I dont really want to talk about. I couldnt find my uniform couldnt find my uniform for the stream today, but welcome back to the funker news network ill be ronnie and im your host, because once again they have yet to fire me. I really tried hard today, but uh yeah continue to be here. Welcome back. How are we doing uh why the split screen whats the split screen, uh whats? What no excuse hey its an important uniform! I had to find all right. I had to be in full gear slap. The like button for me, weve got a little bit to go over today were going to have somewhat of a short one uh today, ive got ive got a date. A hot date with a good buddy of mine, karma cut. Uh were gon na be playing a little bit of squad tonight a little bit later, but before we get there before we get there, i got ta talk about our partner and our sponsor for tonights stream thats going to be arbor arms. Now i could spend the time to really tell you guys about arbor arms and how much i love arbor arms, but i think what would do it a little bit more justice is, if i let john do it himself. John, is the owner owner of arbor arms. I got to spend some time with him. His shot, show and uh lets just say: hes a hes, a quirky dude, but former marine sniper uh his partner in crime is nick nick parachuted into afghanistan as a ranger, both absolute badasses, if you guys, are looking for some of the best gear on the market.

I i cant recommend them enough heres what they got going on. You cant do that bull, kit, Music, i dont know why i seem to like john its weird its weird that i have a thing for john. Do your thing, john. Now, every single thing that hes wearing right now is stuff that they put together the story behind arbor arms is really what i love about it right. These guys were taking sewing machines and with them in the country, put them in the conexes for their unit fixing each others. Gear theyve started their own company and its high quality stuff. It is, i run his sling myself on my ar the ar is actually hanging up uh. I can show you guys that in a little bit there he goes bye. Bye, john thanks for what you do. Buddy uh go check out. Arbor arms. The link is in is pinned to the top, as well as in the description lets talk a little bit about what ive done to the description as well uh. I do read the comments both during the stream and after i review to see. If there are any suggestions outside of me, i get a suggestion a lot. Could you not be an im trying? We are be better tomorrow than you are today whatever, but one of the suggestions was is if we could link every video that we review in the description so from now forward in the description you guys are going to see links to every video that we review Here, as well as my notes on overall campaign, all right, i typically try to do these a couple hours before the stream.

I ran a little late today, my nine to five kicked. My ass lets get started. Welcome in uh. I need to get the alerts up on the other side here, though, first uh, while im doing that, if everybody wouldnt mind letting me know where youre chiming in from that way, i uh can say hello. All right youtube show us your weapons um my feet: theyre pretty hairy, my daughter said ill from the other room, all right, uh, getting closer getting closer. I ran late today, guys im, sorry, im. Sorry welcome! In virginia, hey whats, going on netherlands whats up wisconsin buffalo pennsylvania, hello from singapore, uh prescott, arizona. I spent some time in arizona, uh sierra vista area, stafford james whats up man, uh, another virginian, the commonwealth, whats up man doing a great job from milwaukee wisconsin. We are all over the place tonight all over the romania holy crap. The last thing i wanted to get into before we talked about the footage tonight is, i do want to reiterate. Our patreon is available were a small team and, if you dont know who we are, we are a team of veterans behind funker530 weve been around for uh coming up on 15 years now, covering combat footage and every little bit of support helps us. If you dont want to pay google your money, but you still want to support us head over to the patreon exclamation point, patreon theres, also a link in the description.

The link to the discord is in there as well up to 30 off of all of our merch um is, is the big perk of supporting us on patreon right now lets get into the footage. What do we say here lets get into some footage? Uh. We had some some members come across uh, while we were away and ill get to those here in just a minute, but the very first uh bit of footage that weve got here is actually a first. For me, this is going to be a british martlet being used to take down an orlan 10 drone in ukraine were gon na, were gon na see some some some pretty wild footage a little bit later on. I saw a comment earlier. Let me guess all were gon na see is russian footage we show, we show you guys russian or all were gon na see is ukrainian footage. We show you russian footage. All the time go to the app in the website. Its all. There were gon na look at one um thats, pretty crazy. Its probably gon na its probably gon na get youtube to slap me in the hangdown, but thats okay, because because this ones important for everybody to see lets, take a look at this martlet being used. This is a man pad man, portable air defense system, shooting down an orlan 10 drone, and one of the things i see a lot of times in the comments is what a waste, what a waste of uh.

You know a multi tens of thousand dollar munition. Something to remember is these drones. These these drones are being used from a recon perspective to identify positions. So if you take away their capability to do that, youre really taking away their their forward observation lets. Take a look here: uh, no sound on this one, though guys, derek thanks for the 50. love your work here ronnie. I love you uh. 11. 0. 5. Victor thanks for the 4.99, keep up the great work! Uh! Okay! Lets get that someone someone my pants: okay! Yeah excellent that scared me hello from poland welcome in am i early or late were both late. I start we started late tonight about quarter after its gon na be relatively short tonight anyway. Now again, i hear all the time why? Why are? Why are these being used on unmanned vehicles? You know especially something as small as an orlean drone. We can take a look at an orlan, really quick. This is not. This is not a a a a high tech. You know piece of piece of machinery here coming up for you guys now. These are. These are very small, uh gas. You know single prop kind of kind of junky looking drones, but they can still be fitted with cameras. You know we see ukraine using. These is not these but commercial drones like the mavics, um, your djis, etc, to spot enemy positions to great effect. One of the reasons that uh ukraine has been very effective with their artillery and were going to see some artillery strikes from the 93rd mechanized brigade tonight has been the use of these as almost in its own ford, ford, observer, rc plane.

