We are going to be checking out the best 5 drone under 300.. We made this list based on our personal opinion and hours of research, and we have listed them based on the type of features and price. We have included options for every type of user, so whether you are looking for the best budget, if you want more information and updated pricing on the product mentioned, be sure to check the links in the description below. Oh yes, since youre a new channel dont forget to subscribe to us and if youre on youtube click the alert notification as it will help us grow so lets get started with video number five contixo. F. 22, camera drone under 300, a beginner friendly machine incorporating several options for automatic control from selfie mode, operated with hand, gestures, drawing a flight path on your smartphone to drone following you in real time. The drawbacks are the poor stabilization, so youll have to do it on your computer in post production, if youre recording in a windy weather and the return home that doesnt always work well, resulting in crashes number four holy stone: hs 700d fpv drone under 300. I begin my reviews with the hs 700d drone from holy stone, and it is also my top choice for the best drone gopro. It is a reasonably priced mid range drone that comes with lots of excellent features to help you get the best shots. The drone comes with a high performance 4k camera, which you can interchange with the hero, 2 hero 3 and hero4 gopro models.

The hs 700d drone comes with intelligent flight assistance, features that allow the drone to return home automatically when it loses connection or when the battery is low. The auto return is a fantastic gps feature for beginners, because if you accidentally fly your drone out of range, you can be sure that it will find its way back to you. The drones custom flight path feature allows you to design a flight path for complex sequence, shots another feature that many users like is the 5g fpv live video transmission. It gives you high quality, real time videos from up to 3280 feet away on the downside. This feature is not compatible with your gopro camera, so it is only useful if you utilize the onboard camera. The drone also doesnt come with a gimbal to stabilize your gopro camera, but it only features a camera mount. However, the smart flight assistance features highlighted above will help you focus on controlling your camera to get clear shots number three holy stone: hs 700 drones under 300. The holy stone hs 700 has a built in hd 1080p video camera. That streams live video to your smartphone. That is placed in a holder on the controller. The communication is over a 5g wifi signal from up to 1 300 feet away. A gopro camera of models, 2, 3 or 4 purchased separately can be securely attached to this drone, which is designed to accommodate this type of camera. This drone is very lightweight at 608 grams flight time is up to 20 minutes on a single battery charge.

Battery recharge time is 5 to 7 hours, so having extra recharged batteries is a good idea. The hs 700s flight path can be pre programmed for the drone to use waypoints that the pilot selects using a smartphone app in order to fly a specific pattern. The drone also has a follow me feature to track a person or a moving object selected by the pilot number two rooko f11 pro drones under 300. One of the cool things about the drone industry is that over time you can get better and better features for less money. The rooko f11 pro is an example. This quadcopter comes with an amazing camera that takes 4k photos and shoots video in 2.9k, with a 120 degree field of view and fpv capability. It has ample viewing capacity to get the shots. You want the f 11 pros flight time is quite impressive. It can stay in the air for up to 30 minutes on a single battery, and this package comes with two batteries. The drones range is 300 to 500 meters. If this were a more expensive drone, id consider this to be a little short, but 300 to 500 meters should be more than enough control distance for most pilots. It also folds up to a length of 6.9 inches, making it easy to travel with number one holy stone: hs 720 drones under 300.. It has an incredible camera for a drone in this price range. It sports a 4k uhd camera and has a whopping 26 minute flight time.

This gives you adequate battery life to get some quality shots. The hs 720 also comes with gps return to home and follow me mode. You can easily have the quad fly back to you when you are ready to land and you can set it to automatically follow you for some cool action shots. The drone can be controlled with your smartphone and its foldable design makes it super easy to transport for less than three hundred dollars. The holy stone, hs 720 packs a punch thanks for watching this video hope. You like this unbiased review and please dont, forget to subscribe us to get the news of upcoming reviews.