Well, where do i pick up one of these awesome looking nazgles right here in the store or at graysonhobby.com everything you see here, ships right from here for grayson hobby. We have a whole store. Full of fpv drones, airplanes parts batteries all that stuff, nothing drop, ships, everything ships here from loganville every little purchase, helps if its a pack of props a battery, strap or the quad and radio everything keeps the lights on and keeps this channel going guys. So i know everybodys familiar with the nazgul from iflight. This is the older version. Now theres, a new one that came out thats been very popular, were a little late to the game, getting the video out, but we actually havent been stocking on figured. I want to go over this with you guys, because a lot of people ask me this question uh. This is the evoque from iflight its the nasgol evoque. So its the newer model, you can see the the plastic side plates. This happens to be the dead cat style versus the squash to x. Um went with this style here for guys getting into the fpv world uh the a lot of the nicer cameras and all that thrown on there. You just want to get the props out of the way, and this is a great way to do it with the daycap and guys. The whole reason these are on here is for proper orientation out of the box for people that dont know.

This is a props out design. The whole reason to do props out on this is, if you catch any dirt, if you fling any dirt its going to fling it away from the camera and not straight into the lens. So if say, youre flying and catch a branch and you get the the green goo from the plants, it doesnt throw it right into the camera. So you cant see anything anymore itll, throw it away and spread it out. So thats a nice little feature there. They thought about the props out on that um, but yeah. This thing is pretty easy to take apart and all that i was a little more. I was expecting to be much more difficult because of the enclosures and all that um, but its not bad at all. It keeps some of the debris out and crap that youre gon na catch when hitting branches and stuff like that um because it does happen guys no ones perfect. This happens to be a six cell model here with the tbs crossfire pre installed, but were gon na go over this one right here, so im going to open this one up and show you guys, because a lot of people ask me whats the difference between the Different models and well go over and show you some of the newer stuff that they have um. This new one features the f7 flight controller with the e55s speed control the foreign one um, which is the newer stuff from iflight, so its just newer, electronics, updated and well go from there.

So without further ado lets crack this thing: open, uh, nazgul, props, so theyre, pretty aggressive props out here. If you guys are starting out, you might want to look into like ethics, peanut, butter and jellies, throw them on. There makes it a little smoother out of the box. This thing is extremely peppy, so if youre very new to it again, you might want to do throttle curves, and we might go over that in a different video down the road um. But for now lets get this thing unboxed, so we have the quad itself two sets of props. This one comes with a cable for the rxsr. I guess thats for, like software updates and stuff like that which, depending on which model you may or may not get that, but the rest of it is included the usbc cable. So this is another new thing on this. One um is the connection for it. You got a little pack with the battery strap little rubber grips that go on the top to keep the batter from sliding uh antenna tube covers for the models that use the antenna tubes, antenna extra screws prop nuts etc in there. The next thing is your screw and nut for the gopro style mount. So for those of you that dont have them or if you have a gopro, you can either 3d print. This ones fixed mount, but theres also some that mount through the slot, and then you can tighten it up, not included yeah.

So this is just something: people are printing and theyre reflect either replacing this and 3d printing this kind of stuff or if you have the gopro style cage you put it through and then run the bolt thats. What this is for right here and then what do we got in here stickers because everybody likes stickers, uh and then last but not least, is little spare light pipes. So this thing has leds all over it and actually lets go ahead and throw the antenna on and put the lights on this thing, because that is such a gorgeous looking quad. So before we can power it up. We have to put an antenna on this guys. No matter what model you get, the antenna needs to be installed. Failure to do so powering it up can damage the vtx. This is a lens cover. Im going to put it back on all right lets, leave that from the side but um, so the quad default. The leds are pre programmed these are programmable leds and because its currently uh no signal the lights could be changed and all that. But you have an led light pipe going through the sides here and on the bottom of the frame and the bottom of the motors and the center holding later in the day or at night, or you got a spotter thats following you and its not completely bright Out this thing is just gorgeous um. Now these are six millimeter arms, because a lot of people are thinking, oh well, they milled the channel for the led pipe.

