99. If you use my link on the description below product details, this product have been sold for 38 and have 29 review brand name d e e p, a o w. I l l origin, cn origin, remote distance 1200 meters, video capture resolution 4k, uhd video capture, resolution 6k, uhd, video capture, resolution 8k, uhd aerial, photography, yes, controller mode mode, e2, control channels, 4 channels, recommend age, 7 to 12y, recommend age, 12, plus y remote control. Yes, package includes original box package includes batteries, package includes operating instructions, package includes remote controller package, includes usb cable material plastic controller battery, not included indoor outdoor use outdoor dimensions 36 by 36 by 6. Centimeters warning no warranty. No motor brushless motor charging voltage 7.4 volts model.