Basically, um silkies are nothing guys. Jordan, thanks for the 20. yeah, listen, i dont wear pants if im somewhere, that i have to wear pants its somewhere that i dont want to be mark. Thank you for the dollar. 99 yeah pants, no matter what should be optional. Uh well, these kind of drones get caught by air defense systems, typically, not because of theirs because of their small size, theyre theyre, theyre, so small, now heres heres the deal with uh the martlet, that is a seclos system, uh semi automatic command line of sight. I believe dont dont quote me on that. I didnt have a whole lot of time to research. It again my nine to five ran over today thats. Why were late? I spent about 10 minutes on my research today, but my understanding of the martlet. Is it a semi automatic command light of sight, a lot like um, even wire, guided systems where, if you can see it, you have some capability. If you can see your target, you have some capability to walk the round or walk the munition onto target. Pants are for the weak, pants or crutch pants or a crutch. Lets move on to the next bit of footage here were going to be stopping pretty much pretty much dead on seven oclock tonight again, i got a date with a gentleman by the name of karma cut to play some squad and im really looking forward to. It were gon na be playing his custom mod, but weve got some stuff.

I want to talk about first uh. We just talked about you know russian drones. The orlan 10 lets take a look at ukraine using a commercial drone. You know very effectively one of the first funker news network episodes that i did was an edited episode of ukraine using a commercial drone like a mavic to drop. What looked like a mortar round on a guy and his head popped off thats actually out there on our funker news network playlist, go check that out its pretty wild its coming up for you in just a minute: lame video games. Uh everybody has a hobby dude. You know whatever youre into you know you enjoy watching my little pony. I like playing video games, its everybodys got their thing buddy coming up now you can see you. You can already see that uh that mortar round as it came out here, lets watch that again theres a theres something moving right here now we saw a lot of this a lot of this stuff even before the invasion just go going going back and there was A point that dji actually stopped selling their products in ukraine, specifically because of their use, but ukraine is actually receiving those as parts of aid packages from you know, ngo types, so theyre theyre continuing to receive that stuff, uh youre playing war thunder war thunder is awesome. I just get i just get my kicked every time. I try to play it all right next piece of footage.

I have here, oh this, so this ones wild this ones wild, and i have it slotted for for this moment. You know on purpose, because then im going to jump over to thank some of these new members that came across uh, but ive ive mentioned before how this war we are seeing in first really in in in almost near first person. Near live a war happen, and this video is kind of proof of that were gon na watch, some wagner mercenaries, so so russians um going toe to toe with what looks to be one or maybe only a few ukrainians hold up uh in popansa. So that is an area just to the west of luhansk and i might be pronouncing it wrong. Forgive me forgive me, but this is some wild footage, really wild footage coming up for you guys, uh right now, i pasted the wrong link im human. Give me a break im spicy today. Just so, you guys know be careful or dont make it more fun. Yeah thats, what it was not popanso, stupid idiot all right, its coming up im going to give you full screen and were going to call out a couple things here. Im gon na give you full screen here we go. So these are your uh wagner, guys that are maneuvering on this series of this series of buildings, and just so you know where you should be looking this. This building here, uh first green door on the left.

This is occupied by ukrainians. Now this is, this is actually going to be about seven minutes long and there isnt any audio for it, but it starts to get really crazy, and this is a part of im going to pull myself up on the right here. This is a part of like a 22 minute long video, but this is really the most heavy parts of it. You can see wagner pushing up here from the top right – and this is this – is the building that were looking at here. Im going to pull up a map immediately after this, so you so i could show you where, where exactly this is happening, if, if youre not familiar with where po pozna is relative to luhansk or not familiar with, where luhansk is hey, john whats up dude is That smoke, no those are grenades, those are grenades and rifle and uh. You know rounds impacting the dirt see youve got movement in here, theyre continuing to maneuver on these guys, so that was a grenade, more wagner, guys pushing in from this top side and even the institute institute for the study of war reported on this one. While i was reading through their report for for the last 24 hours now, eventually, what were what were kind of you know. Building up to here is there is wagner, is going to occupy this shack on the far right here and theyre going to start to toss grenades in uh ive seen this on the website, glad to get the context of it make sure to check the analysis section If you watch stuff on the website, our writing team really puts in a lot of effort to go and try to find context if youre not familiar.

