There will be no review for this. Quadrocopter will just be that I didnt like it. What jambs got out and so went Well lets start with the fact that it weighs more than 250 g and accordingly is subject to registration as an unmanned aerial. Vehicle registration is absolute, Its just that Im through government services, but the very fact of this more than a quadrocopter is freed from this. Well, I probably think that for now So lets say we are registered, everything is ready to fly and you need to download the application install it on your phone. The application is downloaded from the link or you can scan the QR code on Well. In fact there is, and on the box there documents in principle, there should be no problems with this either, but I had the following difficulty: I downloaded the Honor 30 phone, but now I have it And I could not in any way Connect this proposal with this Copter, so as not to debug it, there USB and anything else, Im already there all YouTube climbed all the inter no climbed looked, I couldnt connect the data of the quadrocopter by cable and the solution turned out to be only one solution behind my connective application. I was busy with another phone in order to shoot and use the compass in another phone where the connector was not type c micro, usb connector in principle he ordered it was also Honor, But for some reason it was with this series that my phone had problems, But I want to note that, after the update in that firmware in the phone I updated the history, the application was updated and the problem was eliminated.

Now it now basically connects everything is fine, but so one such an unpleasant moment was using this quadrocopter. I certainly looked like that there, as the setting distance flight of the flight and 30 minutes claimed there. He can fly but not 40 minutes and can fly, but in fact it turned out that this was the curator who goes get included in the 2000 milliampere hours. But I dont know enough of it.. This is a shoot, but I had enough for a maximum of about 15 minutes over time. I realized that 1 battery, of course, is not enough, because I use it on long hikes where there is no possibility to charge it. Every day, yes, this is so an emulator. You Do not charge in any way and not from a power bank in any way. That is only on the 220V full time staff connector, but in theory course can zakolhozit any device that there is 5 cans parallel. Powerbank will object such as a machine can be recharged, but I probably do that. After all, it is not necessary, and so with the flight time like all more or less clear. Yes, it is more in the 15 minutes. I would be in your place in your place, did not expect this miner. I got as a present. He was here. This box will show it now in this box. I have it in principle, is used as a box for his strong enough.

Nothing with it will be an additional box. I did not buy it. The fact that it is frankly a little expensive in the kit. There were also screws in the kit. There was a small screwdriver to match, But these wires are for charging for different types of connectors, But it doesnt matter today we are talking about but jambs Before the first use, always in the application. The data of the quadrocopter must be calibrated horizontally respectively. We will twist it then and vertically. I want to pay special attention to the fact that the quadrocopter is calibrated. According to this is the position of the camera upward. This camera should be escaping the flight by the plane scrolling through I, once out of my stupidity. Calibrated it did not attach the camera downward and during takeoff it just behaved like this. It flew like a spiral I somehow managed to land it on the very, in fact its good to be honest, that he stayed with me. He survived to pay special attention to it that he will arrive exactly the cameras up respectively so that he understands the position of this moment too. Pay attention do not repeat my mistakes By the way he said about the batteries. Well, I did not finish. I understood that I needed to buy at least one more battery, of course, a ray. If there are several of them there. I ordered a similar battery with Aliexpress. You will help to have the same 3.

000, milliampere hours, 11, 4, Volts or watts. This is probably he came to me for a long time and was delighted right away. Of course I had to test Connected to my own charger, but for some reason charging I didnt go. I tried to argue with the seller with money, so I didnt return it. I decided to give it to see an electrician at work. They opened it and then it turns out 4 wiring. In my opinion or 3. I dont remember exactly to send the certificate we just send it. So charging didnt interfere with him whether the pripyat disappeared back. Additionally, all connections are in there and basically everything works all charged and even tell you because it is a document with Aliexpress much well how to say, works better. If I fly a maximum of 15 minutes in this 20 minute in principle, in their own battery safely. But say that 15 minutes this is when I give my jacket a signal that 20 of the charge is left and its time to sit down or not even at 20. He already sits down by himself. That is, I have strength at 40, that is, roughly speaking up to 15 minutes. It is enough for 40 of the charge Well by this time. I am already returning from the old one, because all the same, an expensive thing. I worry that I will not have time to reach the take off point and land better to be safe, Well, copter.

We, Of course we buy in order to shoot beautiful views from above from a birds eye view, and it is quite high but very costly, so it was the take off process itself. That was energy, that is, the battery, sits down very intensively. If the flight process somehow keeps more noticeable, this someone its good enough. He has a good 4K camera. Although I shot 4K, Not spare parts, I still take pictures so that they take up less space. Well, it was easier, then, to process all this in 4K. The picture is good enough wait. The picture is good. Camera is excellent. The only thing you need to pay attention to you need to purchase a flash drive on it. There should be an inscription extreme. That is, This is a flash drive specially for mods in order to shoot in the format 4K and so that there are no flickering twitching. It is important to buy just such a flash drive. It is important because I had such a mistake that I installed a regular flash drive. Well, I dont remember any of these from Aliexpress, too 5lives cheap Flash, which is clearly used for recording in the camera before hiking, and I put this flash drive on and I had some kind of flickering on the video that is. It was not entirely clear. Why well I decided to replace the problems just more then hello, Rome. This is a little bit already. The wind is not quite calm, the weather is not a pin, then Hello.

The copter is starting to grill, but the stabilization of the camera is quite good. It is hardly noticeable when a strong gust of wind is some kind of sharp. Yes and a noticeable gust of wind begins to sausage in sweaters. Well, it turns out differently. He waved he gets back up the position. Well, in principle, he also decides to just cut out a piece of this. You saw the whole copter worthy, somehow good, Use all the functions I basically tested on it. Everything works as stated. The only function Follow for me when you choose exactly the object to follow a little for some reason. I do not know crookedly, And I think that it is most likely due to the fact that some object needs to be removed, that it differed. In contrast from the environment That is, if this is a person, then the object must be in something probably rings bright, jacket dressed Well, in short to me, in the background, If a person in camouflage will shoot against the background of the forest most likely, this function Will work crookedly I use the setting function. Do not follow me follow there is, as it were, follow object and follow, roughly speaking with this item. Yes, I just put this Turkey somewhere moving. He jumps behind this remote control. In principle, it works quite tolerably. Well, Maybe its time I forgot to ask something in the comments I share my experience. I just get it out of the box and flew there on it to agree.

I have been using it for almost a year. You ask in the comments. I will answer.