Something here has changed: Music Applause Music, but if we survive, i know Music Applause, Music ill. Do what it takes to make you we do believe we want when im free, Music, Music Applause, if you dont let them Music. I will never leave your side again: Music Music, with my heart Music – do what it takes to make. Is god welcome back everybody how we doing welcome back to the uh funker news network, guys im ronnie, and if this is your first time joining us im just from the funko 530 team and ill be your host tonight to go through some of the footage that We have, but i got a couple admin notes that i want to talk about first for those that have been here for a little while youll notice that were in a brand new studio uh. This is the very first time were going to be broadcasting from this spot, but youll see this spot for both our edited content and for the live content. Moving forward, um and im really excited to be here. I got ta. I got ta give a big shout out to my wife uh. You know the mrs actually helped me put a lot of this stuff together, including all the very hard masonry work here behind me. Let me kill the music for a little bit, but welcome in uh its been its been a long road to get to this point right here.

But we are doubling down on all of our content at funko530, not just the traditional uploads that you guys are used to uh, but the edited content in the live content as well uh, we happened to strike a drug deal with a super secret top ultra ultra Level, secrecy underground bunker for us to broadcast from um, and i just cant be more excited about it. Uh. I do also need to mention our sponsor and partner for tonight its going to be atn optics starting tomorrow, theres going to be a fathers day, giveaway go to Sweepstakes. Excuse me to get yourself entered for that. The giveaway is for the thor lt, its an affordable thermal optic, uh and obviously i have one its great right now im running the x site 4k, but this is the one that ill be probably throwing on next, so sweepstakes starting tomorrow anyway. Welcome back. How are we doing hows it hows audio theres, a couple theres a couple pieces to this big change. Oh theres, an echo, an echo echo. Oh okay, i got you. I got you thats what i was about to discuss thats what i was about to discuss guys theres, going to be some minor things that every piece of equipment that we have here is brand new right; everything from the new mixer to the screens to the walls, Its all brand new theres going to be little pieces here and there that im going to have to tweak – and i hope, youll just be patient with me – okay, great now, perfect, all right guys! I appreciate it.

Let me know if something let me know if somethings up, though okay, because so ive been ive, been making live content now for four years and the station that youre used to seeing ive been using the same equipment for that amount of time. We set all this stuff up over the weekend, so really rapid, flash to bang time on getting this ready for you really just using what we had on hand with a couple editions. There will be some new screens that we get put up um, but im just excited to be here. Audio sync is still off. Okay, okay, well, have to see if we can uh introduce some some form of a video delay, im, not sure whats, going on with that that ones weird ronnie v2 welcome in guys uh voice. Sync is slightly off yep. We are. We are operating off of a single pc, setup and thats that tends to happen when youre running a um go xlr. It didnt happen when we ran the test for the stream over on uh the gaming channel uh, so that might be a function uh just something. Thatll work itself out, but well continue to test and see if we cant get it dialed in here. Respect looks great thanks. Ross welcome in everybody lets lets just go ahead and get started with our first talking point for tonight. Lets talk a little bit about the about the title right, so most most are familiar, especially in this community at this point, but if youre not ill, give you a general rough overview, theres a gentleman that goes by the name of aiden naslin, aiden, aslan, was serving In the ukrainian marines and has been since 2018.

, he is, he holds both a british british citizenship as well as a ukrainian citizenship, and he was sworn into the ukrainian military. He was captured by the russians after uh, essentially um. You know surrendering to the russians, along with his with his friend sean penner, both hold uh british and ukrainian citizenship uh. I believe, if im not mistaken, you know heres the problem as of uh today or as of the last 24 hours. They were sentenced to death by adonis peoples, republic, court, im, gon na kill the music entirely im, not even sure, if you guys can hear that or not, but i can and its super its super loud, its bothering the hell out of me. They were, they were sentenced to death by a donetsk peoples, republic, court now theres, some video thats circulating around im, not sure if the guys have been able to get it up onto the uh website or not just yet. That shows him pleading guilty to a series of lesser charges. These charges include things like uh, you know handling a weapon handling explosives, uh things that things have gone along those lines. Technically speaking, russia has not sentenced him. Russia has a moratorium on the death penalty uh, but that moratorium would not technically apply to the the fantasy land that is the don yes peoples, republic, uh or the the the lpr, the luhansk peoples republic. Those are internationally unrecognized, separatist states. So, technically speaking, russia has plausible deniability right now of the death sentence.