I can show you where that is, but on your on your phone, it should be a tab immediately. Underneath of the video im going to move, myself were going to go back to full screen because im covering up kind of a key spot here this guy on the far right, so there that this is a ukrainian just toss a grenade out over this way. Uh im im assuming to the immediate low left of your screen. There are more uh, russian, proxy or or russian mercenary wagner guys over here and i believe, thats why he. You know tossed that grenade, but keep your eye on this building on the far right. Youre gon na see youre gon na see a wagner. Guy weve got theres. The ukrainians were gon na see a wagner. Guy punch his head out here and hes gon na start again: lobbing grenades, well hes gon na try lets just put it that way. You know he probably didnt it. Wasnt going to have a career in baseball, got more movement up here, theyre holding a long angle. So heres our russian starting to make his way through the door. Hes got probably an rgd in his hand, pulled his pin and i think that one detonates just outside just outside the front door there. Here he comes again hes in the doorway. They theyre they end up exchanging quite a few grenades here, so that one blew up in the little alley between the two buildings.

Eventually he he gives up on. His aim starts firing uh his rifle in there uh, but as an eventuality. If i recall correctly, he does dump a grenade through the front door, so youve got youve, got a wagner mercenary up here to the top left another one there. Oh and to answer your question, i do believe this is a russian drone recording this. If i recall so, hes got another grenade. Just pulled just pulled that pin dumping that in and that one went off inside. So hes gon na hold his rifle out in front of him and just kind of unload through that doorway youve got another wagner guy. I guess these buildings arent connected because hes holding an outside angle just in case this guy goes down kind of a weird angle. Now here is here is kind of the end state what you have um, theres, probably theres – probably some dead dudes in here yeah theres, prob theres – probably dead dudes in here, but you have actually quite a few bodies out here that you know presumably have crawled out Um and eventually, what were gon na see is were gon na see the wagner, mercenaries, uh and i just call them mercenaries because thats what they are not in a you know, uh for any other intent in the the job function were gon na see the wagner. Dudes start separating them. I saw this a few days ago. Darren were only live twice a week.

This was available on the site about 36 hours ago. Again, you could see them separating those ukrainians that were on the ground. So there you are there, you have it. I guess all the footage is going to be a ukraine winning didnt it weird weird, but that was one i wanted to start off early tonight with that thats thats, some close quarters you ever been war, ive deployed twice wagner. Griff has a reputation for torturing pows back in syria, so i wonder what happened to the ukrainians here thats a great question, a great question: i was a wild one. I was absolutely all right. Let me check in on some of these members that came across guys. Thank you for becoming members again, if youre not apt to to become a member through uh youtube and by extension, google, we do have a patreon uh. We are funko530 were six six people deep im, not the only guy im, not the only one were six people deep, uh, all u.s and allied nation veterans, and our sole focus is to show what war truly looks like now. We dont show the worst of what we have to offer on youtube and theres. A reason for that youtube has rules with the things we can and cant show and because of the size of our channel, we try not to bend those too much. We are reliant on the channel thats why we have our own application and our own website, though, so, check the description if you guys are interested in patreon if youre interested in the app interested in the website, uh tour baron.

Thank you for becoming a member donna. Thank you for becoming a member tc stanley. Thank you very much davey carlos john roger power, lorenzo bada bing. Thank you all for becoming members lets jump back into the footage over here also slap the like button. If you want to support us for free thats, the best way to do it, uh the next one, so you know this will be a great segue. This will this actually be a great segue into something i wanted to re recover that we that we talked about on tuesday um on tuesday. We we talked a lot about all of the uh at least u.s weaponry that was making its way into ukraine. Uh were going to watch a ukrainian using an automatic grenade launcher. An m32a1 is a six shot. Grenade launcher. Can fire six forty millimeter grenades inside of six seconds, uh really dependent upon how fast you could pull the trigger lets. Take a look at it and then what i wan na do is i wan na go to the official department of defense release again for those that werent here on tuesday and well go through that list of weaponry, thats thats, making its way to ukraine its coming Up for you here in just a minute, and now this is one i have never had an opportunity to use. I have shot 203. Your eight, your standard issue 84s stuff like that, but this one is one i have always wanted to shoot coming up now.

Now its got an its got, a range of somewhere between three and 800 meters. It really depends on which rounds that you have in there now, if youre operating on a 20 budget, rather than my brains, five dollar budget, you might be able to measure using using time the um. You know uh the time between shots and when you, when you hear the explosions to identify some distance, there thats thats a little bit too much math. For me, i failed algebra, two twice that ones short. I just want to play it a couple times: hmm. How well do you think the usa would handle an invasion on u.s, soil, thats, a thats, an interesting question um and my answer to that would be very long and its going to be very cliche. But i think the situation that we see that we saw in ukraine with people having to stand in line to wait for weapons uh. Even your basic weapons like in ak. We wouldnt have as much of an issue in the us, especially with the establishment and continuance of the second amendment right um. It is you know by extension of the second amendment. The people are the militia, so not only would they have to contend with, you know millions and millions and millions of generally trained americans, but you know, then you would have to also deal with the american military right, american military obviously being first, but i think i Think an invasion of the us is probably not something.

