Here the real question is: are you team, red or team blue? Oh thats, all i got ta say total coincidence. I never kicked the drum before so i dont wan na. Kick it out that way? Okay, so i would probably like well. I want to make sure i get you kicking it all right. Are you gon na fly it when you kick it im gon na see how well it recovers. We have no idea what were doing here. This might be an ultimate fail, but were gon na, try it anyway, all right. So what we have here, we have these flyers soccer balls from ld air arc, and this video were going to go over, it were going to fly, it will go outside, do some tricks with it and then, as always, we are going to smash, basically beat the Crap out of these things and see if we can break Music – oh oh you made it. Oh, i didnt bring her. Oh, no, okay! Okay, so is it upright? Oh my gosh! Oh he didnt like that one at all. He did not like it. So i put a spin on it and right there: oh hes pissed, oh my god, i hit it. You punched it pretty much at the props. So yeah generally, you would d. You know throttle down before you crash, but uh. That was a surprise. I definitely we smashed it hit it pretty hard. Okay. So that being said, all the props lets see.

Okay, this one here has a small nick. So this guard hit hard enough to flex. Oh yeah, i mean look yeah well, no, its designed to flex. I understand that but im saying, despite all that crash theres the slightest nick on the end of the prop here – and here i mean thats, just thats cool, so this this is a great idea because you can learn to fly crash, beat it up and just oh No panic shut off the motors and itll pretty much write itself back up. Okay, like always, if you find value in this video, be sure to give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our youtube channel. Also, every little purchase you make from grayson toby helps support. This channel either a pack of props pack, a quads and a pack of radios everything you see here, ships from atlanta. We got a huge warehouse. Everything is located here. We dont do dog drop shipping and its about two to three days, normally um to the pretty much the whole eastern border. Side of the us yep also be sure to check out our face. Grip group link is below. We have lots of guys helping each other out will and i sometimes are on there sometimes were not so so what we got is inside the box. I went ahead and opened the box. You get a little bag here, uh the fb156 ldarc, so formerly known as king kong. This size, i like this is great because its a lightweight its simple low parts count durable.

They did a good job with. Was this one? So the drone itself without a battery and the lens cap lets take the lens cap off this little cheat zero. Just to make sure i didnt zero, it all right, 95.1 grams for the drone itself hold on and make sure everybody can see the drone 95.1. Okay and then were gon na. This is the 450 mini star 450 three cell im, just gon na put this in here all so its mimics the weight so with the battery youre. Looking at 140.8 on in this particular case, given my batteries weighing 45.7 grams, so flying weight is still under 150 grams. With a 450. uh it can fly. I believe they recommend around a 650 as well: okay uh, so that probably adds another 20 grams, but youre still under 250 grams, nice all right, so we got the weight. Why is this thing measure out so given the fact that its a flying ball lets just do a little overlay here that they said 156, i guess thats why its called the fb 156 huh um, given that so youre looking at 156 millimeter diameter um across, and I would imagine, since its a ball yeah, this is a round ball yeah its, not a flying oval, all right, yeah its, not a flying oval until you smash it enough right, yeah theyre, using 20 24 blade props, so its a two inch prop um its already On installed on the yeah already, but put together that literally, that comes out of the bag like this, so we take it in the box, its like that receivers already there its just a matter of binding it put a battery in, but the motors are 1203 6500 Kb so its a great little sweet spot for a three cell uh battery its using an f4 flight controller with a 25 amp four in one, so its an aio.

So it looks like the uh. The flight, controller and speed controller are all one board all right. Uh, i know what that is, but explain to everybody else. What a i o aio is when you include multiple things, so its got the basically the pdb, the flight controller and the escs is all one specific board. The vtx is a tiny rocket, so i believe thats made by rush fpv run cam, nano 2 camera on it, so its not a bad camera, its like a 20 camera realistically um, but you can upgrade it so youre, not stuck with only that. So if you do want a better image down the road, you can do that its not a um specific to the model, to the camera, to the quad like the old et 115s, etc. Um again, it uses a 3 cell battery. You cannot use a 4 cell battery on it. You will your balance lead because the way the batteries mount in this you dont want that balancedly getting chopped up not propped because it does sit inside the case. Weve had a lot of three cell jobs on and gotten more performance. Dont do it with this. They stress it slightly on im, going to be a little bit lazy all right. So how does the battery, in this case so im gon na grab a battery ive used earlier um? This is the drone. This is another one ive been flying, so let me grab the ones i have bound here.

Um nice thing. One thing i want to point out: if you got a red, the red or the blue and ill go over that in a minute, they actually show color chords, yeah. They actually color coded the bags, which i thought that was pretty nice. They did that little smile on it all right, so we have a looks like a china hobby line. This is a four four five, three, seven, three seven um, so this is gon na be on the smaller side. Its gon na give you about a three minute flight, probably three and a half minute flight, depending on how much power, if youre, just flying around inside, about half throttle youre, definitely gon na get longer flights than that. I took it outside just punched it around doing. Flips and rolls and stuff like that, um and i got just shot just just right at three minutes that i was comfortable with batteries came down 3.7 volts. I dont like flying my batteries any lower than that um. So but let me go ahead and show you guys the color, so this is the blue as its showing here with the little straps im gon na go ahead and plug in the red one too, so you guys can see them side by side. Oh wow, look at that super nice. So what you have here is the blue band and the red band and the rear of it is the green led.

