Today we will review a navigation device so hot at the time it attack of apple. This will help us navigate and find lost stock and it’s have many strong points than the device which i have reviewed. That’S a ramrez from xiaomi and right now i will glue austin on the front to see that, in the case of loss, the drone we can use this to find the drone or not the first strong point of this product that is water resistant. So in case, unfortunately, our drone phone into water lost power is to help us to fight as well. Secondly, nowadays only an attack can do the function. That is when is disconnected to the host smartphone via bluetooth. It can be helped by the other products in apple ecosystem, like iphone ipad mac to have to send its location and ecosystem of apple nowadays is very popular. So, for example, when the drone crashed with the distance so far from us, some kilometer, so surely it cannot connect via bluetooth anymore, but just need a device of apple like iphone ipad macbook pass the attack it can use to help to send its location to us. So ability we can find it so high. Secondly, the iphone from iphone 12. What equip u1 chip is, have the navigation so exactly it shows even the way and exact location and exact distance help us too much on filing okay. Now i will unbox, the price of the products is very higher than the other in the market.

Music. The weak point of the attack is it’s, so thick it’s really hard to put in the wallet and the sound is so small really hard to hurt, especially outdoor nest. E is not not to find us when it’s light connection to remind forget about that function. Help on xiaomi run rest actually apple will upgrade in the next generation to boost the market demand. If we want that function, we might pay much more money. Another function, just from iphone 12. We have u1 chip, it can be seen it can determine the way. Clearly. Really exact distance, why you can see the previous generation like iphone x, iphone 11? It cannot determine so exactly like this. It just saw the position like google map apple map. Okay. Now we try to put this on the drone. This attack, when we put on a small drone like mavic mini free me xi mini, is okay as well, because it’s very light. Now we try flying away to simulate the situation, lost the front to see that we can find it or not. Okay, first of all, with the case we open the shaft line, go to find my drone. It will show the elastic position. In that case, we can have the inertial direction about the last run. We get there and use attack to find exact position. In some case. The traffic flight cannot show the drone position. We can use attack to find a position with the hop in that there is an apple divide, pass to connect and attack you to send its position.

We continue to have the data to find okay it’s around this area. Music, so at the turn around 10 meter, it determine exactly we can find it slowly now when we rotate it short direction. We can continue Music show near and this is it so with attack.