Anybody really would want to do. A lot of people say well, what are you going to do with a semi automatic ar you shoot somebody in the right spot with it? It works just fine lets move on to the next one here, uh artillery we talked a lot about. Oh no. No, i wanted to cover the list of weapons that were were are on their way to ukraine. This is the official department of defense release im going to give you guys a link to that here. This is what were about to look at and lets. Take a look. So if youve been wondering you know, youve heard a lot about which weapons are being sent to ukraine. You know youve heard 800 million youve heard you know billions um this. This department of defense releases from you know about a week or so ago, but it helps it helps. You understand the magnitude of the weapons that are being sent. Weapons ammunition, um transport, medical supplies, uh in total, weve sent or authorized something like 3 billion 4 billion. Excuse me in security assistance, 3.4 billion since the russias unprovoked invasion right uh from weapons specifically, 1400 stingers, uh, 14, 000 other anti armor systems. So youre, probably looking at uh legacy war pack, uh um, a warsaw pact type stuff like rpgs and stuff, but also at4s uh, the switchblades that everybodys been talking about loitering munitions, kamikaze drones, um, the one five fives that we talked a lot about the one five Fives on tuesday 90 of those were sent along with 72 tactical vehicles to tow those, and they are m1 or m777s.

They are not self propelled um. So you need. You need a vehicle to get them in place, so we gave them 72 vehicles. We, as in the united states uh with 90 155 howitzers uh 183 000 rounds of 155 ammunition, uh 200 m113s. That is essentially just a tracked. Armored personnel carrier, its its armament uh, usually consists of not more than a mark 19 automatic grenade launcher more often than not a 240 bravo or maybe a 50 cal. 7 000 small arms, 50. 50 million. Excuse me rounds of ammunition. This is why i cant find any 556 for less than like 70 cents, a uh. Actually, a lot of that is um. You know, warsaw pact ammunition, seven six, two by three, nine, seven, six, two by five, four r. You know the the the ammunition that is more commonly found. You know in ukraine, in russia, thats going to be more usable for them. So a lot of that a lot of that is going to be 762. You know ‘, maybe some 545 um, but im willing to im willing to bet its mostly 762. uh body, armor and helmets. The phoenix ghost we talked about still not having a whole lot of information on the phoenix ghost uh, but that you know was in development. Prior to the invasion of ukraine, it finished development. You know, after the invasion and theyre now receiving those itll be its first operational deployment from my understanding, um various other things: m18a1 claymores, seaburn protective equipment and medical supplies.

So, generally speaking, this is the list of equipment that the united states has sent or has authorized to be sent to ukraine uh. In my opinion, the the biggest game changer here is going to be these howitzers and the reason i say that were about to watch a video of the 93rd mechanized brigade really using artillery to their advantage. Ukraines artillery and we focused very heavily tuesday on artillery. You should go back and watch that episode. If you didnt see it. Ukraine has been very effective with artillery um a lot of times, like i said, theyre using those drones as almost a forward observer to walk arounds on target uh. The reports were that they killed a russian general near azum over the weekend, using an artillery strike along with reportedly 200 soldiers. Its really hard to tell which pixel is the russian general, though lets jump into the next footage or the next video and that ones gon na be like i mentioned the ukrainian 93rd mechanized brigade and theyre gon na they released a video showing the destruction of three Russian tanks coming up for you guys right now there we go. I do believe this has uh audio, but it might be, there might be music in it. So i cant play that all right, just heads up ill, give you full screen, though oh theres, a great song too, that sucks living free music in the background is great yeah. It is got ta, love, ac dc man, season tickets on a one way ride.

We can we can take a look at a campaign map and i can show you where the 93rd is as well um. So when we, when we looked at artillery on tuesday, we we looked at, i want to say it was the 54th mechanized brigade and we looked at the 30th, both of which are deployed very far to the east uh right on that forward, line with donbass and Were going to be talking about dumbass, quite a bit here in in a couple minutes, specifically russias intent with donbass, oh, and i never did show you papasna. Let me show you papasna uh for those that were here for the video, the very close quarters video there. We go all right its coming up for you guys right now, so for the for the very close quarters, video that we watched uh here is luhansk in the far east of ukraine, a well within uh russian, controlled territory. Papasna is just to the west here right here on this little breakout from what is traditionally recognized. As you know, russian control now russia claims to control all of papasna, but not even the institute for the study of war has validated that just yet the video that we watched took place somewhere here in in papua hey leon. How are you man? Is there? Absolutely? No strategy to get the soldiers out of mariupol what type of weapons would their ukrainians need to destroy. Russians there uh to be honest with you uh.

