right now and again, im not sure whats going on with the cropping of this uh, not my doing full screen running stream today, yeah rude boys, Music. You can hear american accents here uh, but you would you would miss it if you, if you werent paying attention to it, i want to say its about midway through the video ill.

Give you guys a link to that one. Is that a scar, it would appear to be to me yes, theres the link to that video just checking in on the chat here, uh booker thanks for the three dollars. I appreciate that very much video of a video thats at an angle, yep im, not sure, im, not sure how that video ended up being uh in the state that it was uh mentioned that before we pulled it up, but we do our very best to post It in the way that we find it right um, you know oftentimes a lot of folks, think that we that we make changes the only time we ever do. That is if we feel that something is so nasty, but still needs to be shown that we put a blur on it right, um. You know a great example of that in my second deployment. I i i had the chance to deploy and um spend some time with the tejas in afghanistan if youre not familiar with the tejas katehouse or afghan commandos. There was an incident during the during the talibans takeover of afghanistan, where they rounded up a bunch of kate. Has in a circle, uh told them to surrender and once the katejas started surrender surrendering they mowed them all down. Now, in the in that instance, we wouldnt have normally published that, but we chose to because we thought that it was important to combat the taliban, narrative that if you surrendered, then you are going to be okay now see, i want to say it was cnn, actually Ended up picking up our version of of that footage.

All right lets go into the next one. This ones gon na be a little fun im. Not gon na give you anything about it. Im just gon na im, just gon na pull it up. Let you watch it and uh id love to see you. Your best caption were gon na, have a little mini caption contest here, because i like to have fun at work coming up for you guys now, im gon na be watching the chat. This is a ukrainian perspective. The turkey gets me, listen to it. Uh turkey dont give a dude uh turkey of death. The turkey had just no fear from it from that gobbler man, its a little kind of a fat turkey, too thats a tasty looking turkey gobble gobble wonder thanks very much for the five jacques. Thank you very much for the 783. Thank you for your honest job. Just showing you footage, man, you know again were not were not here to overanalyze things um, you know, you know again. Russias invasion of ukraine should not have happened, and i feel for the ukrainian people, but we just show you footage right. Um were here to cut down the middle of your, your blue, your red, your your ones and zeros um, because what we care about is that people see and understand that theres, a historical record of conflict of of war, thats thats. What our goal is that turkeys eardrum blew out weeks ago, all right lets move on to the next one.

So a lot of discussion about uh loitering munitions, but we dont, we havent, seen a whole lot of um russian specific footage of loitering munitions. I see them called kamikaze drones technically speaking, that would be. That would be the wrong term term. To use loitering munition is a little bit better. There was, i think, somebody did an article on that not too long ago as well, that people, people making policy are are getting it confused with standard drones and drone policy um. You know, essentially the problem with calling it a drone. Is that its getting lumped in as a munition as uh, something that itself is lethal aid with you know, isr type assets and because theyre two separate assets calling it a loitering munition would be more appropriate. But what appears to happen with this one in this specific drone is a cube, loadering monition. It appears to miss, but you know ill ill defer what you guys think to this one: uh colton thanks for the 4.99, a fellow vet bro told me he was reached out to by contractor working as a shadow company to hire combat vets to send over. He left yesterday, i think, theres, actually quite a bit of that there was a marine, a former marine that was killed. That was technically there on behalf of a company. If im not mistaken, lets watch this video of this loader ammunition. Full screen lets watch that again, if, because, if you blink, youll miss it so heres uh that moving red circle was our ukrainian ukrainian soldier.

He kind of stops in the trench over there and we dont see him Music anywhere in the impact area interested in what you guys. Think about that one: hey max! How are you james? Thank you very much for the 10. uh its just about time to get into trending tuesday. Here so trending tuesday is uh, where we essentially go to the website and take a look at the top five training videos that we have on the app and on the website, uh the app and the website. Literally, being you know the same thing, the app just gives you the ability to have it at your hand, and when we have a trending video uh, we send you a notification, click on it watch the video might take 30 seconds of your day, but thats our Way of showing you whats happening covert arrangements thanks for the 199. crazy to see other conflicts using mortar drones, the the the opportunity to test bed um, you know advanced munitions. Uh is definitely something thats on thats on display. When you look at like the phoenix ghost that was sent over um, you know the the total impact to the amount of phoenix ghost that was sent was going to be little but uh from a testing perspective. You cant deny the the opportunity to just test its efficacy. You know what i mean all right, so number, five uh. We have a harrowing assault on a uh ukrainian trench line, not necessarily the most harrowing, but it is definitely a ham, fisted ham, fisted assault and its coming up for you guys right now.

This is our number five most uh watched video over the last seven days. So there might be stuff in here that we watched that we covered on um thursday coming up now, hello cook them up. They look delicious, especially that little one in the back, i, like bacon for those that dont know im im on the the carnivore diet. So i only meet uh and that pig looked delicious all right, thats number five, so number four is actually some historical footage that we have here of a japanese coast guard engagement with a north korean patrol boat, north korean patrol boat, being equipped with uh, primarily small Arms picked a fight, well, didnt, technically pick a fight. It just kind of stayed in a place that it shouldnt, be japanese navy, told them to go away. They started engaging each other. This ended up being a six hour total fire fight back in. I want to say 2001 december decemberish of 2001.. We covered this one last week, but its actually some really some some really interesting and neat footage to watch after the engagement or once the the fire fight was over and the japanese uh coast guard vessel had sunk. The north korean quote uh spy ship, a patrol boat whatev, whatever you want to call it. The japanese navy just left and left these north koreans on a buoy japans reason for doing that, uh, reportedly or supposedly, was that they had concerns of the north koreans.