Now, taking that a step further whats likely to end up hap whats likely to happen here its likely that those sentences were levied to force some form of a pow exchange a little bit early in the process right now. But the key points for you to understand here are aiden. He also goes by the twitter handle cossack. Gundy aiden is a is not a quote. Mercenary. Aiden was officially aiden and um uh sean penner were both serving officially under oh under under their oath of service. With the ukrainian military that affords you the opportunities with the geneva convention for pows for treatment of pows, which which doesnt include the death sentence, thats, not how thats not how that would that would work. Dpo, the dpr dont, yes, peoples, republic, sentenced them under the premise that they are mercenaries, but there is proof thats out there that aiden was serving as um a ukrainian marine. Now before his service with ukrainian marines, he did fight in syria with the kurds against isis. Uh people are using that against him um, but regardless of what he was doing prior to entering into ukraine uh, he was uh in the ukrainian military right uh, so the russians murdering pows through proxy technic. Technically, yes, but they still are able to maintain that plausible deniability right they could say we didnt we ourselves did not sentence him to that right again. Whats likely to happen is this was probably very much so a show trial, whats likely to happen is theyll.

Then uh dangle that, over top of you know the western politics and say give us our people or else because theyve already been sentenced, but lets get into the footage. I wanted to cover that right out of the gate. That was one of the one of the bigger stories thats gone around right now and uh its important for everybody to understand that that aiden and sean they are not foreign legion. Now our the foreign legion uh, folks, that are there that are not technically a part of ukraines military, those protections that the geneva convention would provide. If you are a part of that countrys military provide dont, apply, they dont just something for you to consider lets jump into the first bit of footage. Here. I am operating off of a lot less screens than im used to having uh im used to actually having three screens technically. I do, but i cant see the one behind me. So ive just got a cool graph up there, uh be patient. Ive got one more screen coming its going to be sitting off to the side over here, thats. Actually, where youre going to see me monitoring, chat right now, ive got to drop the chat down and swap some things around where there was. There was a guy in like the 60s that used to do this with like a big old board and stuff. Somebody sent me his work and i thought it was hilarious but thats what i feel like right now, but lets jump into our first piece of footage that we have here.

This is gon na be uh from uh saviero donetsk, and it is you know, speaking of foreign legion, foreign volunteers, american volunteers, near severo, donetsk, engaging russian troops with small arms and rockets, uh thats going to be coming up for you guys right now, as long as As long as all my works here, oh look at that. Oh look at that. Just just gangster continuing to deal with that echo problem guys ill get it worked out in long wait, switch you language, so thats! Those are american volunteers. What theyre firing right there is an in law uh! You can hear them calling in law out. Let me get the chat back up here again, were gon na be a little bit slower today, guys since i have less screens echo im tracking im tracking ive just got ta ive got ta, adjust each overlay as i get to it guys uh, please be patient With me tonight, um feedback from a second input, its its from the capture card. The capture card is trying to take audio um and i have a rapid way to fix that, which is to just turn audio receiving off on the camera that you guys are looking at me through right now, just didnt get to it. Didnt get to it. Echo gone good, good, good, good. All right lets, move on to our next one that weve got here so were, were staying down the volunteer track here. Weve got georgian volunteers using an american m32 a1 uh.

That is a six shot. 40 millimeter grenade launcher weve. Seen some footage of this before, but i dont think weve yet seen any georgian volunteers using it coming up for you guys here in just a minute yeah that third screen is gon na is gon na, be a definite that uh will be very helpful, and here You go right now. Yes, now, the last known location that i have for the for most of the georgian volunteers is actually in saviro donetsk, if you guys happen to have anything updated on on where youve seen them or or heard reports of where their location is. I know there arent going to be many right. This isnt there there arent going to be a 50 000 georgian national or georgian volunteers wandering around ukraine. Now some of this footage tonight im just seeing for the first time simply because of the setup of the room has just taken so much of my time away today, this one being one of them. Let me give you full screen on this here: acu jacket, hows the audio balance right now, so all hell just broke loose. So it looks, looks like at this point: hes actually uh yeah, so he has hes hes moved to the ak off of the 32. hello. Now, theres about six minutes worth of this video uh. So what im gon na do is im gon na im gon na go ahead and kill this one im gon na give you guys a link to it if you wan na keep watching.

