Today we are taking a look at the sjrcs f7 4k pro. It is a semi foldable, three axis mechanical gimbal, three kilometer control distance, three kilometer wi fi fpv, video transmission, distance 4k, wi fi, fpv, camera, gps, rc ready to fly so taking a closer look. It is about a medium sized quadcopter with removable landing legs and the removable hanging camera on a 3 axis gimbal, which is mounted to an anti vibration mount now. The camera lens has a field of view of 70 degrees and it is remotely tilt adjustable from zero to 90 degrees. It will record 4k photos and videos to the microsd card and 4k photos and 720p videos to the phone app and thus into the camera. Roll of the device used – and here is the micro sd card slot. It supports from a 32 gigabyte up to a 128 gigabyte micro sd card, a class 10 or higher micro sd card is recommended. It comes with a nice camera, slash gimbal protector that fits the camera perfectly and snaps up to the landing legs to hold it in place, nice and secure, so the whole camera gimbal and the vibration mounting unit can be removed, just unlatch it with this sliding lock And it will all come off. First remove the camera, slash gimbal protector and unlatch the camera unit and the whole camera unit comes right off, and here is the latch. Now the landing legs are also detachable.

First, unclip the rear legs, and by rotating the front it can be removed just like that. Do the other side, so theres no landing gear left, but you could fly this thing just like this. If you ever feel the need for speed without all of the extra weight, that is, of course, just line of sight, so to put it all back, just reverse the process. First clip the legs on and then the camera unit. The camera unit in the rear is just flat in the front theres a notch where it will correspond to the notch in the front of the quadcopter, so put the notch in there and then unlock the rear latch and the camera unit is mounted back on on The bottom is some placement holders for an optical flow sensor, camera and perhaps some led lights or other type of sensors, but it did not come with any of those things. There is, however, a status led light in the rear and in the rear is the battery bay just squeeze the button on the top and pull the battery out. The battery is a 11.1 volt, 2 600 milliamp size battery good for about 25 minutes of flight time charge it up via the usbc port, using the usb to usbc charge, cable provided using up to a 5 volt 3 amp charger. It will take roughly about 5 hours to fully charge it up to check the battery level press and hold the push button.

Power switch for about 3 seconds press again for three seconds to power off, and that is exactly how the quadcopter will power on and power off as well slide it back in and it will click and lock into place. The motors are the 1806 brushless motors and the props are the dual bladed six inch props, with a hex screw that holds it in place and under each of the front arms is the front status led lights. There is no status led lights in the rear arms, except for the status led light in the bottom rear of the quadcopter and in the front we have what looks like a hidden led panel or some kind of a sensor panel. But it is just for looks it weighs in at 553 grams with the battery, so it will need to have a registration number sticker affixed to the aircraft. The remote controller is familiar. It is identical to the rooko f11 gim2 and the holy stone hs 600. Remote controllers, it has the same bulging antenna and they are both functioning antennas and it also takes quite a while for it to connect to the aircraft about 20 to 40 seconds and once it does connect. Only then will the wi fi network appear in the wi fi section of the phone or the device that you are using so to be able to connect to the phone app. So clearly, it also has the enhanced video transmission or the relay transmission technology that ruco and holy stone uses for the three kilometer control distance and the three kilometer wi fi fpv video transmission distance.

So we have the spring loaded foam clip the flip out antennas. The flip out hand grips and they feel nice in the hands and on the left, shoulder we have a rotary dial for the camera zoom and the photo button hold the photo button, while in the air in addi mode to trim. If the quadcopter has a drift. Also hold the photo button and power up the remote controller to change from mode two, which is left hand throttle to mode one, which is right hand throttle, and vice versa, on the right shoulder is the camera tilt, rotary dial and the video button in the front. We have the mjx style lcd display screen and the gimbals are nice and smooth. There is the speed changing button speeds one two and three can be had in the form of camera mode, normal mode and sport mode respectively. Just like that long press, the turn gps on and off, which will be the attitude mode. We also have the emergency stop button, a short followed by a long press, activates the emergency stop heres the power push button on and off switch short, followed by a long press powers off the remote control. A short press shows the remaining battery level, a short followed by a long press turns it back on. Here is the gps return home button press it and the quadcopter will come back and land where it took off from autonomously. Both sticks to the bottom and in will arm and disarm.

