. The list starts from snapton s5c, with the fpv drone with 720p hd camera voice, control, gesture control, it’s farther and clearer. The snapton s5c provides video transmission within a range of up to 80 meters, edit and upload instantly your videos on social media by iphone or a 720p video transmission signal up to a scale of 80 meters, allowing you to fly farther edit hd footage and directly upload. It to social media from your iphone or ipad, the video clips are automatically saved to the but steady and trackable altitude hold function, ensures a steady hover in the air at a certain altitude. Great aerial pictures and videos are feasible. Thanks to this function. Trajectory flight function is the newest technology that, by drawing a flight course on the touch screen on your smartphone, the drone will fly accordingly. Pure fun awaits check out link in description to buy this product from amazon. Ninth one is holy stone, f, 181w 1080p with the fpv drone with wide angle. Hd camera live video, it’s, fpv, real time transmission with the built in wifi module. You can see exactly what your camera sees with a live video on your mobile device by installing the app you can also use voice, control and trajectory flight when the app is on it’s, easy, safe and fun to play for beginners built in the latest. Six axis flight control systems offer strong stability easily implement various flight movements. Stronger wind resistance, headless mode eliminates need to adjust aircraft position before flight and improves learning curve check out link in description to buy this product from amazon.

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