This is mostly the view that youll have uh throughout the majority of it were gon na, go ahead and kill this one and move to our next one here and uh. Coming up is the link to that video these little screens theres your link to that video. If you guys want to go and finish watching that out, theres about six minutes of that total uh, but the next one coming up here is uh was actually kind of a terrifying video to watch ukrainian troops on the ground being targeted by a russian chopper. I dont have a location for this one uh, but it appears as though its you know somewhat of a near miss a relative near miss. You can hear you can hear the rockets over top of the ukrainian dismounts or the ukrainian troops that are on on the ground and impact somewhere behind them and thats coming up for you guys, im going to give you full screen on this one uh ill, probably Test out one of the other overlays and put myself in the bottom right here. A lot of this is also going to be a be a test as well coming up for you now all right, good that worked dopey now youll be able to see the chopper coming in right in the middle of the screen. Here, Applause definitely a little bit hair raising for for those on the ground. For that one once again, dont dont have a location, for this were were just seeing a lot of stuff thats, just getting posted without a whole lot of context or detail behind it.

Okay lets bring it on up here. I want to check in on the chat. I also want to check in on uh the support from you guys, uh eagle sports. Thank you for the two dollars troy. Thank you for becoming a member. Welcome john aaron uh pringle neal. Thank you for becoming members uh, john brian derek. Thank you for becoming a member. Welcome guys. Welcome! Welcome its our first time in this new studio, so theres going to be a few minor technical issues that ive got to just deal with and work through were used to streaming from a spot that ive been uh live from for the last four years. Four years plus it was four years in april, so if youll be patient with me, i appreciate it. Uh lets bring up the next piece of footage that we have here. Once i take a look in on the chat there, we go setup looks fire thanks. Very much flasher, oh, do we have mama in the chat? Oh thatd be interesting, great studio, nice change up thanks world of war. I appreciate that very much uh the missus and i worked very hard on it. Her attention to detail was very, very helpful. Um. You know down down to the smallest details, right uh, she she actually. I was chatting with her about the challenge with the screens, so you know she mentioned that we would probably be able to set up another screen over here, a little bit off or further away than we have this one right now, if youre wondering what im looking At here, ive got uh chat, pulled up on the main screen here.

This is also what you guys will look at every time. We pull up some footage. Ive got my obs, overlays and stuff over here, so that i can see which screen im on im too stupid to just remember, which one i have myself put on to ive got my notes on this screen back behind me. There is a cool graph that shows uh the progression of the stream as we go along lets jump back into the footage, though, because weve got quite a bit to get through here. Uh weve got a russian k52. This one was um. This one was cool to watch uh. This is a russian cave 52 alligator flying solo, that it ends up clipping trees to avoid man, pads, um man, portable air defense systems and weve. Seen lots of footage of aircraft just flying nap of the earth were actually going to be sitting. You know inside of the aircraft here, uh and um. You know looking through. I guess what would be like the nose camera uh, but its a really amazing video and its com, its gon na, come up for you guys full screen, youre, not gon na, have to stare at my ugly face during it. Here you go coming up now: Music, Music, sure, flowers, Music, foreign, all right. I just thought that that one was really wild um. You know seeing almost from a pilots perspective, what what flying nap of the earth really looks like definitely at the trees, yeah, absolutely big nuts on them yeah.