The russian presence in in marijuana has significantly decreased over the last couple days: uh something like 10 total btgs have been depl. Excuse me have been redeployed from marijuana for combat power in the east theres about two remaining with um according to a u.s defense official. Of course, to take this with a grain of salt yeah, im, not there on the ground to you know count from front to rear count off. I i have no idea, but according to a u.s defense official theres about 2 000 um, russian troops still in ukraine still in mariupol and about 10 btgs have rotated off now. You know since were already talking about. We might as well talk about it. Reports yesterday said that, for the first time for the first time ever, russians had made their way into the as of stall steel plant, rather than just the outskirts, so that this this control line or this line of advance should actually be a little bit further to The west here now weve all watched video together of a birds eye view of what the as of stall steel plane looks like and its an absolute nightmare, its just a nightmare of mazes and tunnels and buildings. It looks like if youve ever played escape from tarkov looks like tarkov. You know not not to apply a video game against against this, but you know thats thats what i you know: um thats. What comes to mind for me: ive got like 4 000 hours playing that, so the reports were that they had.

They had entered the steel plant. The the the challenge. Now, especially if there are only about 2 000 uh troops remaining in all of maripo is going to be clearing this right, those that are active duty that recall what that looked like it. It just looked like a nightmare im, hoping i might be able to find that video again um. It was on reddit, actually i might have to we might have to roll like a commercial break or something and ill try to find that video lets finish out. The rest of this footage and then ive got some some talking points to get through because were already working up to our to our end. Here the toss one thermobaric um. There was a lot of talk about thermobaric weaponry earlier on and a lot of confusion about what exactly it did right. Essentially, what what the tos one is is a multiple launch system that um, you know is that uses thermobaric weapons and theres a mixed mixture of fuel in there that effectively sucks the oxygen out of the air uh and ignites it on fire coming up. For you guys here in a moment – and this is the use of a toss – one uh in the east near donyesk – here we go music gon na keep the music off hey, stubbles, it doesnt ignite it on fire. It detonates! Thank you for that point of clarification. Green diesel, thanks very much for that, has any other country sent arms to ukraine.

A lot of countries have sent arms to ukraine a lot like a lot of countries, not as many as you think, though, you know theres been this narrative that the entire world is against russia thats, not necessarily the case, even even the countries that voted against russia, You know uh when they were what were they voted out of the um revoted out of something relatively recently, and i dont know why im drawing a blank on it. There are a lot of countries that voted against russia relative to this war. That did so merely because of pressure from the west right um, even even some of those countries that uh, you would think, have taken a harder stance against it. Its more of a soft stance now i did have. I did have a note to talk through today. You know we do receive a lot of flack for only showing ukraine videos. Now. The important thing to remember is we just post the videos that we find you know were not were not curating these behind the scenes ever were too small of a team to do that. Were six people deep, we do have our own biases right. I am biased against a bully. I dont like a bully, regardless of nato, nato expansion to the east. I still dont like the fact that russia invaded a sovereign nation. I think thats stupid thats. Like me, saying hey your porch. Is mine now yeah its thats, not how thats supposed to work right? So we i have a bias personally against bullies.

Russia is absolutely being a bunch of for invading another country thats my bias, the platform itself doesnt have one we we we post rush footage all the time all the time we actually showed russia winning a uh, uh ground fight just earlier and were gon na watch. A spetsnaz video at the very end of this and its a nasty one uh the last one, the last one before we get to that specialized video is early on in the war we had footage of some choppers being taken out over either the danyepper or the Urpin river, its difficult for me to know which just it looks like a river, but we actually see now the carnage of one of those russian choppers after it was taken down by presumably a man pad a man ported by air defense system. The ports analogy is way: oversimplified, yeah youre, absolutely right. It is yeah its over simplification of a complex, complex problem, but it helps my dumb brain understand it coming up for you guys right now check out the carnage on this uh chopper and were actually going to get to see. Reportedly, according to the video the uh chopper itself being struck, so i wish they would have flipped it around, but here you go so this is that chopper. I think it was originally reported as a k52, but i i cant tell that, based on the wreckage – and i dont see the second prop – and these are the choppers out in the distance here – one of them is about to get taken down.

Okay, uh before we get to the last video before we get to the last video and then move into some of the some of the the talking points that i had. I wanted to take everybody through the website, really quick just for those that arent familiar with us im, not sure how many there may or may not be out there, but if you were to type in funko530.com in your browser. This is what youd see uh. This is our platform. We we have built it from the ground up. It used to be like a blog type format. What weve done is weve essentially made youtube for combat footage and law enforcement use of force footage, and the reason that we want to do that is is were tired of seeing cnn play 10 seconds of a use of force encounter and not provide the whole context. Right so we have a team of writers. This is the next video were going to watch so ill, just go ahead and click on that. We have a team of writers that provide analysis and context where possible were a full veteran owned, operated and run team of six. There are six of us um our partners. You can always find our partners uh based on you, know the banners that we have on the sides, but we have a lot of great partners. I talk about them all the time when we start the streams, if you guys want to download the app you will have to sign up for an account but theres a reason for that.

