Where is it at? Where is it wheres the drone there it is, do you see a live stream? This is so cool. I love it lets take a picture. I love this drone, its live streaming and you can take a picture. Look at that that is so cool lmo1 dont get it stuck if you got to do emergency landing emergency land. Oh this drone is so cool. I want one dont hit a car: did you do emergency landing or you just landed it? Am i the best mom ever or what i guess, theyre, what he didnt say. Nothing! Look at that my official teenager, i cant believe my babys, a vicious teenager. Oh i love it. I think we got to get it registered with the um faa because its a little heavy bye, drone. Okay, how does it come back home? Can you press one button for her to come back home return home? I can oh, you can see where its at on your screen right, yeah, look at that. Okay lets go see something lets go peek inside to my roof. Yall didnt hear me say that that is so cool. Why we cant see it because the winds live streaming. Those are the best drones, its live streaming, oh, its cold, make sure it stays on gps. Jaden ill bring some gloves out. Okay, oh you dont! Have it set for return to home. I need you to have it set from return to home, so we dont lose it im.

Gon na go, say hi to that. Guy all right lets go say hi to him. Oh wait. We dont have to go down there, go down there and say hi lets see how far to go. Oh lets go, look at something cool there. It is um it keeps coming back. It keeps coming back yeah, you must got it on return home or its trying to push you. You know what yall this drone is awesome against the wind. It is so windy out here its where this is just as limited. I got. Ta oh well, keep walking. I thought i could go further than that. Oh its cool. I can turn the distance. Oh, you can turn your distance to further yeah im, just im gon na get you some gloves, but i want to see them come back with one touch of a button. This is so cool.