com dji mavica mini 2 clone, okay, guys so three two one lets get at it: Music, all right guys, so i bought this off wish. Witch.Com lets go ahead and just open it up here, since it looks like a black case and what this is supposed to be, or at least what called it was a dji mini mavica mini 2 clone. Okay, now lets take it out of the box here. Um first thing: this thing is paper light. It feels like im gon na break it just touching it i mean it is so stinking flimsy its not even funny the plastic on it is just so incredibly thin. You can just anything you do just warps it now. Drones have to be light, thats true, but this thing here feels like its got: no substance at all to it: uh it does got a little camera down here. Doesnt appear to rotate. Well, it does rotate. You can do it manually. Um i mean it is just a piece piece of really cheap jump. I mean it comes with a little controller here. What else it got got some manuals here got two two extra batteries got a battery right here, so it comes with three batteries um. You know. I mean the question is: is does it work? Let me see here if itll turn on itll even turn on okay, so it will turn on. Let me get some batteries in this thing and ill be right.

Back okay, so im back, i got some batteries in here um, i dont know what these are for: im, not sure what theyre for press this turns this on lets see here. The instructions say, push up and down. Okay, that works. The instructions say press this little button right here to um, calibrate it on a flat surface. So lets see okay so that supposed to calibrate it it didnt do anything. Oh there we go all right, so thats a calibration there um and then it starts up, but weve got something wrong with this. Okay that started. There touched it okay, trying to keep it in the screen here. Well, it seems to start up okay, this had a little trouble on this side. It was kind of wobbling here now. Let me back up here and see what happens when i go up with it. Its attacking me here, Applause, ah Music, it wont take off. I got ta, stop it here, okay, so this theres something wrong with this motor right here when i started it up, it was wobbling and even though i calibrated it when i went to just go straight up, theres a zero wind environment. It came right at me here: okay, it starts up fine. Let me move it forward. Just a little bit more here, go ahead and use the calibration thing again. No that didnt work turn it off that supposedly calibrates it here. By doing this, all right lets try this again and move it just a little bit forward here.

So it doesnt hit me okay, so it seems to take off fine lets just push forward and see what happens. Yeah. This wont take off right, im kind of holding it here, thats kind of what it wants to do: Music, its just hanging at an angle here: Music, okay, so i cant even get the thing to take off. No big surprise. I wasnt expecting i mean i paid 30 bucks for it. Yes, i you know guys. I did not expect to get a dji mini clone anything that resembled the dgi, but i did expect to get a something that flew ive had some drones before and i still have them and theyre fun to fly this thing doesnt even take off. It came with a defective motor. Its super super super cheap um. I just really its a piece of junk okay guys. Well i mean i cant go any further. I was going to show you some tricks and what it could do, but it will not even take off right here on the table. Ive gone through a lot of testing with it um and trying to figure out how to get this thing to fly and its just basically, its uh dead on arrival theres something wrong with this motor over here. It just is not getting the speed out of it or or something like that, im not sure whats wrong with it, but it just doesnt work and when i took it out of the box, it was a piece of junk i mean it is so stinking flimsy.

I mean my gosh its just its made out of paper paper thin plastic. Okay, guys. I tried my best to get this thing to take off. I did everything i could. I could not get it to take off theres something wrong with this motor and its not surprising so um. You know i got scammed again, not really. I knew it was a piece of junk way before i bought it, but i wanted to see what you can get for 30 bucks off of. I did not expect anything close to a dji mini um. I realized i wasnt going to get that. So that was a surprise, but i did expect to get something that would actually fly. I have had had some other cheap drones in the 30 dollar range and they float and i still fly them today and theyre a lot of fun. I was expecting maybe to get something a tad bit better with maybe a little bit better camera, but this is not even i wouldnt even qualify this as a kindergartners toy, its so poorly made all right. It is a piece of junk um. Do not waste your money buying a dji clone knockoff cause they dont even try to come close to what theyre talking about its, not even in the same universe, its somewhere else, okay, um and so um. Just uh do not get taken by that and uh. There you go well, i hope you enjoyed this video if you have please like subscribe and comment until next time.