Ios and android force us to hide some of this content behind a wall, and the reason is, is a lot of its not safe for work. The video were going to be watching is not safe for work uh, and i will this this youtube. Video will probably get slapped for for this, but thats, okay, because i think this ones an important one to show a lot of our content is not safe for work. So what ios and google have done is essentially say you have to hide that behind behind an agreement that they are 18 plus, the only way for us to enforce. That is through an account okay, so thats, why you have to sign up for an account lets watch this last video. So what were going to look at here is russian spetsnaz, eliminating um some ukrainian ground troops. Very close quarters combat uh viewer discretion advised you will see dead people all right and its not going to be easy for you to watch its coming up for you right now. I do want a caveat, though, under under most circumstances under most circumstances. This is not the type of video that we would that we would normally review here. I would point you back to the website ill, give you full screen foreign Applause, new job. Okay, so lets talk about what we just watched. I want to reiterate those that was russian spetsnaz uh assaulting ukrainian positions and some deceased ukrainian soldiers uh thats the type of content that we dont typically cover here, but for those that might be new to the community if thats, something, if thats the kind of stuff Youre hoping to watch thats why we keep that on our amp and theres, a reason that we host it its not because we just want to show dead people.

There are moral boundaries that we just dont cross im, not showing you dead. Kids. I wanted to show you that, because thats what war looks like thats, what combat is and thats our mission. Our mission behind that is to make sure that we have a platform that you can go to when somebody says x is happening on the ground. You can point them to a video on our platform that says youre absolutely wrong. This is what it looks like there right. This is. This is what is happening. We talk a lot about whether ukraine is winning or russia is winning for for these folks that are on the ground, nobodys winning. Nobody is its nasty all right lets move on. I want to. I want to cover uh again thats thats, not something that we that we normally talk about on the youtube channel. We leave that stuff for the app and the website, but i made an exception for it today. So dont expect stuff like that. Moving forward. We cover it its on the website download the app go to the website. I want to talk about a couple things a couple, a couple. You know more umbrella things specific to the campaign map and were actually going to use hamini of the wests campaign map, because i think he does a great job really showing the gravity and complexity rather than just lines on a map right. Just looking at lines on a map can tell you well, russia has 20 percent of ukraine.

That means theyre winning right, theres, a lot more complexity to that a lot more complexity to it, and i think hamini of the west does a great job im going to link you to the map and the channel that were about to take a look at here. Go follow him and let him know that we sent you that map is coming up right now. So first were going to talk a little bit about the east, trying to find the button. There first were going to talk a little bit about the east, so papasna is what we just took a look at here and ill scroll in for you on that uh russian general breakout – and this is done to the right here – popazna i i had already showed You guys the overarching campaign map, if youre not familiar with military symbology uh an x generally dictates um infantry. This oval is track. If you see you know uh circles at the bottom that that is typically wheeled, so you have mechanized infantry the 30th mech down here. The 24th mech there, so we have that that breakout in the east near luhansk up to the north, you have quite a heavy amount of uh russian advances that they are working there. They are at least trying to to fix all of these green ukrainian units in place um from the izum axis up here to the north, and i will i will overlay this in a moment with just a more clean map, but he gets very very into detail.

Uh as best as he can thats a link to to his channel or his twitter, so that the the attempt for russia right now is to connect ishum with the south to fix these troops in place for ukraine and this alien, which is what that would be. Is essentially the size of connecticut just so you guys understand that the the graph, the the depth or the breadth of what were talking about this is the size of connecticut its huge, so that thats, currently the effort thats happening right now, but some something i wan Na i wan na show you guys from the institute of the study of war, is whats happening just to the north of this, so just to the north is harkief, and i wan na show. I want to show you what ukraine is trying to do about it. Right now were going to were going to be sliding over to the institute for the study of war in their most recent assessment. That theyve put out heres the link to that and were going to focus on the second map that they have that they have, and that is the the harkev map coming up now. Ukrainian counter offensives in the north are have a chance to to kind of unsettle. Whats what russia is trying to do near azum, so that map that we were just looking at that breakout that i showed you that that attempt to to cut off these ukrainian troops in the east is right.

Here. Blue areas are ukrainian counter offensives and they have been wildly successful, uh outside of harkev even pushing russian forces all the way back close to their border to the north towards belgarad. If ukraine continues to be successful in the north, russia will have to eventually make the decision whether or not they recommit combat power from the south to retain positions in the north, because, as you know, a great example would be this. This counter offensive near molodova theyre, starting to get very close to russian ground lines of communication. Now ukraine has been pretty effective at targeting uh lines of communication and logistics chains. Uh, i want to say they destroyed a russian supply convoy on uh interstate e4. I dont know if its interstates road e40, which is near his zoom, i want to say its one of these, maybe this one, but that has been a a a priority for russia, given that russia or excuse me priority for ukraine, given that russia already has problems From a beans and bullets perspective, ukraine is then leaning even harder on top of um. You know russias supply chain to make it even worse. You know the reports coming out from even the early war rush running out of fuel running out of food running out of water uh. We saw videos uh and i i have i am blessed to be able to to point back to um video right. We we saw a video of russians, looting stores, you know getting some lickies and chewies out of stores and water uh.