Attempting to take over the the coast guard ship – this is coming up for you, guys, im gon na give you full screen, because it really does it justice, uh weve got both thermal and uh full color footage of this. This is our number four most watched, video on the app and website one more time since its uh, pretty quick, all right. So lets move on to number three. Our number three most watched, video uh and i have to ask ask discretion, advice for this. One, a uh russian squad gets impacted by uh anti tank. Guided missile strike here were only gon na, be able to be able to watch a portion of this. But what im gon na do is im gon na paste, the link in the chat, if you guys wan na watch, this youre welcome to go over to the app to the website to watch all of it. Spam spam spam spam lets get the video pulled up here. So youve got russian troops in the open. A ukrainian anti tank uh atgm impacts right in the center of them, uh very apparent that it does as well. Alright ive got my timestamp here so well, get well be able to get about 20 seconds worth of this video and, while were while youre watching it full screen ill also continue to paste it in the chat for you for you to go watch it. There youtube really doesnt like us, showing this kind of stuff to you guys but thats.

Why we have our own platform: okay, full screen little bit more thats about all we can get out of this. So what im going to do is im going to paste that link in the chat for you guys if youd like to go and watch that thats, where you can go and bring it back up to full cam here uh the number two most watched video we Actually, just watched, we wont be watching all of this, but it is uh that close quarters fight between what appears to be a team sized element of russians and the same sized element of uh western volunteers they are in. They are close to ukrainians. We can hear at one point: um, one of the americans say lets lets shift back towards the ukrainians, but well watch another small portion of that here coming up for you now started about here again. This is our number two most watched, video on the app and website and heres the link for this one for you. If you want to go and check that full video out, we went over this one a little bit earlier. Youre good dont move move slowly, move slowly, lift your left right foot up, not not that fast! Okay, move your left foot up, okay, youre clear, be very careful! Careful! All right now lets move on to the number one most watched, video on the app and website. This one is another relatively not safe for work, video for us to watch a russian soft ambushing, a ukrainian, very a very small ukrainian patrol.

I want to say its either three or four total ukrainians. You can see russia setting up um, setting up the ambush and then executing it uh at the very end of it uh you can see them taking a a wounded ukrainian off off the battlefield. So what i just need to do here is find what we can watch all right. Ive got my time stamp here. Lets take a look at the first minute or so of this video and then ill. Give you guys a link to the rest of it. So in the lower right side of your screen, you start to see uh the ukrainian patrol come in on the far left side of the screen. You can see um what is reported to be russian soft uh special operations, forces that are in you know, kind of a linear ambush, just really waiting for them to get into a uh kill zone here, which is going to be right here once they hit this Clearing past these trees thats, ultimately, when the russian forces are going to open up on them, contact whats up, did it so now, theyve already engaged and theyre moving to exploitation thats about thats about as far as we can go again, im going to give you guys A link to the rest of that video, so you can go and finish watching that all those links are the same correct. Yes, they are uh when i, when i spam the chat there thats really, so you guys just in case the chats moving a little bit fast uh.

That way, you dont have to try to click on just one link: thats moving thats moving too fast, for you, therell be a bunch of them for you thats it for the footage that we have tonight guys so uh. We went to just exactly where the distance. I wanted to go which was about an hour and 15, or so i did want to cover what we talked about earlier in the stream before we close things out um. We need your help were running into quite a few issues. Right now with facebook uh facebook literally consists of about half of our total social media following uh at least close to it. Uh facebook gave us a community guideline strike on a twitter video or not a twitter. Video video excuse me on a video that we posted uh and it was really just a teaser for a funko news network episode that community guideline strike is actually impacting us pretty hard. So what were doing is full court press trying to get facebook to understand that theyve um, probably uh, marked that video as a community guidelines. Uh strike struck video wrongly now the reason we believe that its wrong is a because it does not. It does not have a community guideline strike and the link thats pinned up there. You can watch that video in the the twitter thread, but we posted it to two pages, both my personal creator, page as well as on funker530.

We appealed it and on my personal page, they approved the appeal, but on the funker 530 facebook page they did not approve the appeal which we believe is a little bit of a double standard. If you feel that it is against community guidelines, um, you know strike it for, for a reason not not necessarily because uh you have um, you know two separate reviewers operating off of the you know two different standards. So if you guys wouldnt mind just retweeting, that for us were also going to be uh, putting something out on facebook asking for a little bit of your help were a small team theres, nobody for us to reach out to at facebook about it. There are no partner contacts at facebook, um theres, no individual and the best way for us to attack that is going to be um community voice. So you and were asking for a little bit of your help. Im out of here ill be continuing. My live night over there uh were gon na play a little bit of hell. Let loose dont be afraid to have a little bit of fun every once in a while. I hope youll join us and well see you guys in a week and a half im on vacation starting thursday, so we wont be back until the following tuesday right. So this thursday and then next week, im out and the following tuesday well be back with more footage from funko530.