So these are here we go yeah, okay, oh thats! A is that a green is that yellow uh. Maybe it is im partially colorblind, so dont judge me its yellow, guys, im pretty sure its green, but hey, who knows thats, green thats, yellow or amber all right enough talk. I want to see this. This unique object fly okay, so one thing im gon na recommend is when you guys do uh put it in make sure you get a rubber band tape. Whatever you do and secure your balance lead, because the way the batteries mount in this you dont want that. Balancedly getting chopped up by the props because it does sit inside the cage got the battery in there plugs in heel all right, ready to fly yeah all right, so yeah i mean in my mind this is a trainer. This is something for someone that wants to learn how to fly and doesnt have great success in the past, maybe or theyre just really scared of the moving props and they have limited space to fly et cetera um or they just want something different different. This is definitely yeah. You want to crash into anything. I mean weve crashed this into the walls, the ground, the grass, the concrete, the driveway the shelves, and it did not. It did self fried itself, and that was just amazing and you dont even need to do the walk of shame because you can just yeah and for it i mean, and this particular model ive already changed the problem curve on it.

So im im more around hovering. Half level, but out of the box, this sucker has a lot of power, so be ready for it. With a lighter battery to jump out at you looks like a death star from from uh star wars, its pretty nimble, stop. Jumping around. I cant wait im flying the cover thats, the flying death star. Do it do it yall turn all the way around thats, so cool. Looking all right lets stand back. All right. Do your thing: Music, Music, all right hold on ready. So what do i want to point out here? Watch it so crashing it like that watch. It naturally no way dude thats, like the ultimate turtle. That being said, it kind of is yeah. So with this ball it it writes itself over occasionally with the lightweight battery. I noticed it would get stuck like this, but with a little bit of power, it writes itself back up, but when youre running the larger battery, its more likely the, i guess, the buoyancy of its more likely to keep it uh vertical after a crash. So itll roll around and ride itself, so you can literally take it roll it around and it centers no way so that is so cool but like as far as durability. Of course, i would hit the one nod here. I keep forgetting the green lights, not the front of the drone um. This is the one all right now now youre stuck yeah so out of the box.

It comes with the motors always spinning because of this design, and all that i would actually prefer to have angle mode with um motor stop on, because when you do crash, it lets itself write itself. If you dont have the motors running and fighting it drifting across the floor, so um thats, one thing i would suggest is putting motor stop on um and, if youre not comfortable with a acro mode or anything like that, maybe do a motor stop on on one Mode and then the motor is running on the other mode and two different angle modes and a horizon, but you got you know depending on what the radio, if you got a tx16 or something like that, you can do so many different modes. It doesnt matter. I mean thats, just thats cool, so this this is a great idea because you can learn to fly crash, beat it up and just oh, no panic shut off the motors and itll pretty much write itself back up. All right put the motors on im going to try to drop it so thats thats. Why? I reckon again thats why i recommend the motorcycle, because it kind of the gyro will kind of fight it a little bit so right now the motors are on ready. Put it back down Music, all right cut, so will how do you uh buy next guy, all right guys, so in order to make this video a little easier for you guys to understand the receivers underneath the canopy im going to go ahead and take the canopy Off for visual purposes, you dont really need to take it off.

You can see the receiver through the slots, but for the sake of the video, so you guys see whats going on im going to go ahead and take the top off and its just four screws. Over here all right, so the receiver, let me get the battery plugged in here im gon na use – my bind buddy so were gon na get that plugged in here. So we got the switch here. Um. You will need a d16 capable transmitter, whether its a jumper, radio, master, freeze, guy etc, but its d16 protocol and um. It does not work with spectrum fly sky, freesky or fly sky or any of those fr sky d16 uh. Depending on what firmware you have. This may say: fr sky, x, etc, um, but were gon na go ahead and bind this yall, so the receiver is going to be this one with the black antenna sticking out hold on. Let me get that okay, so the bind buttons in the center right here. This is the receiver. This is the ultra micro receiver, but the bind button is this little gold tab right here so were going to depress this little tab. You can feel a little click when you press it and then power up the receiver youll see the green flashing receiver. Setting in ac 900. Okay, then, were just gon na start the bind – and i i mean you can do it. Doesnt have telemetry, so you can do one through eight or nine three.

Sixteen i like the 9316 for the telemetry being on the last channel for the receiver um. So i just find it there and youll see it goes red and then, when you either bind either times out or you cancel it, youll see the led go green and the in this case the beeper went off a little bit too. So now its bound is connected. I cant get over how strong it was also one thing: wills out there doing power loops and rolls yeah itll flip itll loop, a roll. The one thing i will say, though, is the battery being at the bottom. Its designed to you know, get it balanced when it falls down and you know, write itself back up, but i do for someone thats new at it. You probably wont notice it, but some of the rolls and all that i felt the weight more of a barrel. Roll feel uh it wasnt much, but it definitely you can feel the the weight flying a centrifugal force or whatever you call it. I guess yeah, but again is that designed for freestyle its more designed for crash yeah, all right guys. There you have it. This is one unique design you guys should pick up one or two. This is something you could get a red and blue just beat the crap out of each other. You know fly into each other and mess around um, something you can have fun with. I could hit you in the face.