The motors of the quadcopter, both sticks to the top and in will initiate the compass calibration and both sticks to the top and out will calibrate the gyros of the quadcopter charge up the 3.7 volt 1. 500 milliamp size battery that is built into the remote controller via the usb c port. Using the provided charge, cable, it will roughly take about two hours to fully charge and it is set to have about two hours of run time. All right guys so lets get started with the sjrcs f74k pro got the battery inserted fully charged, and i have a 32 gigabyte micro sd card formatted. So we are ready to go so lets, go ahead and power, it up: Music, okay, power up the remote and now its going to take about 20 to 40 seconds for them to initialize and connect to each other. So dont freak out. If your quadcopter doesnt connect right away, it takes about 20 to 40 seconds. The gimbal just got initiated or calibrated so lets go ahead and wait in the meantime turn on my phone and go to the wi fi section of your phone go to the wi fi section and wait until the wi fi network appears and it just got connected And the wi fi network just appeared and it is connecting by itself and it has connected all right so lets get going with the app. Let me go ahead and show you guys the app first.

It looks like that. Its called the sjf pro app free downloadable app in the app store and lets get started here. All right. Let me go ahead and screen record three. Two one boom screen is recording. Let me stop it and then restart, because sometimes my screen record dies off by itself. Three two one boom all right screen is recording thats, how it looks like so from the drop down. You want to choose f7 and go into the controls there. We go and itll slowly phase in so be a little patient. Sometimes it takes a while and there you go phased right in very nice lets check it out. Oh yeah, looking nice theres a slight bit of delay, but thatll slowly fix itself looks very nice. Lets. Do a little pitch check out the gimbal there you go im pitching up and down, and the horizon is pretty level now. How about some rolls oops? I went too much there. You go some rolls and some yaw yeah yall is not bad. Its pretty fast to react. Okay, so there you go three axis gimbal, now, first things. First, what you want to do is click the three dots on the very top right corner go into the settings, and here i have turned off beginner mode but thats how it looks like when you turn on beginner mode. Okay, so i have mines, turned off and im going to go all the way to 3000 meters and 120 meters in distance and altitude im going to leave my return to home altitude at 20 meters and get out.

Hopefully it is set to that. So lets check back. You can also track your clock after if you lose it, you can use this to track your quadcopter, which is nice and theres a pan tilt and zoom, and you can change from inches to or meters per. Second, i believe there you go all right, so lets get back out and check this thing out. So every time youre flying one of these gps quadcopters, you got ta calibrate the compass. So here we go with this. One both sticks to the top and in will initiate the calibration up and in there you go its telling me to rotate it horizontally and now its telling me to rotate it vertically with the nose down and looks like that. Did it place it back on a flat level surface and the camera should calibrate itself there. You go camera calibrated all right next thing you want to calibrate the gyros. Both sticks at the top and out there you go compass calibration, complete all right lets check out the camera tilt. First lets go ahead and tilt it all the way down there. You go all the way down to 90 degrees, almost and all the way up, horizon and level. So you got 50 percent sky 50 percent ground. I like mines about one third sky and two thirds ground, because this thing has a gimbal, so its gon na stay like this all the time. All right so lets go ahead and take some photos lets see there.

You go taking a photo. Oh ooh thats gon na take a while to download – oh, my god that took a long time to download lets, try it with the phone app make our rounds over here. Okay, oh lots of delay there. We go photo there and it is downloading. Oh, my goodness. Thats gon na take a long time, so you might as well just start the video and just freeze frame the video to get photos. Oh wow, look at that that one is not even responding until now: wow, Laughter, okay, so one more okay. Here we go so i got video back. I dont have video back okay. There we go that takes a while for the video to come back as well, so there you go one more photo and i think ill call it quits on the photo and ill just download this one yeah. That takes a long time. So you might not want to be taking photos with this thing. Okay, so lets change over to the video mode and its still white. Usually the the little icon turns red for video, but there you go, video is counting down, looks like yep. It is counting down all right, so lets go ahead and check this thing out. So what you want to do is both sticks to the bottom and in then itll arm. The motors and you can manually take off – or you can do both sticks at the bottom and in on the motors and use the app one key to take off all right.

So lets go and check this out. But first lets check out how many satellites we got acquired looks like i got like 18 or something like that 19. So we are good to go. It has gps position hold and all that stuff, all right. So all six at the bottom and then all right guys. So here we go once again. My phone was giving me a hard time, so i got it connected to my ipad. I got my ipad on that table, so lets go ahead and start it up both six to the bottom and in arms. The motors and im just going to go ahead and manually take off there you go. Finally, we are up in the air lets see if it yaws in one spot. There you go yours in s single spot, oh nice. What speed are we in okay? We must start it off in the normal mode, which is speed. Number two, so i went back down to camera mode, which is speed number one all right so lets go ahead and check it out here, full pitch in the camera mode, and that is full yaw. Its got a very slow yaw. This thing is made for taking smooth videos, okay, pitching and full yaw to the left, and that is the radius fully off to the right Music. All right so lets go to speed number two. There you go a little pitch down and looks like the yaw is just about the same speed.

