At the top spot. We have holy stone hs700d first off. This is a slightly pricier drone. However, it’s often on sale for 200, which fits within our price range for the day, even if you get it when it’s not on sale, i still believe it brings forth more than enough value for money and here’s. Why one of the best things regarding holy stone? H’S 700d is the camera module, as you can see, from the image above we’re talking about a bulky piece featuring a sophisticated vibration dampening system similar to that on older dji phantom drones, the camera itself is pretty good being marketed as 2k capable. However don’t. Let this fool you we’re, looking at a slightly wider full hd footage. Furthermore, holy stone, hs700d, also sports brushless motors, the drone itself isn’t. That bulky, which just adds to the overall speed these motors can achieve number 2. potenzic d60. The second best among drones under 200 is potenzic d60, even though it doesn’t excel at any given department. It offers a well rounded experience great for people who want an enjoyable first time session. Yes, the regular price tag is slightly above 200, but it’s on sale. Most of the time at exactly 200, which is a great deal in my books, patenzik d60 features a viable 1080p camera that produces aerial footage of decent qualities, it’s partially because of the sensor and partially because of the electric motor that allows, for a 90 degree vertical Tilt it features fpv2, but that kind of goes without saying this little bugger features a solid number of features too.

Not only does it sports gps, but a ton of additional gps powered stuff like follow me. Altitude hold auto return to home fly by trajectory, and many more have. I mentioned that patenzik d60 features brushless motors, they’re, pretty powerful and much more durable than their brushed counterparts, which means you won’t have to replace them nearly as often number 3. c, o n t. I x o f 20 let’s, make one thing clear right off the bat contaxo f20 is a proper beast. This aggressive, looking drone packs quite a bit of features and brings forth powerful hardware underneath the hood it’s fast, responsive features, power, efficient, brushless motors and sports, a brilliant camera all in all. A great overall package coming in at exactly our price point: contaxo f20 is a gps powered drone, meaning it’s stable and flies as smooth as butter. However, when it’s in gps mode, you won’t be getting its full speed once it’s out of it. This drone becomes a proper, speedy, beast fuming past obstacles at neck breaking speeds features wise. It sports follow me. Waypoints altitude hold failsafe, auto return to home and several additional flight modes for upping your selfie game. Number 4., potenzic, d58, potenzic d58 is another dji. Phantom look alike this time around we’re, looking at a black phantom lookalike that actually features a decent set of features coupled with a proper imaging solution. Don’T look at the base package, though the thing we’re most impressed with is the bundle featuring an extra battery dedicated controller and a hard shell carrying case that fits everything nicely.

Let’S cover the camera first, patensik d58 features a 1080p wide angle, 120 degree sensor with a small anti vibration system. You can even tilt the camera by 90 degrees, allowing for awesome perspective, changes in mid flight. The vibration dampening system doesn’t do miracles, but it’s good enough for the price tag, especially considering the imaging quality of its direct competitors. Number 5. holy stone hs120d. Here we have a rather bulky drone, that’s, well and truly capable of providing a beginner friendly entrance to aerial photography. Holy stone is the brand and we all know them for making outstanding entry level models. Their hs120d is no different coming in at less than 150, but offering great value for money. We’Re. Looking at a dedicated camera here mounted on a simple vibration dampening system that ensures excellent stabilization and i’m, not even exaggerating here. If you want smooth footage on the cheap holy stone, hs120d is the drone to go for. The 1080p sensor is not only smooth but also offers fpv capabilities and that’s an outright sick combination. At this price point number 6, potenzic, d80, potenzic d80 offers great value for money, has a joyful design and even comes with a hard shell carrying case for all you frequent travelers out there it’s really an all in one package this one, and for that reason it Definitely deserves to be a part of our list of the best drones under 200. First things. First, patenzik d80 has an integrated 2k sensor that shoots ok, footage and excellent, still images.

The footage would be excellent too, if it wasn’t for the non existent vibration dampening that paves the way for that nasty jello effect it’s, not as drastic as on other cheaper drones out there, but it’s still easily noticeable number 7. altair 818 hornet. Here we have yet another alter drone. This one comes at a slightly higher price tag, but is able to justify it with a better camera, longer flight time and superior range. It comes down to personal preference, but i’d like to argue altair. A 108 hornet looks better than a a182 let’s start off with this bugger’s camera, similar to aa108 we’re. Talking about a sensor, that’s capable of capturing 720phd footage, however altair 818 hornet does a much better job in terms of stabilization. An issue is known to plague entry level, camera equipped models, so, in other words, while the resolution is the same on, both models go for hornet. If you want a superior image, video quality. As for the features, both altair drones, sport pretty much the same set of features, one key takeoff landing altitude hold three speed levels, vr support and headless mode; number: 8, altair. A108. We are talking about a brand new drone here that just came out, but it seems as though it’s set to take the market by storm. What exactly can this aggressively price drone do? Is it good for beginners? Does it provide good value for money? All that and more can be read in the next two paragraphs, starting off with its specifications: altair a 108 sports, a wide angle, camera that is capable of recording, hd aerial footage, and it does so pretty good, despite not having hardware image stabilization.

It still produces solid footage with little to no shakiness involved. Moving on to other hardware, most of you will be surprised by the power those miniature brushed motors provide while they might not as durable as brushless ones. They can still last a long time if you operate them properly. By that i mean you should always disarm the drone immediately after a crash. Last but not least, altair a108 is powered by a one’s lipo battery, which can suffice for up to 10 minutes of flight time number 9. mjx bugs 3.. If you are looking to start off your career as an amateur aerial photographer, then this next best drone under 200 is surely your number one choice. It goes by the name bugs 3 and it’s created by mjx a well known name in the drones industry. However, this seems to be a brilliant entry level. Aerial photography, drone due to its flight characteristics and sturdiness, plus the hardware housed inside, would not put to shame even much pricier models available. So, as i said above for all wannabe aerial, photographers mjx, bugs 3 seems like a no brainer when it comes to the camera. Many of you will be disappointed at first once they find out bugs 3 doesn’t come with one, but how can it be a good entry level aerial photography drone without a camera? Well, that’s, exactly where the fun starts. You see mjx bugs 3 comes with a specialized camera mount that can fit all sorts of action.

Camera brands, some of the more expensive ones even come with electronic image. Stabilization onboard, which will do wonders for the smoothness of your aerial footage. Number 10 snapton s5c snapton s5c is the first drone here, a marvelous little bugger that’s way below our maximum price. For the day as you’ll see once you visit its listing on amazon, snapton s5c costs as little as 60. that’s crazy, cheap. If you don’t mind me noticing, but you’ll actually be surprised by the performance you’ll get from this little flyer, if you’re interested in camera, drones, then i’m afraid you’ll have to pay a bit more than 60 that’s, because snapton s5c features a simple 720p camera.