The only comparison you'll probably need, because I will help you decide which one you want before the end. We'Ll go through everything you need to see a range test: noise and stability tests, we'll also look at the footage side by side and most soon gain now let's get started. Some of you want to decide whether to upgrade from the spark to the maverick mini and if that's even an upgrade, or you may simply look to buy one of these two. Maybe the spark secondhand since it's not even available in the DJ's shop anymore. You can get it from the link in the description, though, and check the current price. They are priced about the same, so you should expect sooner value from both of these right. Let'S talk a bit about battery life in this department of mapping, meaning destroys all competition, including even the Medicare. The 60 minutes of the DJ spark is quite a bit less compared to the meanest 30 minutes flight time, almost half to be precise by the way, the graphics that you see right here in the table on the right I've taken from the article that I've written On drones, calm, which you can find a link for in the description or right here at the top in real life scenarios, you'll probably fly for three to four minutes less than the ideal numbers, so about 27 minutes max for the mini and about 13. For the J sport, we have a different winner.

Now let's speak about the range. Actually better. Life does have a big impact on the range that this don't have. Therefore, even though a DJ is parking fly in fcc mode up to three kilometres, you might not be able to make it to that distance film, something and then get back safely, that's a bit of a stretch, especially in windy conditions when it comes to the Maverick Mini versus the DJ's Park on paper, the mini also gives the spark a lot of struggle, the difference between them in fcc mode, which is, if you buy them from the states isn't that noticeable the spark flying just one kilometer less than the magic meaning. But if you buy them from Europe, things are going to differ a bit. I have done a side by side range test in the exact same conditions from a high ground, with no Wi Fi, interference that I know, and I tested the magic mini in seee mode, which is the distance for Europe. It went as far as 2.8 kilometers, even though the maximum range specified for Europe is about 2 kilometers that's, quite impressive. On the other hand, sparking seem odd flies for maximum 500 meters, but I experienced signal loss even at 300 meters away, sometimes which is really bad. I tested it in the FCC more because I can hey guys I'm hacker man today, I'm gon na show you how to hack common household objects back or forward in time, and I got a bit over 1000 meters and I was already on below 60 of the Battery at that point – and I couldn't go for much longer until I had to turn back or else it couldn't have returned, especially since there was a strong wind pushing against that direction.

Now is the weight difference that important the actual weight difference between the spark and melpomene is tiny, but enough to make the Mavic mini a Joan that you don't have to register in the United States. If you want to see side by side differences between these drones, including the weight and size of each check out the article new scripture, how fast can these two drones fly? I initially thought the Mavi mini will be much slower than the DJ's part, because it would have smaller motors and less overall power. However, that's not really the case, the Mavi mini can fly up to 47 kmh, while the spark can reach 50 kmh the measly three kilometres difference. The DJI medicare has the big price with the 68 kmh max speed in sport. Now let's talk a bit about obstacle: sensors and indoor slide speaking about obstacle avoidance both have bottom sensors for flying inside and better landing, but then having mini lacks the forward facing sensors, even if it may look like it has them. The spark has a slight advantage here with the forward facing sensor. Personally, I shouldn t activate the sensors just to have more freedom in flight, so I'm, more than willing to compromise in this department. What about flying inside the house or indoors anywhere? This is something I would normally not recommend to do with an expensive, DJI drone, even so the new me having mean it changed my perspective on that.

As I put the prop guards on, I took one for the team and tried hitting the drone on the wall and nothing happened. The drone not only flies incredibly stable, it's also crash proof pretty much. You can also fly this part very stable indoors and use the prop guards that come with a fly more combo, but I was thinking there are less safe, since they only protect for lateral damage, not 360 degrees, Music Applause, Music Applause, let's talk a bit about the Camera specs, yet another category where the mapping meaning beats the spark. Do you really need to shoot 2.7 k if you editing 1080p anyway? Some of you asked if the upgrade is worth it and if you're going to edit in 1080p anyway – and the answer is yes, if you're looking to get a better image, quality recording in 2.7 K actually makes a difference, even if you, edit, in a lower resolution Plus you'll be able to zoom into much higher detail if you want to change the framing of the shot or do some post processing stabilization. The article and drones Gator, where you can compare both the footage and photos in real time by dragging a scroll bar side by side, another easy way to tell how good the camera records details is the bitrate. This is basically a number of bits of information. That'S processed in a unit of time, the spark comes with 24 megabits per second camera, while the MAV emini has a 40 megabits per second one.

This makes quite some difference in the amount of detail you can capture in the picture. Another point for the DJ, Mag, meaning so camera settings, which one is better for professionals. Unfortunately, the mavim unit doesn't have the option to change ISO and shutter speed manually, while recording video and that's a shame, because it means you can't, really use precise image. Adjustments in a professional setting the automatic mode does great job for most people, though this means that you can't really use ND filters, but i do feel like the GI could have simply made a software judgment for changing that i mean this part does come with adjustable Iso and shutter speed and the camera is older. Now let's get the fun stuff the footage and photo comparison, there's an obvious difference between the mapping mini and the spark, especially when zooming in and that's, obviously, because of the resolution I'll, let you decide which one you like best by showing you the actual footage comparison. Let'S talk a bit about the transmitter and the mobile apps, the MAV Amelia transmitter is as simple as it gets now. Lcd display no back custom buttons just to return to home button the camera and photo button, the scroll wheel for the camera and the sticks do feel a bit more plastic than the other DJI drone so far, but it was just as great and they are removable. The spark controller is about the same, but with a few more button pause button, a sport mode button, a custom button, the return to home one and a turn on water.

Let'S talk a bit about flight modes. This is one of the important drawbacks of the Navi mini. If you care a lot about them, you see the mapping mini uses, a new app called DJ fly and it's tailored more for beginners and simplicity in general. It still has the main functions and settings like setting up the return to home height, gimbal sensitivity and some camera resolution settings, but it definitely lacks some of the important pictures like the fact that the mavim it doesn't come with a follow me mode. A bit of a disappointment here as the nav meaning also doesn't count with some of the flight mode to expect from DJI drones like waypoints, follow me course lock and more. Both the spark in the air have really good follow me modes and generally a few more flight modes compared to the madding mini, which is quite stripped down to the basics. The mini does come with quick shots like droney helix orbit, NEX cetera that can actually use. Subject tracking while they're doing them, so it is there. This basically means that it follows the subject, but whilst circling around now the big question, is it worth it to upgrade from the spark to the very mini? I would say that most cases it's a yes. If you were happy with your old spark, you probably wouldn't be watching this video right now. Would you just do yourself a favor and upgrade to the bettered room? If you sell your current spark and put a bit more on the top you're easily, getting a newer and overall, better quad to play with, and even take some professional looking for in video, if you only take photos with a drone it's worth changing, at least for The battery life and the longer range so which one we decide to buy, are you upgrading from the spark? Do you even have any of these drones? Please leave a comment down in the description and, if you have decided to buy the mapping mini, please click the Buy in link in the description as you'll pay, the best price you can find for it, and I will get a small Commission fee that will greatly Reward my efforts of doing this video, so you guys forget to check the next recommended video for you right here check the drones for sale tool right here or if you want, you can subscribe and hit the benefi keishon icon.