Hs, 270 gps drone. So three two one lets get at it: Music, all right guys! So im really excited about this drone here. This is my first real drone um to test out ive had a few other drones back a year or so ago that i did some videos on and since then theres been new laws that have come out uh regarding drones, um and also youtube videos. So on youtube, if i post a video review of a drone, its considered commercial footage and in order now to fly a drone and take commercial footage with a drone in the united states, you have to actually have a commercial pilots license for flying a remotely manned Vehicle and thats called the part 107 license all right. I dont have that, so i will be flying this drone and ill be showing it, but the footage that im going to be showing you today in order to stay in line with the law is going to be handheld. Okay, uh that thats the way it has to be until i can get my part 107 license, which i do not have yet, okay guys, so just uh thats the way it has to be thats. What laws do to make life harder all right, so okay, but lets go ahead and break this baby out of the box and look at it now. This is the holy stone hs270 and comes in this nice box. All foam padded here all right lets get this drone out here, wow its heavier than i expected.

I expected it all. The drones ive had were um really super lightweight. This has got some weight to it. Ive never had a drone like this before. So let me take my time here. Just move those arms out like that, i guess theres, a sequence to do this in the blades are a lot thicker than the drones ive had before. Like i said, all ive ever flown were toys up until now and lets see yeah got ta. Do this first, its got ta open that way, and then this way here all right. Let me move the box over here. Get this out here. Get this all off! This its got a nice piece of this on top pull that off. Okay, really interesting. This is really nice feeling drone feels pretty solid, its got some weight to it, but it doesnt feel too heavy and the blades feel like theyve got some some some thickness to them. Okay lets see what else came in the box. Here we got uh the remote control um. What is this? This is propellers heres an extra battery. What is this here? This is the manual and thats pretty much it so got. Let me open this up here: got some screwdrivers some screws, a data cable and a set of extra blades. Okay, good, im gon na have to do a lot of learning, but uh im gon na get this out and im gon na fly it around.

So the reason i got this drone is to learn how to fly a drone and get really good at it, because i do i do plan to get my commercial license so that i can actually fly these and do the videos like that. But i needed a drone to practice with, so this is my practice drone and its the first of many drones that ill be doing on the nothing but gadgets channel, and hopefully, with it and some study, i will get my part 107 license and then ill come Back and ill do footage with this, so let me get out there and practice with this all right, guys, im back and let me just save some time right here and cut to the chase uh. This thing is not worth the money um. I believe that it is way over hyped to the level of actually being a scam, and i dont want to say that word scam too much, because i do believe this is an actual official holy stone drone. But i think the marketing that they put into promoting this is to the level of what scammers would do and ill tell you why, um before i get into how this thing worked, let me tell you about why i bought it okay, so i bought this because I went searching on google for what i would consider or what looked to be like professional reviews from you know, drone enthusiasts people that actually review drones and have something that they can compare.

You know people like me, but that have a lot more experience in drones, and so i dont really have a lot of experience. Ive had some 30 and 40 and 50 little toy drones, but ive never had anything in the 300 range like this. I think i paid 279 dollars for this thing on amazon.com, okay and so um. You know i was thinking you know because, like a uh, the the the dji mini uh is like 350 or 400 dollars. So i thought: well, you know im not paying as much as one of those, but i should get something thats good, and so i read a lot of reviews. Okay and many different websites called this. The holy grail of entry level, uh drones for serious enthusiasts, okay, um, even or what they would call professional entry level professional drone, and so i figured for close to three hundred dollars that i would get something that i could train with. Um before i dropped. A thousand dollars on a much higher quality drone that i really want to eventually get, but i wanted to train with something, and i wanted something with basic functions like follow me: gps, return, home, auto return home things like that. I really wasnt interested so much in the footage because im not planning on using it, but i i thought this: has the 2.7 k footage capacity uh. You know i thought well. That would be good enough if i want to use it as a b roll or something like that, all right, but heres the thing guys um this thing just flat out doesnt work.

