That means the drone fly through the fly pad automatically. It will show convenience so comfortable for to flight. Unfortunately, in some new generation is not equipped so today we have the new method to add that function, that’s a copteros application and it’s, so cheap, just some birch. Actually, i see that this application is really helpful for people who want to fly to survey flight to some blind flight way, and this is the new current support. Design include spark mini 1 mavic air air 2 mavic pro 2 flow 2 zoom enterprise phantom 3 phantom 4 inspire 1 mattress arras. Ok, we have application right here. Instead of using dji fly, we open copters in this case iu mavic mini. We have the camera image as well and we can adjust the gimbal angle as usual. The interface is pretty similar to dji fly. We can adjust stuff like iso shutter, speed, ev right here we have flight controller, we have sensor battery stators, camera, gimbal, storage, etc, and we have shoot, photo and record video mode as well. Our return home height limit distance limit turn on obstacle, volume function or not. Camera setting we have the gimbal auto lock. That means it will lock the gimbal when the camera shooting photo auto turn up front led when the camera shooting photo or record video or not, and right here we can change the layer, traffic or satellite and even weather forecasts to set the waypoint. I tap this menu button.

I type the new mission actually put create here. We have two mission type that’s, a linear root and survey red. I try, linear with the linear type. We have the flight width like this. We can adjust and can add when tap the add button as well. If we want to delete the wave point, we can move it to the truss beam on the right. Like yes, okay, for example, i show the weight point like this. I tap the track button. I will show the weight pulley in 2d and 3d. We have some net references, such as speed, heading, auto, waypoint or remote controller flight path, wait point to wave poi or curve control gimbal from we point. We pick one time or many times and we have way point detail the height how long it takes we can say to file to use net time. Okay, we had a setting up like that right now we take off that’s a when we take up the new mission menu button. It disappear automatically. That means we can just draw set up the flight path on the route when we flight already is, cannot, i think, it’s smart, because when the aircraft on the sky, we love it just focus on setting up the flight path. Not the tension at aircraft anymore is with danger for aircraft; sometimes it can have trouble on the air and we also have normal tripod, sportboard return home and land button, and now i will open the map.

We can rotate the screen like this as well. It will separate the camera and map like this interface. Now we can show the mission open. We tap start. It have two options that when the remote controller signal loss, this will return to harm or continuation. Okay, it’s begin flight automatically wonderful it’s increase the height that’s a 20 meter and fly automatically. We have very smooth video talk about continuation when lost remote control signal. That means the drone will continue to fly with the flight way that we set up in advance continue to fly, continue, remember flight point, navigate and fly automatically without remote controller, actually is cool and helpful as well, because in some situation, it’s helped to fly to survey In very far eastern, however, when last remote controller signal, when we don’t see it anymore, we cannot control it anymore. It continues to fly by itself. It will bring so many risks, because we don’t know what happened with it and what it is exactly out there. It’S belong to you. If you want to venture, you can use that function as well mission finish: it will turn back increase the height to auto return home attitude that we have set up in advance Music and fly back and decrease height to land automatically. Wonderful. Now i create a fly in survey mode: okay, we tap create here server. This is it that means the drone will fly to scan all of this area.

We can adjust like this. It will change the flypad automatically so cool and we can tap the add button that add the new waypoint and it will show us how many hectare, how many can matter how long it takes. How many photos it can take. This function is very helpful. We can tap on the setup button right here to set up a read type like this, or this and speed, auto or set friend overlap sign overlap. Actually, i saw the flypad like this before that’s in the huge run used in aquaculture like mg1p mg1s. If you have to pesticide all of the fuel, we can change the survey direction. Camera drone heading auto on via remote controller shoot photo jpeg or raw okay, for example, we draw like this slide. The drone will take up automatically so cool Music it’s fly toward so fast, Music, i’ll rotate the other way poi and continue next flight back Music mission, finish: increa to auto rotate home additive, Music plan, exact position and land decrease, the height Music and it’s. Very careful in this period it decrease the high slowly slowly, Music and another motor. So we have the complete auto process from tango, fly tech portal, return home and land. So wonderful, so i think it’s absolutely worth for us to pay just some watch for all of this function. Okay, thanks for watching! If you see the clip helpful, don’t hesitate to click like share and can subscribe my channels in the clip bye.