We have included links in the description, so make sure you check those out to see which one is in your budget range starting at number. One holy stone, hs, 720, foldable, gps, follow me drone. This drone is relatively easy for beginners to use, captures crisp and clear images in video and offers an automatic return feature anytime. Its battery is low or it loses gps signal. This is a reasonably inexpensive drone option that offers 4k ultra hd stills and video capture its also relatively easy for new drone users to learn, since it automatically offers things like camera stabilization and return to base features. When the battery gets low, it uses a remote control included and also has a smartphone app. So you have a few more options to interface with the drone. The carry case is also included and the drone folds to a smaller size for easy storage. The storage area also has some space for spare parts and other necessary equipment. The follow me feature is great for vloggers, who want to be out and active in their videos. Its designed to keep up with runners provide a stable altitude for smooth capture and has detailed enough video to capture complicated movements. The brushless motor on this drone also increases its functional life, making it a better investment. However, the battery on this drone has a particularly long charging time, so youll probably want to invest in several spare batteries at number two dji mavic air drone.

This camera captures crystal clear video with a stabilized camera, high video quality and memory, and a compact foldable design. Its also got a multi person tracking system. That makes sure your drone is always following the right person. This drone comes with an impressive eight gigabytes of internal storage for images and video thats enough to let you do a lot of captures, especially considering the relatively modest 21 minute flight time. Youll still want to transfer images and video off the drone fairly quickly, but you might be able to take several flights between clearing the internal storage. The drone can be programmed to follow a specific individual in groups of up to 16 people using the remote or app youll also be able to switch between different subjects for impressive action, montages and other videos. There are seven different onboard cameras, which means that youll almost always have a good sight line on your intended image. The primary camera is also slightly recessed into the drone, which gives it some added protection. The additional cameras also make it easier for this drone to avoid obstructions and other problems along its flight path. It can see in several different directions, so it can see a wider range of awareness. Thats good, since this drone is a large investment and cameras, are difficult to repair or replace, if damaged at number, three potensic t25 gps drone. This drone is an affordable and easy to use beginner model with an intuitive controller style remote and a wi fi enabled camera that makes getting your follow me.

Videos easier. This drone comes equipped with a 1080p camera with a wide angle lens that captures a wider view than most drones at this price point. Its follow me mode is fun to play with, while an intuitive controller makes it possible to directly the control the drone as needed. You can also send this drone on a predetermined path using the controller screen. Its also got some additional stability, its designed to stay on track and level, even in the wind. Importantly, for newer pilots, the drone has a return home function in the case of low battery or loss of signal. That means that, even if something goes wrong, your drone will attempt to return safely, its also equipped with rubber bumpers, which means that the occasional accidental bump or drop are less likely to cause damage to the drone. While the performance on this drone isnt the same as a premium drone its more than enough to get a feel for drone technology and start capturing amazing aerial images, it is worth noting that this drone has a relatively short flight time. That means that youll need to get used to more breaks between flights or to carrying several charged spare batteries at number four dji phantom 3 standard quadcopter drone. The drones from dji are really setting the standard in the drone world and they offer the best quality versus price ration right now, making the phantom 3 by value one. The best drone that follows you, dji phantom 3, will deliver an excellent performance when the follow me functionality is engaged.

The drone uses global navigation satellite system and hashtag 40 blown ass and hashtag 41 to do accurate positioning in the follow me mode because of this system. The drone will remain hovering at the same position in the air and having the camera follow, slash track a subject: dji phantom 3 standard, advanced or professional. The technology is available in all three of the dji phantom 3 models, standard, advanced and professional. The standard is the cheapest of the three models, and the main difference between them is the quality of the camera. Make no mistake: the camera on the dji phantom 3 standard is very good with crystal clear footage, but professionals in the field and commercial users might want the best available, and then the advanced and professional provide a bit more great for beginners dji. Phantom 3 has follow me: technology, thats, incredibly user friendly and great for beginners. The controls of the phantom 3 are also intuitive and easy to master. Everything about the drone is constructed with beginners in mind, and there has been a very successful effort to make everything about the dji phantom 3 very accessible and easy for new drone users. Follow me is just one of the cool functionalities that dji phantom 3 features. You also get intelligent modes like waypoints, a feature that records a certain flight path, point of interest automatically revolving around an object or a subject home lock. All flight controls are relative to the pilots position, and course lock.

All flight controls are locked in relationship to the current course at number: five dji phantom 4 quadcopter, the newly released dji phantom 4 lives up to the hype. The flight time is extended to 28 minutes, which is almost unheard of for a prosumer drone. It also comes with an advanced form of obstacle avoidance, which can be very useful in certain environments when you are using the follow me mode on the drone. It is also fast 20 meters per second versus 16 meters per second of the phantom 3 standard and advantage professional. The biggest difference between phantom 3 and phantom 4 is that the newer model comes equipped with an intelligent camera. It can automatically produce seamless tracking shots. It can fly around obstacles and it can react to the specifics of the environment. The obstacle avoidance can be a huge benefit when using the follow me mode, and this ability sets the phantom 4 apart from most of the drones on this list. The follow me mode is similar to what dji phantom 3 can do. One of the biggest benefit of the commercial drone.