Does it fly? Yes, it flies and you get the control and flight. I mean if you just want to fly a toy that flies around and does nothing else. This will do it, but you can do the same thing for 50 bucks. I mean watch some of my other drone reviews. I mean those are a lot of fun. Little toys, but as far as every other function on this thing, it either doesnt work or it works so badly that its just not worth where its the frustration to deal with. Nothing else works right on this. This drone uh at least not to a level that you could trust it to do anything. Okay, all right so um. As i said before, im not im, not i dont have the commercial license. The part 107 faa required license to be able to show you footage of the drone in flight or from the drone in flight. So im just gon na tell you what happened in testing in flight as far as playing around with it and just driving it and flying it like a drone. It was fine it. You know it did fine. You could just fly it around if thats. What you want to do is just fly a thing around: okay, as far as hovering in the air just sitting there like. If you wanted to film something still, it would not hover. I calibrated this thing until i got sick of calibrating that and no matter how many times i calibrated it, it would sit there in the air and when you just let everything go and let it hover.

It would literally start wobbling like this, and then it would start making these circles like and those would get bigger and bigger and bigger. It would just it would become unstable and then you would have to fly it again and then it would like hover and then just start warning where, and i tried everything under the sun to get this thing to fly stable and im, not talking in like high Winds, it was just you know, there might have been a little occasional puff of a breeze was like, and even in completely dead, still calm. It would not hover, and so, if you shot footage with it, you were just you know. It was just all over the place so as far as this gps, one of the big problems is this things supposed to have. According to the ad extreme stability, which is actually on the amazon.com ad, all right um, it is not stable at all, not not in the slightest stable. Okay and part of the reason is the gps: just will not stay connected okay, so i i im out here in the middle of nowhere with in just wide open fields with blue skies, and it cannot stay connected to the gps. The gps is constantly losing connection and and as far as its uh gyroscope, which tells it which is balanced. It just doesnt, know what its doing so. Thats, not working okay, um all right. So the extreme stability thats out now its supposed to have follow me, which means that youre its with youve, got the controller in your hand, and you tell it to follow you.

You should be able to walk around and this things gon na, follow you and film. You no matter where you go, you can get in the car and drive and it should follow you. Okay, all right. First of all that doesnt work at all um when you ever when i went into follow me mode. If i was standing lets say right here where my mouse is okay and it was all say, 30 feet out it wouldnt point right at me. I tried a thousand times to get it to point right at me. It would sit cockeyed to me and i would be like in the corner of the screen and then, if i moved ever so slightly, it would just like me. It would lose me. It did not follow at all. So the follow me did not work at all its supposed to have point of interest, which means that youre supposed to be able to tell it to focus it on something, tell it what to look and its supposed to fly in a circle around it. You know just and do like a 360 degree view of that issue that absolutely doesnt work at all. I mean it doesnt even try to work it doesnt function at all. I read through the manual a hundred times um, and i did i did everything according to the manual over and over again. The point of interest does not work. The gps doesnt work now its supposed to have like super clear, wi, fi and transmission literally outside of 30 feet.

This thing loses connection with the phone totally unobstructed view and and nothing in between, and it is about. 30 foot range is all that its got all right, um, let me see so weve covered the follow me weve covered stability, gps, wi, fi, um, return home. That is the one thing that worked some of the time um. Now i never actually took this thing more than say 20 30 yards away from me, because it actually um loses connection and then tries to fly off on its own and one time i would just flew it about 30 yards away, and it just. I lost complete control of it and flew right into a tree, so i flew it only within about maybe 20 yards maximum and about maybe 20 30 feet off the ground and thats as far as ever got away because any further than that it lost contact and Would just fly off on his own and do whatever it wanted to do um, but it did have the return home function and that worked some of the time. Okay, it would come back within reason to the area where it took off one time. It literally landed the peg, the the uh right on the spot, where i had taken off from, but in most cases it has supposed to have ground detection, and so, when it comes down it comes down like were going to sit in there doing that it wont Land, its just like it doesnt know where the ground is at and then it does this, for oh say about 30 seconds and then finally yeah and it lands like that.

So the ground detection on is not very accurate. It has a hard time detecting what the ground is and landing um. Okay, so those are most of the features of it. Theres some other things: battery life battery life. Well, if you could just turn this thing on and just fly it, you might get 15 minutes out of it if theres no wind at all, i mean at completely perfect conditions. You might get 18 minutes, which is what they say on the website. But when you turn it on, it has to calibrate and it has to get gps and because of all those things it takes several minutes just sitting there on to get uh calibrated and getting gps contact and all that things so um the most i ever got Out of it is about 10 minutes of flying time, and if i was trying to fly it really hard, you know laying around. I got about eight minutes out of it. If i was just and honestly i didnt like i said i didnt fly it very far. I was just flying around me and doing testing i predominantly didnt really have i didnt buy the drone just to fly a drone. If i want to fly a drone just to fly, a drone ill buy a toy, because then i you know that with no camera on it, so its just something i can i can fly, i didnt buy it to do that.