Oh nice, nice recovery from the turn lets see, stand still turn coming straight towards me, alright. So that is speed. Number two full pitch full yaw and speed number three: a little bit more pitch down the yaw, i think got a little bit faster yeah. It looks like the yall got a little bit faster than speed number three. There you go a quicker turn around. Oh, this thing is nice: okay, letting go of the sticks and comes to a hover all right. Let me check out the video real, quick, okay im gon na go back down to speed number one camera mode and lets check it out here: full pitch Applause, Music and theres, a compass thing right on the top center, a little icon with the compass thingy. Okay, i have to slow down because the radius of the turn is too wide. Stop my yaw and oh, it stops on a dime, unlike some of the other quadcopters, with the three axis gimbal theres a delay. This thing is awesome: okay, im, gon na slow down fool, yall and Music boom. Stop there, you go im directly in the center, so this thing is really nice to fpv, oh yeah. This thing is really nice, nice and smooth. The gimbal is nice and steady. Looks like the video quality is pretty decent and once again boom. Oh yeah, this thing is really nice. You can really fpv. Okay. Where is it okay? Let me bring it over to this side here: okay, check out the camera tilt, we are already tilted, but let me go all the way down to 90 degrees.

There you go and all the way up to the horizon in the air. Oh look like the horizon is a little crooked. Now Applause, maybe the landscape is kind of crooked. Here now it should be pretty level with the landscape, its slightly crooked, too much flying around okay. So it just has a one speed servo, so you can only go so fast and you cannot slow down, but if you intermittently hit the dial, itll slow down and theres, not much jerky motion in between because of the electronic image stabilization. Let me go up just a little bit more okay, the horizon, looking a little bit better, now heres a zoom factor. I dont know if the zooms going to work on the recorded video itll work on the fpv video, so you cannot hold it. You have to intermittently hit the thing: okay, another way to zoom in and zoom out and control. The tilt is with the phone app and heres the tilt Applause bar on the right. You can go ahead and tilt it with that. A lot more accurate and you can also zoom in and out with the app as well okay, so i guess the zoom factor disappears once you clear it, but the camera tilt angle stays lit right, Applause, okay, first things: first, here lets go ahead and land it To establish our new home point and to do so im gon na do the one key to land from the phone app and there you go slide to land and it is landing automatically and im going to just reposition the quadcopter so that it lands on the Landing pad Music there you go a little hop and the motors slowly shut off.

Okay, nice. So far, this thing is excellent. Okay, so here we go. We have established our home point lets see uh. We got 58 percent left in the battery and on the remote control 62 percent, and you can see the green bar on the top lets go ahead and arm it and one key to take off this time. Okay lets push it forward and come to a hover and lets. Do the return home push this button right here or you can push the button or the icon on the app itself. Let me go ahead and use the app you slide it and i believe the app said something like return home or okay turns back comes. This way takes a while turns around and it heads down slowly stops, which is nice and slowly descends Applause and i think its going to miss the spot where it took off by a little bit, but still within the landing pad. Okay. So one thing about this: one: because of the relay transmission technology: oops almost cut my fingers. It has a connection with the remote control and the app. So i cant really demonstrate the fail safe return home, because i have to turn off the remote control that will turn off the app. Yes, it will come home and land, but i am unable to reconnect because it takes 20 to 40 seconds kind of like that. Ruko f11 gim2, with that three kilometer that transmission technology thing the relay.

So what im going to do is im just going to show you guys the next one. What im going to do is hit the return home and while its flying back im going to retake control by hitting the return home once again, all right so arming the motors and manually taking off and pushing it forward. Okay, letting go comes to a hover hit. The return home – oh, did it hit it return there you go return home its just turning around and coming back its not going to the designated return to home height, Music, okay, meanders its way above the landing pad turns around im gon na hit. It again stop return. Okay exit return to home all right, so you are able to retake control of it once it returns to home. You use the smart return home button, but uh this thing has three kilometer distance, so i dont think you are ever going to be in a fail, safe situation, but just in case you fly around buildings or mountains or something and it does fail safe. Then it will return home just make sure you have the return home altitude set to higher than whatever the obstacle is and when it comes and re binds with your remote control. Coming back, you are able to retake control, but for me to demonstrate that i have to turn off the remote control, and i dont want to do that because its going to take 20 to 40 seconds to reconnect – and i have to reconnect the whole thing once Again, all right, so next thing lets go ahead and check out the circle me function lets see if we can perform the circle me from the app lets, see interest point preset surrounding parameters.