We saw a nearly broken down: uh russian, russian warships, the russian warship that contacted uh. What was it the georgian ship saying? Hey? We need fuel, give us fuel and the georgian warship was like no tanks broken down that have run out of fuel, so russia already had supply chain problems or logistics chain problems with ukraine continuing to focus even striking into russia on fuel depots into supply areas. Uh up near harkev, we watched video on tuesday of them targeting a staging point, theyre not making it easy for russia to continue to continue that as umaxs push im just checking in on the chat uh. The next thing that i wanted to cover lets come back up to the top here is, is actually best described on live ua map. This will be one of the last things we cover, and that is the conditions that russia is setting for likely victory day right. If youre not familiar with victory day, its essentially russias version um well, russia is celebrating the war over nazi germany right. They celebrate that on the ninth along with some of the former soviet republics. That also celebrate that couple. A couple key points about victory day. There are theres a growing suspicion, a that mariupol is going to be one of the the key focal points on may 9th of victory day. There have been reports of uh possibility of even a victory day, parade through mariupol thats. Probably why we see this last.

You know ditch effort to to conduct a ground assault. Uh whats interesting to me, is the redeployment of 10 btgs total out of mardupol. If it was that much of a priority again just really relaying the reports that have come, but the conditions that russia is setting elsewhere is whats more. Concerning in hersen, we talked on um tuesday about the transition of money that is allowed to be used in hersen. Right here to the russian ruble, okay, now its not just hurston, either uh volnovaca, i dont know if i pronounce that one correctly, all all there are towns – and you know areas all along this – this southern land bridge that are being told by russian installed governments that They will be transitioning to the russian ruble, something something that that concern. The reason that that concerns me is the potential that russia could essentially force an annexation of some of these areas or force. You know uh new, independent republics. Uh there are. There are reports that say russia intends to do that in hersen. You know. Why would you why would you transition the money in an area if you werent going to have that be russian controlled area for the foreseeable future? You wouldnt do that thats, not something that you would typically do in an invasion. Im checking my notes here. Weve already talked about, we talked earlier normally. I would cover this during this segment, but we talked about the ground, assault, thats thats, taking place, and you know.

Reportedly, there are russians inside of azov style steel plant, not just the outskirts of the city here uh. If the senior u.s defense official is to be believed, then there are about 2 000 total russian russian troops left, which which ends up with about two btgs btg at its maximum, is typically around 900 soldiers left in all of mariupol, so that doesnt really that doesnt Leave a whole lot of combat power. What i dont really know a whole lot about, though, is how many russians remain in, as of stall im interested to hear what you guys have heard about that you mean ukrainian defenders. Uh did i say russian? Yes, i do. Yes, i do how many uh ukrainian defenders are left in, as of style. Less than two thousand i saw, i saw an estimate of like 1500, maybe but that wasnt a very reliable source, so i didnt want to throw that out there. Those two btgs include the donetsk peoples republic troops. I dont know its a great question. Enema russia is pummeling that mill. Those defenders have balls of steel, no pun intended. So the important the important piece about azov stall is. It is absolutely rife with just layer after layer of tunnels, it was literally designed for the 40 000 plus steel workers that were there to withstand um bombardment. It cant be taken by by anything but foot. It was designed for this. You know, quite literally, do you do you have a twitter? Do i have a twitter? I do uh, i am at ronniefit, but our official funker twitter is at funker actual.

The numbers would be crazy if they push that plant. You know what were gon na were gon na, take a commercial break and im gon na see. If i can find that video of as of style from the from the air, because i think i think itll really help people understand, i think itll really help. People understand the complex challenge that russia will have on their hands if they, when they assault that or that they could be dealing with right now, oh yeah, i found it. I found it already, but anyway heres heres that uh commercial Music. I will, despite you all um, all right welcome back. I hope you enjoyed that. I saw a funny comment out there and i want to address it. Gaming theory, gaming theory yeah yeah. Absolutely this is all this is all from video games. Definitely not for my. You know 15 years in intelligence where anyway, lets lets lets jump in here. So this is going to be a video that will take us through the entirety of as of stall from the air, and i think its a really amazing video to help. You understand the complexity of the situation when russia starts to get knee deep into into the steel plant, and this is just the top level. So the the maze of networks that that exists below here or the network of tunnels that exist below here are going to be an even bigger problem. I mean just look at this, and so those tunnels and im going to give you full screen those tunnels pop out all over the place through through the steel plant.