I bought it to use the functions. The follow me, the gps, the return home, the camera, all those things so last and not least, lets talk about the camera. Okay, i was gon na. Do you footage and comparison with other cameras like a smartphone and try to try to give you some kind of an example, but the truth is: is the camera on this scene is about the quality of maybe a 50 cheap toy drone, its not 2.7 k, its? Not even smartphone i mean its, this is like a uh. This is, if you had footage from something uh like a flip phone like a vga, flip phone. The footage on this was grainy. It was choppy um. It was just not even worth anything its just. There was the footage was horrible on this, its not even worth showing um ive. Had you know twenty dollar action cameras that produce better footage than this thing um. So you know it. Just all around is a very expensive toy for flying and that nothing seems to work on at any level that you could trust it or use it in any serious application. All right guys. I hate that, but i really truly feel that i was scammed on this and ill. Tell you why i use the word scam here. Not that holy stone is not a legitimate company um and they may produce good drones, but i will never buy anything from holy stone again for for several reasons.

One. I believe every website that i read a professional review on is fake. I believe that holy stone either paid for those reviews to be written about their things, that they were not true, real professional opinions, but that they, i believe they either paid somebody to make those reviews or that they actually own the websites and made the reviews themselves. I do not believe i read a single website that that um recommended the holy stone hs 270 as a as a a great or the best uh entry level level. Professional drone. I dont think one of those was a legitimate rou review from an honest, professional reviewer. Okay, i think theyre all fake and they were all to pad the google search results so that when you search for entry level, professional drone or commercial drone, you would find those websites. And then you would read those reviews and theyre very well done very professional. Looking but i think, theyre all fake and i think that holy stone paid for them. Okay, um there on amazon.com theres, like thousands of of five star reviews for this. But if you read the one star reviews, if you go to amazon.com, get rid of all the five star reviews and read the one star reviews youre going to find hundreds of people. That will tell you exactly what im telling you in this video that nothing works. On this, yes, it flies, it does fly the camera sucks, the gps sucks, the wi fi sucks, the stability sucks everything sucks, except for the fact that the drone does fly okay, um, and if you go, you cannot buy this thing.

I dont know how i even got it because i must have bought the last one on sale on earth, because there is not a website anywhere that sells one of these things. Theres no support, even the holy stone website, does not have a page for the hs270. Not where you can buy it not in there, they do have a manual on their website for it, but they do not have a page where you can buy it, where you can buy batteries for it where you can buy blades for it theres. Absolutely zero support for this thing in any way and you cant buy. I dont care amazon, walmart ebay. Wherever you want alibaba aliexpress, you cannot find a battery for this thing um. So you know youve got about 20 minutes of flying time. With this thing, before you run out of both batteries and then youre sitting down for five hours, waiting for them to charge, okay, so that that is just you, cant get anything extra for it. The only good thing about this review is that i bought this cool hard waterproof case here to put the drone in and i bought it, and i just took the insert out of the box and uh the insert that came here and i stuck it right down. In here, so i have this really cool waterproof case from pure outdoor that i got on amazon.com. I mean this is a heck of a case here.

So when i do get a really decent drone, at least ill have a decent case to put it in, but this, unfortunately, is not a decent drone. All right, guys well theres. My review of the holy stone hs270 drone. Unfortunately, a very sad experience and um im. Just gon na say right here: my recommendation is dont, buy anything from holy stone, not because they probably dont produce good drones, and i dont know that i have no experience with them, but i believe that they use underhanded, scam, scam, like marketing techniques, to actually get This on the market and pad the google search results with fake professional reviews, so that people would have the confidence to buy. It was good enough to fool me because thats how good it was, but taking a look back and talking uh with other people that have had this and reading other reviews, im sure that they are not using the best marketing honest marketing technique to get this out. There and uh this thing should be sold for 50 bucks, not for 300, all right guys. I hope you enjoyed this review. If you have please like subscribe and comment until next time.