This is a full review for the akrapovic, properly pronounced akrapovic, full race system. For my 2022 ducati multistrada v4s and as usual for the radar cars family, i did a very thorough, sound comparison. I weighed the exhausts personally and completed a thorough analysis and please stick around till the end for a virtual ride, along where we do some launches and have a good time lets do work. The akrapovic race exhaust, with included upmap, adds power, torque and wicked sound waves to an already stellar motorcycle made of stainless steel and equipped with a high grade, titanium, alloy muffler, its lighter and with a handmade carbon fiber end cap and honeycomb mesh on the outlets. It has a truly unmistakable racing, look and character to match priced at 3 200, us its a substantial investment, but worth every penny. I know you want to get to the exhaust note comparison, but hang tight. This is a full review, so some key points. First, the multi strata sport comes with the slip on exhaust with the option to get the full race exhaust listen carefully, get the full exhaust with the included up map. If you can, if you just want a motorcycle, thats, fun and quiet it has loads of power, then just keep the multistrada stock, but if you want more performance and more polish and more growl to get the full system, ive never seen a bigger improvement in performance. Like i do on this exhaust in all my years of modding motorcycles, yes, its that good the difference versus stock and feel is almost night and day.

This is achieved via a combination of breathability up map and massive weight reduction, speaking of which lets take a look at how much we achieved Music 25 pounds, 35 ounces, Music, all right, 15.55 pounds all right, so a difference of ten pounds, and i did have a Bunch of extra bubble wrap in the akrapovic system box, so i think it does match the acclaimed 11 pound difference, which is massive. So, as you saw, we achieved a substantial weight savings of over 10 pounds, so im calling this the exhaust, the ultimate gentlemans exhaust, because i think most of us multi strata owners dont, want to shatter our neighbors windows with rude sounding exhausts. I think ducati and akrapovic knew this and thats why they designed this exhaust to be nice sounding, while giving the bike a growl that doesnt hurt anybodys feelings, its aggressive, but its not too loud. Yes, its more throaty, but its not obnoxious, like my diavel 1260s, with the db killers out by the way after that review, i put them back in. I dont want to be that guy whos, scaring babies and waking up grandmas. However, in my next video i will be doing a db, kill or delete to let you know how that sounds, versus stock and versus with the db killers in so stay tuned. For that, i also put this bike on the dyno stock and i will be doing the post exhaust upgrade dyno on monday.

So look forward to that video as well. Another note when you get the up map, it actually changes your graphics here on your display to include that cool, ducati, evo animation. I love this fine attention to detail that ducati is known, for it just makes the bike look and feel more special, great job. Ducati. That said, lets dive into the exhaust sound comparison, but first some quick words of wisdom, Music, Music, Music, um, Music, wow, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. Okay, i could just tell you the summary, but instead lets take a ride together and ill. Give you the summary. While we have some nice scenery in the background, my goal of this bike is to be a great all around all season bike, mostly for longer range or colder riding something i can take to the office and not scare anyone with a loud exhaust. But i definitely didnt want my bike. Choking under overreaching regulations with the akrapovic. The motorcycle sounds and feels more alive like it was meant to be. When ducati made it, then they had to muzzle it for said regulations, but together with akrapovic, they took the constraints off to make the bike what she was born to be month and track. Only of course, in terms of looks, it looks great, but in a subtle way, its not totally racy, like my monster, plus with the black and red pinstripes, which are gorgeous by the way. But i love the mesh on the outlets and the carbon fiber tip a true classy, but unmistakably race inspired, look and guess what you can take off the panniers and take this bike to the track.

If youd like, i love you ducati comfort, there is zero drone with this exhaust theres no need to have your earplugs in you can just enjoy the ride. It sounds beautiful, precise and appropriately aggressive performance. When i first twisted the throttle in sport mode, it literally surprised me how much of a difference there was in throttle response, power and torque. I could feel my front wheel getting lighter effortlessly without even going deep into the throttle. The bike was already 170 horsepower and 92 pound feet of torque, so it flies, but compared to the akropovic system, stock felt anemic. Now it feels like a proper im perfect at everything, masterpiece straight line power, cornering track off roading and then pop the suspension into the softest mode and do some comfortable touring like youre riding on a cloud. All of that is elevated because of this exhaust, the bike. Just feels like its complete, i cant wait to try this out after a db killer, delete so stay tuned for that video. So if you want more performance out of an already powerful multi strata – and you want a little bit more aggression in the exhaust note – you want those super cool, ducati, evo graphics, on your display. Then this exhaust is for you alright guys. If you are new here, please hit the subscribe hit that like button, if you like, the video, really helps the channel and drop a comment below to share your opinion.

I always engage with the rated r cars family until then always remember.