Just there there there are exits and entries to those tunnels everywhere through here they wont assault. It reportedly they already have so they have entered, and ukraine admitted they they entered the steel plant. Where exactly i cant be sure. I got you gaming theory. Well, thanks for being here, man whack a mole uh that, like the the deadliest game of whack, a mole, you could imagine now you can tell – and this is only from a couple weeks ago, but you can tell based on some of the buildings that that they Have just reduced a majority of structures here to the best of their ability, but again youre, dealing with a maze of tunnels that exist underneath here that were, they were designed for 40 000 people, so finding 1500, if it is 1500 finding 1500 people in here is, Is going to be an absolute nightmare now for for for our friends in the chat that are that are combat arms? I mean help me out here, but that that looks like a nightmare to me. Building the building would suck yeah what steel plant is 100 under russian control, guys its not being stormed because theres no way out anyway, its its not under its not 100 under control. Administrative and combative both would suck immensely thats an important, important point caveman right now. Not only would you have problems, you know, just as from an individual uh combat perspective right, just the difficulty of fighting there, but administratively being able to say yes, we cleared this building, which has this two tunnels uh that connect to those tunnels.

I think which also connect to these five buildings. How do you check that off the list i get lost at walmart, its a nightmare, just a nightmare tarkov reserve – i i said it earlier. You know, as of stahls steel plane reminds me of tarkov. It does inside of any of these buildings here could be. The factory lets. Keep playing. The video comms would be a huge issue in those tunnels as well. Oh yeah, oh yeah, there was a. There was a great infographic that i saw not too long ago. Uh. Im already late for my date, by the way thanks, there was a great infographic that i saw not too long ago. That really helped you understand, and i hope i can find it again ill retweet it. If i do that that helps you understand, you know the layers of tunnels, its not just its, not just a subway where you go down a level and thats the tunnel like there are tunnels on top of tunnels interconnected, like a spiderweb under there chemical. I think if russia were to use chem, it would be at azov style uh. They could flood it with water. It was probably designed uh because its already close to water, it was probably designed with some form of a drainage or even a pump system uh. That could even be manual its hard to speculate on that, but im willing to bet because of its proximity to water, that it was designed to not flood or you could blow up the multiple tunnels entrance and go on suppose.

Supposedly there are, you know dozens of entrances to the tunnel right, so you would have you would have to hit each one methodically as you go through and that just adds to the complexity. Im not saying it cant be done. What im saying is that adds to the complexity of all of it right checking off every entrance to every tunnel when there are dozens reportedly of tunnel entrances that youd have to get through fighting your way to each one with. If all the reports to be are to be believed, there are 1500, you know marines, as of battalion dudes there and about 2 000 russians youve actually got something pretty close to a force on force flight there, theres, probably theres theres, probably quite a bit less. You know on the ukrainian side, but its difficult to know. Is there still an escape route? Oh, no, not really that yeah, theyre kind of theyre kind of blocked in there. You know lets lets. Take a another look at the overall map, and this will be the last thing that we talk about so its like. More than likely, you know they entered the steel plant if, if russia has has made their way into this steel plant, its been its been from the east to the west into the north, youve got uh water hazards that really keep uh. All these bridges are actually blown out and we could see that in that video there are water hazards that would that would kind of uh at least delay or make it difficult for russia to do that.

For russia to press from any of these directions. But from the east, this is really it really just connects directly with uh the the the city with this district. However, you pronounce that, but go back to the water thing if its, if its this close to water, i cant imagine that they would have built the tunnels and not and not done some sort of like a drainage that drainage system might be reliant upon electricity, which You know i would assume uh theyre having a hard time keeping on in on on telegram. We see a lot of videos still coming out from azov and uh theyve got electricity so whether thats a generator that theyre running down – i dont know i dont know. While you ukrainian forces dont, come to help, theyve theyve got their hands full man, and this is this is a large. This is a lot of green to cover to get there a lot of green to cover to get there. You know, youve got the threat of. If, if ukraine tries to do anything from the water, youve got all these defenses that are that are just sitting there and waiting from russia um, you know land to sea type capabilities. If, if you try to press in from here, youve got this is all russian controlled territory right, ukraine is ukraines, got their hands full just trying to to really stem the flow. Now, theyre theyre theyre theyve been somewhat successful to to an extent on counter offensives near hurston and near harkev, um and theyve been very successful in the defense of the east uh.

The biggest threat to to ukraine stability is, is the potential of you know envelopment here i just i want to say we were talking about that on like the first of march, but i mean they cant, just walk in to support im. Sure theyve tried all right. Folks, well thats going to be it for us tonight, uh thanks very much for being here im gon na head over and play some squad with karma cut good friend of mine on his custom mod for squad dynamic direction. You guys are welcome to join us too. Therell be all sorts of information on how you guys can get in there in the stream over on my channel. I appreciate you being here uh thanks for all the good discussion. Thank you to all of our support. Let me read through that before i, before i close things out here: scroll up scroll up, uh bg! Thank you for the five dollar navy helicopter went down. Vbs uh uh out of four storage, got the message from a friend in the 160th sore, oh goodness, that its not something that you want to hear. Ive worked with the sword, dudes and theyre absolute badasses in the air dark. Thank you for the 779. Hey ronnie have a great idea sneak into moscow with a trench coat, give it a shot. Dude take video when you try it coral brown. Thank you for becoming a member uh esmour.