So i mean weve seen both ukrainian and russian pilots just flying so low because of the anti air capabilities that are on display from both sides right um surface to air, from both ukraine and russia has been wildly effective. I think he crashed, since they cut the film, but possibly nice dashboard. In the background, thanks for the 569. reminds me of the jet arcade game from the 80s and 90s, all right, so the next one that weve got coming up for you guys here. Uh is actually gon na, be one that im gon na ask for your opinion on uh. What were gon na have is. One of uh is at least a german made machine gun being used by azov in ukraine, but id love to know initially our when we first looked at it. Looked like an mg3 but ive seen comments saying its pro. It could potentially be an mg53 uh, an mg72 id love to get your take on it, and let me know what you what uh mg it might be now they all have very similar uh characteristics and theyre, really separated by the the caliber and the fire rate. Coming up for you guys right now: mg 42 li mg3, hey elroy mg, 42 mg, 47, 53, 42, slow rate of fire. Its an mg 34. lets run that one more time so okay looks like a gun. Mycroft you killed it nailed it give that man, a promotion uh the next one, im gon na, be asking you guys to play a little bit of uh, funk or fact or fiction here.

This one was posted by austie and you know in the in the the comments section on the website, which ill ill show you guys right now in the comments section theyre all debating whether or not the footage itself is uh, real or fake, and im gon na Ask you guys the same thing here. Let me know what you think its going to be coming up for you full screen im not going to be in your way again on this one but effectively. What was reported that were looking at here is ukrainian su 25s firing rockets towards russian positions. Uh i have i have my take on it im interested to hear what you guys have to say, though, coming up lets run it one more time now note a couple things right: pay attention to frame rates here, pay attention to frame rates; these jets that are Flying are are moving at a higher frame rate than the footage that were looking at in the background uh. Presumably, what were looking at is drone footage and the entry of the of these aircraft, and this is the kind of stuff thats making its rounds right. The entry of these aircraft are these are. This is like 60 frames as that come as that comes in there. So what were probably looking at here is real drone footage that has been overlaid uh with uh. You know gameplay jet footage, but there was a lot of this that was happening earlier, on which you know ultimately led to the quote: unquote ghost of kiev.

Now it didnt really matter – and this is where im going to end up disagreeing with you – know: 90. It didnt really matter whether or not the ghost of give was real or fake uh. It was really about morale right. Most most people knew that there was no such specific individual. As the ghost of kiev. It was loosely based off of a person, but it didnt matter that wasnt the point, but looking back at footage like this, this is the kind of stuff thats still making its way around on reddit um and every so often when we run into it. We try to put it out there and put a little bit of analysis to it to help fact check it im going to check in on the chat here. Maybe it was a reenactment of a real event. What do you mean just playing with all these screens? Once again still getting used to the new setup here guys once i have that uh third screen, this all should be a little bit more seamless the way youre used to. Let me get chat up here, ghost of kia triggers so many it does. It really does all right lets move on to the next one, though here uh were moving into footage section two, which is our non ukraine footage for those that, for those that it might be your first time here we are uh funker530 funker 530 has been here For a long time and id love to know uh whether whether or not you guys pronounce it 530 or 530.

, we kind of we kind of have an ongoing bet, uh ill. Let you know what our founder thinks and ill. Let you know what i think uh here in a little bit, but weve been around for over a decade now and we cover worldwide conflict, whether that be law enforcement, use of force or uh russias invasion of ukraine. The reason we do that is a lot of this footage – tends to get kind of just set off into a corner and lost. So what we effectively are trying to do on, on and on our app is document it for historical records, so that people can so that people know where to find it where they can go, see it and hopefully, uh, even if only one person a Day better understands what war and what use of force and conflict looks like people can make better decisions around it. So lets jump into our non ukraine footage really quick, uh weve got, i want to say two or three videos that were gon na look at here and then weve got another footage section of ukraines, stuff, um and then well be closing out ill, be going to Play uh some escape from tarkov right after this uh, the very first one that weve got here is actually some historical footage and its really amazing footage. Once upon a time 2001 december 2001, a japanese japanese patrol boat got into an engagement with what what can only be described as a north korean spy boat.