Okay, you can adjust the radius so im going to put it at about 20 and then slide and there you go autonomously. It goes away 20 meters and it should turn around. Yes, it turns around phew im gon na tilt the camera down right here. Maybe one up and then it should start to commence no, its just holding steady Music, it did half and then it didnt activate the other half. Why do i need to nope? I have to exit and lets. Try that again, okay, right above myself and circle me 20 meters slide goes away: Music. Okay, hopefully it works this time there you go. It is starting to rotate so second times the charm all right, while its rotating can i throttle up. Yes, i can. Can i throttle down? Yes, i can now does it exit if i pitch or yaw, let me pitch, i pushed it back and it is still rotating im going to pull it forward. So you can control the radius while it is doing the circle me function. Does it yaw nope, it does not yaw. Oh it gets you out. So if you yo uh, i mean, if you roll, left or right, it gets you out. The yaw did not work. Okay, all right! So, oh it is still in the circle me. Does it still continue? Oh its continuing, you can slow down and you can stop. It is what it happened. It didnt exit.

So its continuing to do the circle me, but i can kind of momentarily stop it i can slow it down is what it is. I can slow it down and can it go the opposite way? Oh, it goes the opposite way all right. I thought it exited me out from the circle me, but it has functions here, so you can go left and right while its doing the circle me, which is just freaking awesome and then you can go ahead and pull it closer while its rotating and you can Push it away, while its rotating all right very nice, feature a lot better than the f11 4k pro where it just does it, and if you try to pitch and roll it gets you out. So this is really nice guys awesome. Can i zoom in yeah zoomed in zoom out awesome, so in order to get out, i got ta hit the point of interest from the app all right, so lets go up a little bit in altitude and lets see if i dont have any cellular service on My iphone or on my ipad, but i do have image, follow here: okay, start and lets see if its locked on Music – oh, no, maybe im too far away. Okay. Here we go Applause Music. Now the image follow doesnt quite work very well, nope. Let me go a little closer. Okay, all right lets see nope, not really yeah image follow doesnt, quite work with my ipad.

Maybe if you have some other device it might work so im unable to show you guys the gps follow me, because i dont have cellular service on my ipad here. So next thing to do is just cruise around im going to just make sure i got recordings. All turned on alright, so let me do some fpv and we are in camera mode and our battery level is 19, so the first phase of low voltage should be kicking in pretty soon. But let me just travel this way here. Oh so, nice, oh its stuttered! Just a little bit oops, where is it going? Okay, let me raise it up in altitude, return home and i think what it is doing is it is returning to home and it says, return home and that battery bar on the top has turned red. Turning around and what percentage are we in 16? Okay, so it is coming back way up there and now the question is: will it descend or is it waiting for me to retake control from the first phase and looks like its turning around stop return home Music and i think its going to stay there, its Not thinking about coming down, so that is the first phase of low voltage, it comes back home and it allows you to retake control of it very low voltage. So you can fly the remaining battery limit and i think there is a geo, fencing, boys and girls about 100 meters.

Drone low voltage, okay, low voltage lets see the geo, fencing, yep distance limited. It says, and it says reach limit distance, so thats about thats. Not quite 100 meters thats more like 50 meters, and it says your own low voltage. So this is when you should be landing. The quadcopter distance limited because you cant really do much within the 50 meter radius, but im going to go ahead and continue flying because this is a test distance limit to see what happens once the battery reaches critical low voltage and what percentage that may be. So were just going to fly around and wait until that happens. Well so far, this quadcopter is nice. Look at the yaw look at when i stopped the yaw right now. Look at that. It doesnt have that three axis gimbal yaw delay right now. Look at that! Very nice now this quadcopter could be a very good quadcopter for dropping bait because you can go 300 meters, Music, camera, tilts, 90 degrees or zero 90 degrees from zero degrees. So you can see where youre dropping the bait brushless motors, pretty decent battery life, and this thing is just awesome. Look at that it hasnt frozen distance, limited drone, low voltage at all the fpv video is just really really nice. This isnt speed number one guys. Speed number two distance limited limited: oh man, this thing is really nice im. Just doing some speed passes back and forth. Wow distance limited drone, low voltage, continuous notifications, audible, drone low voltage.

I think this is the best wi fi fpv quadcopter, that i have flown so far and i have flown on quite a lot: wow impressive, Music, nice, okay, continuous, triple beeps coming from the remote control return home. I still have battery life, oh, but i am unable to go anywhere uh. Oh, it is not responding. Oh there you go for a couple of seconds. It was not responding. You know what the battery level is so low that it is going to land in the spot where it was hovering and it has touched ground all right guys. So there you go my review and test flight of the sjrc f7 4k pro. Thank you.