The arm is a millimeter thicker. These are millimeter diameter, light pipes or whatever so youre, not losing any strength there. If anything, you probably have a little stronger arms than the previous model, so we got, and this is adjustable through betaflight. You can actually reprogram these leds to do different modes like if you change your flight mode. You have to change colors et cetera, theres, a lot of different things. Your programmable leds on this thing really cool, but i want to tear this open and show you guys. The inside of this quad, so this quad to access the top to get to anything which we really dont need to thats the beauty of this quad. You dont really need to take anything apart to set it up, but you know like we do always done in the quads. I like taran part to see whats in it. I want to see the workmanship quality of this product um, because that helps me recommend these things when they look good inside. So if they did a good job, then were gon na push it. If they didnt do a good job. We aint gon na push it. So just unscrew this thing and that being said, i flight. The last few generations of stuff ive seen from them, have always been pretty high quality solder jobs and everything so im, confident that the things gon na look very good and not like some poor quality eachine product or something like that.

Theyre pumping out nowadays to cut the bottom dollar wait a minute. You cant see that, yes, we can them Laughter that part you cant say either. Forget them. Oh im, putting it in there. Well, im tired of people calling about their two day old, eachines that dont work because they caught fire or something so top plate. Here this is a two millimeter top plate inside we have the blitz mini f7 flight controller. We have the success. I guess you call it uh mini force. This is a 600 milliwatt capable vtx. I believe it has. Let me double check my notes. It was four different power settings on this guy, so this vtx uses protocol. It has pit mode 25, 200, 400 and 600 milliwatt modes, guys. If you are going to run at 600 milliwatt, i would recommend turning pit mode on on disarming um because its in the shell, its going to get pretty warm. You dont want to cook your vtx. This is iflights camera. This is the race cam from iflight. So this is their r1 flight controller. Here you can see its got the plugs so as far as replacement, it looks like if you ever have to replace this flight controller, either little to no soldering whatsoever, which makes repairing pretty nice um as far as getting to the motors lets see. If can we lift these plates off on the side? Oh yeah, it looks, looks like this whole thing just lifts up here.

I have not taken one of these apart before so, if you guys are like what are you doing, will this is not how you do it? Well, guess what i dont know and im finding out so hate me later. Okay, all right! So thats just really just friction yeah its its really tight. I mean im, probably unscrewing. The camera on the sides would make this a little easier, but im trying to take this off all as one piece looks like its moving, and we do have to be careful with the leds guys. If you look in here, the leds are plugged in the side plates, so you dont, want to just completely yank off this frame plus were putting tension on this camera. So im going to unplug the camera here, im going to unplug the camera direct from the board, not the board the wire from the board and then im going to unplug these two leds here. So we can lift this whole top plate off and get to the goods point to the ones you unplug, because its hard to see yeah im trying to get my tiny hands in here. Okay, guys anybody remember the burger king commercial, its these tiny hands all right! All right, so i unplugged this plug from the camera itself. Okay and then i unplugged this plug and this plug from the wires here. Okay, so we got that so those two came these two right here right there: okay, this one and this one and then this one right here: okay uh, probably should pull that vc off too.

That probably didnt make anything easier, but that is the side pipes and all that the leds. So the way these side pipes are controlled is through this led controller here. So when you say pipes, you need the little white clear, strips yeah, okay, all right. So this is what we got inside the drone, so we have a looks like a 20 by 20 footprint that possibly can be moved out to 30 by 30 here um with m2 screws, so thats secured, but again this vtx. If you had to replace it, it bolts in you got a mmcx plug here. You got a plug there, so thats easy to be serviced if you ever have to repair it. This right here is my favorite part of the quad. Let me spin this around usbc plug. They are starting drones, newer, quads, thats kind of one way to know if youre getting a newer like not necessarily newer model but more updated stuff. A lot of the newer flight controllers out there are coming with usbcs instead of usb 2 uh, minis or micro micro usb sorry, i dont know why i said any usb um, but a lot of the newest flight generation. Flight controllers are going to see usb cs on it, which is awesome. Um some of the lower end stuff is still still going to be micro, usbs, but a lot of your hiring stuff youre going to see that yeah and then um so moving down.