Now um, the engagement itself ultimately ended in the north korean boat, uh, essentially being sunk in, presumably all if not at least those that survived of the remaining north koreans left on a buoy out in the middle of the ocean. There were three japanese coast guardsmen that were injured in the engagement and its its actually. Some really amazing footage its an incident that i wasnt aware of until uh. The footage came up its coming up for you guys full screen here in just a minute. Here we are lets watch that one more time now this is this was actually like a six hour fire fight between um. You know the japanese and the north korean boat, and my understanding of those on the north korean boat is essentially, they were firing. Small arms at the japanese patrol boat, the japanese patrol boat, said dont: do that and ended up just opening up on them with everything that they had and again by the end of this uh. The the north koreans that were on this boat ended up just floating along on a buoy and the japanese just left. The fear from the japanese was essentially that uh the the north koreans that were left that were still there had the potential in some way shape or form of potentially taking over the japanese boat. Had they brought them on board 2001, correct, yep, hey guy, can you dont kim jong super yacht? Alright lets move on to the next one, so this is actually a law enforcement footage of an absolute chat of a police officer deciding that uh.

This fence should not be in his way anymore. You should definitely be like officer one and not so much like officer two coming up for you guys here in just a minute im gon na get im gon na give you uh full screen on this one now. Well, go half and see what that looks like yeah, perfect. The elbow strike is what gets me with the sheer power behind the elbow strike here now. Theres theres parts of this that arent that arent really funny the potential that that officer that went through this fence. Being by himself, you know in the pursuit of this suspect is not something thats funny right, thats yeah, i dont know if that suspect in you know, specifically, was armed uh. Just the interaction with the fence is is what is humorous to me. All right lets lets move off of that one pull chat back up here. While we get the next video going now, weve talked a lot, so theres theres, theres kind of a the russian t. Series tanks have have a few vulnerabilities right and those vulnerabilities include how they store their ammunition because the auto loader, which ultimately causes the turret uh to escape very rapidly from the rest of the tank. But dont forget that the first entries into the turret olympics were was actually isis now. What were gon na see here is a t, 55 turret doing its best uh entry for the turret olympics, and i got ta, give it a solid seven out of ten.

I think weve seen better coming up for you guys full screen. Now. This specific footage is circa. Around 2015 from aleppo theres your theres, your entry there i give it a 7 out of 10, largely because what we dont see on the re entry is a good sticking of the barrel um, but height heights, pretty solid. I, like the form, all right that does it that does it. Weve got quite a few other pieces of footage that are up on the site from the last 48 or so hours, um that are non ukraine specific. If you guys want to go and take a look at that, youre welcome to uh theres, all kinds of ways that you can search for stuff. The search function works really well, but were going to jump back into ukraine. Footage 6.9, steve 7.5, real aaron. Youre. Being real generous with your with your uh grading, there all right lets jump into the next uh set of footage here. Um this ones, tough, this ones tough to watch regardless, regardless of whats whats, going on whats happening. Russian medevac of personnel gets interrupted by indirect fire. Here coming up for you guys, i think yeah, im gon na give you full screen on this one well ill. Put myself in the in the bottom left here lost my mouse for a second weve got copywritten music, so ive got to keep that off so lets. Rewind and just work through this, so this is the meta the the medevac thats happening right now, theyre moving him towards a uh btr82.

The btr82 ultimately was the target here there were personnel near the btr 82, but they do all look like theyre uh. You know essentially still moving still still mobile ambulatory for the first time i watched this, the one that was on the top. I actually thought that he might he that he might have been killed by that, but you can see towards the end of the video that he actually um. He actually moves off of the btr. Now the impact itself is just off of the btr uh right about here is where it looks like its impacting, so that might have been uh the saving grace for, for you know these troops that are on on the top of the tank. These are russians that were performing a medevac, presumably they were taking the wounded, bringing them back to the btr uh and ukrainian indirect of some kind came in and impacted right, just right. Next to it all right lets bring it back up were going to move right into our next one. Now this one is where im going to ask for your opinion as well. What were looking at is ukrainians and id like to know whether or not you guys think that this is a russian strike or if its a controlled debt. That just happens to be a a little bit close. Now some a couple key points before we before we watch it uh note that hes looking exactly where the explosion happens, um he does happen to be pretty close to it, but theres a whole litany of comments on on the on the website in app right now, A little bit of back and forth of controlled detonation, you know eod type controlled debt versus um.

