Thats it hand free completely, but is fly automatically exactly completely 100. We succeed to create autopilot system by arduino, Music hi youtube. Welcome back to the channel. Today we will together, make a autopilot system and, like its name, the system will control the draw or even a group of drones automatically at many level. For example, control is flying into a weight, pulley copy, the waypoint or controlled drawn automatically by computer. Maybe you can see the automatically prone system like this in real life you know. Sometimes there are many fixed rules we picked many times. So instead of the human must do that boring operation, the computer can help us, so it will so convenient. Secondly, so exact and smooth – and there are some operating control – hundreds up front like this – we must use the computer. Apparently we cannot control all of them at the same time. Exactly cannot so the computer will help us to handle. They can control the waypoint extreme. Exactly today, we will make the system similar that now we tear down the remote controller to find the principle and the other drone is similar. We have four through two on the bottom and two on the top Music. It has a rubber right here. So its really hard to open Music, okay, now open its really solid, high quality Music. Okay, this is assist. You can see ad081 to c1, and this is comparing issue horn sensor. When we move to joint stick, is we supply a wanted 2d pole differently and, from here is help to control the drone thats a principle thats it you can see.

The voltage is changing. Based on this principle. We will supply a current exactly like the current of the joystick supply. In that case, this circuit board will see and control run exactly when we control by this joint state. We will use the digital to analog converter. It will convert binary input to the changing of analog signal to put to the pool with this principle combined to arduino and computer will control the wrong automatically totally okay. Now we will begin to wind. I remove all of this white glue similar to the electron. Stick: Music: okay: now we will have the wire lightest to convert the digital signal from arduino to computer, to analog signal. We will use 2 mcb 482 microchip Music. We clue the just prototype, so we use similar way to wireless in official version. We can use the bar to much more stable, so solid. Now we connect to all you know: Music and the rest wide to the back side: Music. Okay, right here we have a memory card model, we have 4y raw, positive transmitter and receiver. I will put the memory card to slot Music and we have a micro, usb port. We connected module to computer this, for why we will want to arduino. Okay, this circuit board is okay. We will upload the code which imports is usb and upload done uploading. Now we test Music. Okay, now we can see the remote controller have not connect to the drone is blink.

We turn on the drone Music Music connect it its not blink anymore. Now i try the first level thats a copied route. I will fly to let the drone learn. The route outdoor is similar Music. Now the arduino is learning road Music. Now i will press the reset button to active autopilot mode. Thats it hand free completely, but is fly automatically exactly completely one hundred percent. We succeed to create an autopilot system by arduino, is auto takeoff and fly exactly like we fly by ourselves, Music and land Music. Now we try the second level thats. A computer will give the rule to control the wrong directly via internet upload. Thus, you can see im not just the remote controller at all its fly automatically wonderful and with the principle similar this one, we can apply to a masterplan. In that case, the computer will control mainly drawn at the same time exactly, and it will have many interesting applications. That is, we can control the run in very far eastern, even thousand kilometer via internet, because this one is being controlled by computer. We just need to control the computer. That means controlling the drone, many interesting application and because of computer controlling. So we can write many smart program, smart algorithm, developed to many smart mods. It can recognize the obstacle avoid optical automatically or 100 autopilot. We just pull in the target place. It will take up automatically and fly to that position and land like autopilot mod on tesla is possible.

Thats application impossible. Apparently, okay, thanks for watching. If you see the clip helpful dont hesitate to click like share and can subscribe.