This is a 55 amp with a 60 amp burst 6 cell, capable four and one esc uh. You have pre solder leads here. So the only thing realistically that i see as far as servicing the quad, if you burn out a motor or burn out a foreign one, you will have to do soldering, but as far as flight control replacement, led controller placement, vtx replacement, doesnt, look like youre gon Na have to do any soldering, which makes things a little bit easier at the end of the day um. So i really like that. One thing to mention: i did mention earlier: six millimeter arms here: 2.5 millimeter bottom plate um, you can see the bottom plate goes down the length here, but its a little shorter, its not like super long. So if you smash its not going to hit too hard um, it is a little thinner, theres, a lot of cuts in here under where the receiver tab is so. I wish they kind of left that thick but thats, so you can access the screws on the bottom um, but super thick arms super thick plates here: uh hexagonal, standoffs, metal, standoffs, theyre, not plastic or anything like that uh and they got a lot of 3d printed. Tpu on here this is motor guards here with the lights underneath. This is going to be nice because you know if you dont land, on concrete, its, not gon na tear up the products and all that um and its just a nice little protection for the carbon fiber.

So it doesnt get all frayed up from smashing here and there um in the front and the rear. Then you got the antenna mount. So if you do end up going to crossfire is already there. So if you go to crossfire antennas, you can put that in etc. This uses the tbs style mounting position here with the two little pigtail screws, um, xt60 and thats mounted on this and thats. One thing i should have showed you guys: the xt60 is really nice because its secured and when you go to plug in your battery depending on how you plug it in its going to minimize the amount of wire floating around, you still have the balance lead here. Um, you might want to end up putting like a rubber band around or something like that or a zip tie to secure it um you can run like a loose, zip tie or something like that or a rubber band, but uh always remember your balance. Lead still cut it off yeah you dont wan na get cut off by the props, but even so its going to be harder on this design, but having that there versus a loose just random wire, like on the older model, um thats, going to minimize the amount Of wires, getting chopped by props, i cant tell you how many of the diatones eye flights etcetera of these that i see come in customers have that they forgot to tie down the strap or they crashed and the battery lead went over and the prop just ate.

It up to where its all chewed up mangled up and thats a potential short waiting to happen if you cut both them together, so thats really awesome that they took the time to make that a solid mount. This is a black china hobby line. The wire length is just perfect guys. This is just a perfect length, wire out of the box to be able to do this with minimal slop in the wiring, so youre youre, nice and tight setups. If you do have to access the receiver thats one thing to go over here, uh, you will pull off the factory sticker here, and this has basically binding instructions depending on what receiver you have. If i can lift this up here and youll see the receiver you can get to from the bottom here, so you you have a little button shown in the picture right there and you want to use like a probably like a toothpick or something like that. I wouldnt use anything metal like i have here because pushing that button you dont want to damage anything again out of the box. You dont have to disassemble this thing. Its literally bind it up set your flight modes, the tuning on it. The rates are pretty aggressive out of the box, but the actual tune at all its pretty spot on um. To get you going. Another thing to mention is the beeper on this: the uh five volt buzzer for all your different, like beeping modes lost, plane, finder and et cetera its right there easy to uh its its very loud um, its right there on the bottom, so its not covered up Its not baffled or anything like that and its just a good placement, because its not going to get damaged its, not flopping around and stuff like that, wow thats, a lot of information.

It is a lot of information, but honestly, i just want an excuse to tear this apart and take a look at it, because i was really interested to see what their new electronics look like. Well, you mentioned earlier their soldering job. Yes, how are you doing? They did good um, i will say i have seen better from other companies per se, but that is for an out of the box product, its 99 better than most of those home solder, jobs, ive, seen um, but uh. I would say i mean i would not fault their solder job its nice clean theyre, probably using lead free solder, so its a little harder to use but its for compliance stuff. But no everything looks really good. Its laid out really well theres, also a capacitor, which i dont know if you can see it under the little silver capacitor. So instead of having a capacitor soldered like the battery leads or something like that, they actually have it on the board itself um. So there is a capacitor for the uh speed control in here um. As far as the motors go, though, these are zing e pros 2207s and you either have the 2750kv in the four cell or the 1800 kv in the six cell model. This will come with a little usb rubber grommet, so on that right, heel and the protector yeah a little cover for dirt and stuff like that, so you dont get during that um.

If you do get the dji model, if you get the one with the caddix, you will have a second cover here and youll also have the bind. Button will be down in this little slot, so yeah thats, the thats, the pair, your dji goggles, with the cadx unit, um and, of course, thatll be a different vtx as well um and camera. You have an eight second closing go. So, thank you guys for watching us. Take apart a quad gaming excuse to do something that i actually enjoy doing is taking things apart and eventually putting them back together, thumbs up, definitely uh. Absolutely i honestly. The only thing i complain about is the vtx not being 800 milliwatt like the old one. Everything else is better like i just i love the looks of this quad.