You know direct direct targeting by uh russia coming up for you now im going to give you full screen that way you have all of it. Oh, my god, now im personally leaning more towards a controlled debt here you know you can see him kind of setting up for it, but the deal the deal with that and the reason that the reason that ive shown a couple of these now is is im Continuing to see im continuing to see footage like this floating around, where theres really zero, uh contextual information that can be validated right, ive seen two different descriptions for this video out in the wild ive seen um that it was i i saw. I saw one comment out there that was describing it saying heard from somebody that it was a russian ied. I heard i saw somebody say that it was a russian airstrike um. You know there are. There are also a whole bunch of other comments and uh folks saying this that and the other its really really difficult to discern without it coming from quote unquote. Official sources whats happening in a lot of these videos and we do rely on the community quite a bit for that um. I i have been known to jump into our discord and work with some of our discord. Community members that are that are also native ukrainian speakers, uh native russian speakers, uh ask for translations ask for a bit of context.

Hey you know. What is this propaganda truck doing or saying? What is what is this guy uh asking that guy to do so? If youre, not in the discord, if youre, not in the comments section on funker530, join in there um its its definitely where the majority of the discussion around uh, the vast majority of our content lives is on discord and on the website itself. Now, discord itself is limited in what we can put on there, largely because its somebody elses platform, we are able to discuss openly on our platform, all of our content, all right bring it back up. I want to check into the chat here see what you guys had to say about that one superman punched, the ground nailed it an f 69 jet. I wish id have thought of that. Why is it called funker? 530 um? I can speak to why its called funker funker is actually a nickname for our founder when he was in afghanistan. Um that you know every every most most most folks in the military end up getting some form of a nickname. I actually never did uh. Oddly people just called me ronnie, but funker was the nickname that he was that he was given and um 530 uh. I want to say, was you know, maybe a call sign identifier right, but funker itself originates from his military, nickname five, three zero. All right lets jump into some of the last footage that we have here.

We havent seen a lot of footage of the russian legion, so the russian legion is a volunteer force of russians of uh. You know uh folks from russia that are fighting on ukraines behalf. We have footage of the uh russian legion and one of their troops actually being injured, while fighting against lpr forces near luhansk thats coming up for you guys right now were gon na go to the right side, so Applause. What oh lets watch that again now, according according to the information that i have about this, he does survive this. And if you look at the impact on it, its literally in his at his feet, Music, Music, theres – that one im going to pull up the chat here and discuss that with you, guys soft soil youre going to press f to doubt on that one that one! I i wouldnt rifle nade, probably some form of a um grenade, whether it be a 40 millimeter, uh frag grenade danger, baseball, probably ripcord. All right, weve got uh, really just uh a few more videos to look at here. So, on tuesday we looked at the tos 1a being used in direct fire configuration weve got some more thermo thermobaric footage here once again watching watching the impacts of the tos 1a is no matter how many times you see an explosion when you, when you watch a Thermobaric explosion it it. It amazes me personally, every time now, this one is landing in what appears in the reason i wanted to show this.

This is landing in what appears to be a relatively populated area. The reported area is mikolaiv, which is in about south center. Just to the northwest of hersen hersen being a key point right now that russia is trying to defend um ukraine launched a counter offensive down in hersen. I just i want to say just last week: mikolai eve is just to the northwest coming up for you guys. Now now again that looks like its. You know: suburban neighborhood type area, relatively populated one of the key one of the key uh pieces to this footage. As well, though, is this explosion right there? This one – this is indicative of you – know some um something else on a secondary, thats now exploding, because it just the signature doesnt match anything else around it. Military vehicle ammunition cache something along those lines. Okay, im going to pull the chat back up here. I also want to check in on some of the support and thank you guys for all of it, eagle spurch. Thank you for the five dollars uh fk dh, thanks for the 569 eagles perch. Thank you for the five running out all the reasons um put out for the reason for the war on ukraine, which do you think, is the most credible im, not sure. I understand the question all the reasons put out for the reason for the war on the ukrainians, which do you think is most credible. I dont think really any of them are credible.

