So we should sit in my king by copter similar. We call tr design Music hi youtube. Welcome back to the channel. As you know, vcup tr is a pretty interesting run with jet 2 arm 2 motor in real life. There are some airplane applied principles similar this one that is high class army airplane thats, the osprey v22 of boeing. These have many strong points as well, but unfortunately, with it drawn zero, zero company retired this product, although it had not loaned yet if this product was long like the plan, the drone market will much more vibrant, much more interesting, especially premium segment compared to dji directly. However, its ability – that is what that, before launching one of the reason thats a corvette disease, was terrible in all over the world and the company refunded the bonesee for catchment already the launching day is really far away, so the manufacturer, not mac, we will make by Ourselves to see how it responds okay right here, we make the vcop tr prototype, which, like original one with the similar principle, similar shot, not exact 100. Yet okay. This is 3d file. Ive give this file in the description as well: Music. Okay, now i have the arm. I will glue the motor by hot glue, its helpful to use through if you need and we have building servo, we have motor connector and esc. This is the main body we can design the auto shop. Absolutely for its look like v cup tr, okay: this is a motherboard and it has gyroscope to balance next.

I will connect it to arm and why Music this motherboard has gyroscope. So i will put it vertically like this next version. I will apply in order to put it inside the body. Basically, in this version we will see that how it works snap or not, reach it. Two arm like this. Okay, now we continue connect connector. This is servo connector, and this is motor connector, similar to red, sign, okay, its fine. We connect the battery its work, we put a battery right here and it can be seen. There are large space. We can put the camera gimbal and sensor with the ball. Setting up by better flight, we will join by copter to control two motor and forward signal to control two servo. Okay. Now we will turn the power on. You can see. We can control the servo flexible Music. Okay. Now we will try flying second or field. Is four? The center of gravity is wrong. We pull the battery back a little bit. Okay again, oh thats, it so stable wonderful. So we should sit in my king bike copter similar v corp tr design, which has only two arm to motor. This will help the drone lighter significantly save power thats. A one of the reason have my copter, like v cop tr: have the flight time can up to over 15 minutes the stability balancing we can design completely by center? The remedy, so flying with two arm is very stable, so strong, no problem and the body which brings the camera will shifty liked it.

Apparently, however, until rapid ability of modern gimbal at this time, the video is so smooth as well. Actually, the bicopter has his own. Many stronghold is so exciting with tech up, and i can fly every way so high like this as well. Control, flexible or normally the distance like this is very far as well. The wind resistant ability is good as well if the power of motor is high and now land. This is the third photo time. We continue to develop next version. Okay, thanks for watching. If you see the clip, helpful, dont hesitate to click like share and can subscribe.