Um. You know the ethnic russian argument weve talked about before uh. Even if your argument specific to the donbass was how the percentage of ethnic russians in the area whats the purpose for the invasion in the north or what about harkeev um, uh, sumi sharon heave it just it didnt make sense um. You know relative to a westward or excuse me uh eastern nato expansion that doesnt make very much sense either. I can to some degree, begin to understand that argument, but that doesnt necessarily justify invading a sovereign nation. So there arent there arent many arguments to to russias invasion of ukraine that make a whole lot of sense. To me, funker apparently means radio operator uh in german and works in norwegian. Oh the more. You know well guys thats just about it that i have for everything tonight lets double check, uh the website here and see if theres been anything else that i that i want to go through. In the meantime, im gon na give you uh something fun hey out loud all right. Some tells me ive got to show you this im, not even going to describe it for you, but i will tell you that its a ukrainian perspective, without knowing the uh the author, that posted this im willing to bet – and there was no audio im willing to Bet this was josh because i saw the title of the video ham fisted assault on ukrainian trench line im willing to bet this was one of joshs videos lets go, look lets look together, thats josh yeah! Here you go ill, give you full screen.

Um yeah thats, one of joshs terrifying footage coming out of ukraine ukrainian soldier holding his own against an onslaught of enemy fighters. Damn it joe all right lets, bring it back up. Im gon na pull the chat up here. Careful could be a hambush. There is audio yeah, i just i again, you know all the new equipment that we have, that we put in place for the new studio, guys im just still getting used to running everything off of this ive been ive, been creating content. You know for four years now over on over on my main machine there, so i know exactly where all my buttons are um. You know whats, muted whats, not its going to take me a little bit of time here, cat ambush. If i i see, i see some comments out there, ive got war war vids. If you guys have footage that youd like for us to review, for you, use our submission form, submit thats, going to take you to a google form uh. All you got to do is upload it unlisted to youtube. Let us know what you would what youd like to do with it and well put it out there. For you, i mean thats thats. Originally, that was the original design our founder and you know ill. Give you um a little bit about the funko 530 team, so there are six core members of the team, our founder funkers, canadian infantryman.

He started the youtube channel. The youtube channel pre dates the website uh the facebook um, all of it. He started the youtube channel. Really just to share footage of his deployment with his family. He wanted he wanted to share footage from his patrols. You can still find that stuff. You know buried way down in the videos um weve got will uh will is uh pro part recipient uh army, infantryman, josh, josh, purple, heart recipient marine uh machine gun, infantryman austie uh army infantryman, myself, uh im our im, our intel weenie uh. We also have tim tim is an air force, veteran um, and we all we all just kind of come together with our own niche and what we bring to the table will josh and austie are our writing team theyre, the ones out there that are finding all Of this content, uh tuesdays and thursdays, i try and bring uh some of some of it together. I cant i, we cant go through every video uh, largely because theres, some not safer, work, stuff, uh and it would take you know four or five hours each day. Theres, ten new videos posted every day at a minimum um, but each of us has our roles to play and its really a big team effort. The other white meet well guys, thats it for this thursdays stream, so uh coming up towards the end of this month. Im gon na have some vacation time, so i wont be around ive got a couple edited funker news network episodes uh that im gon na be working on from the new studio station here make sure to check out our sponsor for tonights episode.

Its gon na be atn optics, starting tomorrow, sweepstakes. You can enter to win the thor lt thermal optic uh right now i run the xcite4k on mine. I dont have a thermal on it and this will probably be what i what i throw on there next, but its a really great optic, its an affordable thermal optic. If you dont have thermals but youre in the market for one give atn a look, uh theyre our partner, i ive got quite a few of their things. The xi4k ive got the odin. I obviously have the thor here. Really great people um. We believe we believe in our partners right were not just partnering with anybody. Thats out there, im gon na continue my live night over on the other channel. Its gon na redirect you over there were gon na, be playing some escape from tarkov talking about the new patch thats out there uh. I do like to game in my kickback time, rather than sit down and uh watch tv, its just the hobby that i have. If you guys want to join me, wed love to have you over there over there weve done over 36 thousand dollars to veteran charity uh by building or buying custom gaming, pcs and sending them out to veterans that need a break from life swing by ill. Be happy to talk about it, thanks for being here, hit the like hit the sub hit the bell and stay informed.

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